asked Jul 12, 2012 at 2:06am
Canon Canon Bubblejet (BJ) 5

Canon MP140 - Disable printer, use scanner only?

Hello all and thank you for your time.

I have a MP140 which gives E5 (out of ink) error, I don't want to use the printer anymore, I only need the scanner. I've tried all sorts of reset procedures on the net, all to no avail.

The only way I can use the scanner now is to do all these:

1- unplug the power cord.
2- plug in while holding the RESET + POWER.
3- let go of the RESET and press it 5 times.

Then I can use it, but once I switch it off, it's back to step 1 again. Now I can live with this, it's my wife who constantly messes up and ends up cursing me.

So I was wondering, is there any way to fool this printer into thinking that it has ink so I can just turn the damn thing on and scan?

I thank you all in advance.


Dude, God bless ya. I was crazy trying to find a method to use the MP140 as scanner only. Thank you so much!!!!!

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