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Epson Epson Stylus Photo R1800

Epson stylus photo R1800 printing blank pages

Hi there!

Last week, I purchased (cheap) an Epson Photo R1800 "as is". I expected to at least have to change a few cartridges before it would work. I plugged it into my computer, two ink levels were "low", but I tried to print a test page. After some issues, it finally spat out a blank page (it did the printing noise and I could see the print-head moving). Then it told me Cyan ink was empty. I ordered a new cartridge.

In the meantime, I decided to clean the printhead and the nozzles (myself, since it wouldn't work because of the missing ink), because I expected they would be totally clogged. They were. I cleaned both thoroughfully and put the printhead back inside the printer (it's not my first time opening up a printer and fixing stuff in general, so I'm pretty sure I did everything properly). I also cleaned the little sponges (ink pads, or whatever they are called. Sorry, English isn't my mother tongue).

Today, I replaced my Cyan ink. At first, it was still stated as "empty", but after a while and forcing it to recheck, it told me the ink was full. Time for a nozzle check!
The page came out blank. I still had the printing noise, but nothing was on the paper.
I also did the cleaning head cycle, and tried printing a test page.
Still nothing.

I've been trying to find a solution (or at least an explanation) for the past two hours, and nobody seems to have the same problem. I keep finding answers like "clean the printhead" "unclog the nozzles" "clean the nozzles", which I did already, manually and then via the printer interface. Several time. Now my Magenta ink level is starting to be low too. So the ink DOES go somewhere (probably saturating the sponges again).

Could it be a problem with the paper setting? Like something is a little bit off and the paper is "too far" from the printhead?

I'll welcome any suggestion. I paid $30 for the printer, and about $12 in inks and purge kit (I used third party inks, because I didn't want to pay more than what I paid for the printer just to check if it was working), so it's not the end of the world if I have to throw it away, but it does have 7 still usable ink cartridges, and it would be a shame not to try everything possible (of course, not involving buying a new printhead or things like that).


Edit : I just read something about the ink pump. What would be the symptoms of a "dead" printhead vs a problem with the ink pump?

Did you manage to fix the issue. I've got the same. Any help will be appreceated.

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