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asked Oct 25, 2012 at 12:19pm
Hp HP LaserJet 8150

Laser jet 8150, Error 79.00FE

First, when I went to print, it listed my old router which has been replaced by a new Verizon router which I had previously printed through. I put in the new printer ID and sent a doc to the printer. The printer showed a Data Error of 79.00FE. The printer software on my Mac reported "unable to send trailing nul to printer: Broken pipe" I powered down the printer and tried again several times and got the same results. I have a PDF manual on CD and found the same suggestions given by moe in 2008. I removed and cleaned the fuser because it solved my error problems before but it didn't help this time. The manuel didn't give a specific description for this error code.

One thing I forgot to mention. Since the last time I printed, Apple had a HP software update that I installed. Do you think it conflicts with an eleven year old printer? If so, I don't know how to get back to the former version. I do have one Time Machine backup from before this update but don't know how to go about changing only the HP software. Maybe apple can help me.
First off I assume you have a network card. If so remove it with the power off and power on the printer and then go to the information menu and see if you can do internal prints. If you can there is the possibility the network card has an issue. It could be your software from the MAC.
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I tried to print from my Mac desktop instead of my Macbook Pro. I printed a HP read me on firmware. It printed all 16 pages and then the error happened. I was about to print a configuration page and then I heard the sound of a relay and the error displayed. So it doesn't seem to be a network communication problem but could still be. I will try your suggestion in the morning but I will go back to the manual to look again at the possible causes list. It might be a hardware problem. - Joe BigBand
Update 2:
I didn't do a good job of documenting each test. I powered down and pulled the Jet Direct card. I printed a configuration page. I can't remember for sure but I think there were times when the error happened without the card. I didn't do a cold restart. I pulled the DIMM cards on the formatter one at a time and cycled through a power cycle. I did a print from my desk top Mac which did not have the HP software update and got the error after printing a one page document. I tried connecting the ethernet jack on the desk top Mac directly to the printer but the printer never received it.
Now when I power up the printer with no connection to the Jet Direct input, I do not get the error. Previously in this condition, I did get the error. It seems the DIMM procedure improved things and that there is some problem with the router network setup. Remember, I had a message on the print monitor of the Mac Powerbook that read: "unable to send trailing nul to printer: Broken pipe".
I think I still have Mac tech support based on the purchase of a new operating system (10.6.8). I will try them. My desktop Mac is dead ended at 10.4.11 because it is a Powermac G4.
Does anyone have any ideas?
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Update 10/27/12
Today I was able to print from my Macbook Pro over my Verizon wireless router. Previously the JetDirect Page of the configuration did not have any TCIP/IP information. Today there is information on the page. I'm not sure what fixed the problem but it might be the DIMM procedure. I hope things will stay working.
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Cold reset did it (hold "go" button down, then power up). Beware, though, that your printer's IP address will be reset.

I don't believe there's a way to change the 8150's IP; it seems to be assigned dynamically by the router.

On a PC, you can change the IP on an existing printer queue under "Properties", but on a Mac, you'll have to reinstall the printer with the new IP, and do this on every user's machine. You'll also have to select the "new" reinstalled printer as the new default.

And be careful, because many programs produce documents which retain the queue of the last printer they were printed to, which means you'll have to manually select the "new" printer from the print menu.
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