asked Mar 12, 2015 at 1:28pm
Hp HP CopyJet Color

hp officejet d series

An open letter to all users based on my own experience which is frustrating at best.In regard to the supposed NEW genuine HP ink and PRINT HEADS? for sale on sites such as EBAY. This ink regardless of seller is according to the printer readout is EXPIRED!. "REPLACE INK" in this case color. I do not know nor am I accusing EB sellers of knowingly selling expired ink or if the printer is just to smart for its own good. Removing, re- installing battery did not work. Even genuine non expired ink did not work! I finely found a G95. FYI--- the G,K, and V do NOT use separate print heads! The printer is more tolerable to all formats of inks, HP, non HP, refilled cartridges. Only occasionally does it balk. My advice is to NOT use ANY printer of this design. From my experience they are more trouble than they are worth. Take this for whatever you think it is worth.