asked Mar 4, 2015 at 5:50am
Hp HP CopyJet Color

only first swipe produces full color on HP 2060

Hi, i have an HP 2060 with a tricolor 704 cartridge. I just tried refilling my ink for all three colors, and after a few cleaning, the cyan and magenta works perfectly. But, the yellow was so faint, so i tried printing a whole yellow document i made in photoshop. The print came out with full yellow on just about 1 cm from the edge and then degrades into a very faint yellow.

I initially thought i didn't put enough ink into the cartridge, but it turns out that every time i print that full yellow image, the same result is produced. Only the first 1 cm of the document is full yellow, the rest is a very faint one with streaks.

The cartridge still has some ink left in it when i refilled it, so the original ink got mixed with the refill ink, but there was only a little ink left in it.

here's a scan of the result. Notice that only the bottom part of the document is colored properly. This happens every time.


I don't know where it has gone wrong. Thanks for your help...