asked Mar 9, 2015 at 11:12am
Epson Epson Stylus Photo R1800

Epson R1800 getting old

I am having problems with my R1800, I have had this for 10yrs and have been very happy with the results, all was OK until I downloaded updates from the net, after that I starte to have problems, I now get a double image printed ie if I send a test page to the printer I get 2 images, one starting apprx 1inch before the correct image, I also am getting "paper out" messages when there is plenty of paper in the machine, I have gone through the usual routines of cleaning the rollers etc but nothing seems to cure this fault, Epson Chat tried to help but couldn't offer any good advice. Any Ideas?????
Were the updates for the printer or for IE? If they were for IE then you need to make sure the updates are not corrupted...if updates were for printer as well then uninstall the printer updates and see if it corrects the problem.
If only IE updates then you may have to reset the print settings when printing from IE...IE updates seem to sometimes reset custom settings.

by Ocicat on Mar 9, 2015 at 3:00pm Add comment
Thank you Ocicat for your reply, Yes all the updates were from the Epson site and were all for Windows 7, I did suspect (and still do) updates that I installed from an Ashampoo general update programme, prior to this I did not have ANY problems, I have removed win7 and re-installed XP and even Vista in the thinking that this machine was designed for XP etc, all to no avail, I now have a clean install of windows7 and have carried out all posible checks on the machine but can find no definate problem, I am still convinced that the problem lies somewhere with the software and have tried to get info on re-setting it to the default setting but cannot obtain any info on this. I'll probably just have to spend on a new machine although I can't really afford to........Once again thanks for your help........Tony
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