asked Nov 12, 2014 at 9:14am
Hp HP CopyJet Color

HP 970cxi LED for color cartridge is blinking


For over a year my color cartridge hasn't worked and that's fine, I don't want to print in color anyway.

Yesterday I started to get a blinking orange LED that indicates a problem with a cartridge. So I open the lid and the carriage moves to where it's pointing at the color one as being the culprit.

I took it out and cleaned the contacts on the cartridge and on the machine itself and re-inserted it.

Same problem.

So I decided to use the trick of masking off certain contacts to make the printer think the "cart" is new. That worked, it shows in the HP Toolbox that both the black and color are now 'FULL'.....

But I still have the blinking LED and can't seem to get rid of it. I have power cycled the printer many times and pushed the buttons with it unplugged... still no joy.

I will say that I was using Linux Mint when the LED came on, right now I am in XPired so I can see the HP Toolbox applet.

I don't want to spend money for a new printer, I don't print that much but when you need it you need it! :D

Thanks to all who respond.

I know this is an old beast but it works fine for what I need, plus the duplexer saves paper and ink!