asked Apr 8, 2015 at 4:14pm
Samsung Samsung SCX 4521F

How to clean the solenoid on samsung 4521f printer

I need to clean the solenoid on samsung 4521f printer (the Pickup Roller is turning over and overeach printing without stopping) and the printer takes more than 1 page at a time and makes a paper jam. I understand that I need to clean the solenoid but don't know how to disassemble this printer and get the solenoid out. how do i Exactly disassemble the printer and do it ? is there any video\\pictures ON THIS PRINTER ?
thanks in advance
Never worked on this printer, but download the service manual at the link below and refer to 5-20. Shows how to remove the paper path frame and I am sure the solenoid is on the left side of the frame. You just clean the glue off the ledge that the "L" arm hits and put down new felt material and reassemble.
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I found 3 useful videos on youtube for you. First of all you don't need to remove the paper path frame. All you need is to gain access to the solenoid which is located at the right side of the machine (the left side if you're looking at the machine from the front).

Watch the first 1 minute and 45 sec of the first video for instruction on how to remove the rear and right panel of the machine.

Then on the second video, the relevent bits are from 1 minute and 6 sec into the video. Ignore those before that as you only need to do those if you're going to remove the paper path frame. once you got the circuit board and the motor drive unit out, the solenoid is just right there behind.

This third video is to show you how the solenoid should work. Each time the solenoid arm is pulled in and tehn releases, the white cam/gear turns one round. if the solenoid arm is stuck somehow, either because the foam has become sticky or the arm got stuck at the hinges (seen that before), the cam/gear will turn continuously causing continuous paper feed and eventually paper jam problem.

Good luck.
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