asked Aug 7, 2014 at 6:20pm
Hp HP CopyJet Color

HP Deskjet 2512 paper jam?

Hello, I just installed a new (refurbished) color cartridge on my HP deskjet 2512. All of a sudden it died. It insists there is a paper jam. I can hear the printer cartridge mechanism engaging, but it will not grab paper. I cannot see any paper jam or any foreign objects.
I figured if I could disassemble the printer I could find if there was in fact anything in there that didn't belong, but it doesn't look like it was designed to be worked on.
How do you remove the top? Does anyone know? I can't find any screws anyplace, just some rivets on the bottom. Nothign anywhere I can take apart that I can see.
Oh, yes, I am also mechanically challenged...