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Canon Canon Color Bubblejet (BJC) 6500

Canon MP530 6500 Error

Good Morning!
My MP530 recently malfunctioned(it's about 4-5 years old). The last page it printed processed very slowly and then after that, the alarm light was on and the error number 6500 in the lcd window with the message "check printer".
When powered off & back on, the door latch release clicks twice and then nothing. The carriage doesn't move or anything.
Is it best to recycle at this point?
I've checked it over throughly for foreign objects, etc.
Thank you for any help you can offer.
Silverrabbit,...sorry for the long delay in responding but I just found you message. The 6500 is telling you that it has a constant error on the PCI bus which is most likly a defective logic card. Power the unit off and then unplug the power cord and let it set for a few minutes and then unplug the USB cable. Now plug it all back and turn it on and see if you get the same error. If you do,.. I think the only other thing you can try is to un-install the print driver and reinstall it again.
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I just had the same thing happen on my mom's MP530 printer. It was printing a 36 page document, and was on page 16 when the black ink ran out. Put a new cartridge in then just get the COPY and ALARM blinking lights with the CHECK PRINTER and 6500 error message. Tried unplugging for about 30 minutes, but still same error.
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msetzerii,...This is a PCI buss error. Pull out the power cord and the usb cable and restart your PC. Now plug everything back and turn the printer on. If you get the same error again. I suggest that you uninstall the printer and then re-install it.
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Tried that and still get same error. Also, notice the heads do not move on startup. Error comes up as soon as on is pressed, so it may just not be getting the that part. Have the original MP530, but its problem was the PGI-5BK doesn't work. The printer test prints out the lines for the other colors and BK put the first ones for the Black prints nothing.

Error come up with or without cartridges in printer.

If I knew what part it was, I might be able to get one of the two working?

Also, anyone know of a current model that uses the same ink, since we have a number of cartridges.
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Michael,... The only answer I can find is that your logic card is not defective. The cost of a new logic card is about $100. So you need to look for a new printer. Put yours up for sale as "Parts only" on eBay. As far as compatible printers, could look for another MP530,.. or the MP830, or the MX700,..or the MX850. If I were you I would stay away from the new printers that use the newer very small ink carts,.. like the MX860, MX870,..etc.
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I was actually thinking about getting another printer that would use the same cartridges, since my mom has about 3 sets of the smaller colored and black ones, plus about 8 of the big black ink ones.

We originally bought an MP530 about 4 years ago, and it was fine for some time, and then it stopped printing via the PGI-5BK cartridge. The test prints all the other colors and BK fine, but nothing at all on the top part of the test. Even pulled that one out, and it still does the same thing.

Was thinking of getting one of the two working, but don't know what would be involved in moving the heads from the one to the other or which board might be bad to the other.

Mom doesn't print often, and perhaps printing 16 pages at one time did something. It worked fine to page 16, and gave the message that the PGI-5BK was empty. Then after changing it. 6500 error.

Again, Thanks.
Michael D. Setzer II
Computer Science Instructor
Guam Community College
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Michael Just came across your old June 2012 post because I am interested in the cartridge problem you expressed. Did you ever find a newer Canon model that was able to use the supply of #5 and #8 MP530 cartridges you had on hand when your 530 went down? I am stuck with an unrepairable one and lots of the ink cartridges which I would like to not have to throw away. I like Canon but must buy a later model because the MP530 is ancient.
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I have the same problem, my MP530 is also a few years old but this error happened yesterday. I have tried most of the suggestions but no luck. I do lots of printing so am stuck. I like my 530 too! any other help would be appreciated.
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Maria,...Let's hope it is not too late to fix your printhead. I am sending you this short email and when you send back an email reply listing your print model number and a short description of the problem I will be able to send you the instructions you need to test and isolate the problem.
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I don't know if Maria responded, but I am now experiencing the same problem. My Cannon MP530 PIXMA has lots of numbers scattered all over the bottom of the machine, but none are clearly marked as a model number. My best guess is this one: K10269. If that's not it, can you tell me where on the machine I can locate the model number? I would appreciate instructions on how to proceed. Thanks.
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KLH,...MP530 is the model number. I am sending you this email and make sure you mention the MP530 and describe the problem in your return email. The I can send you the instructions you need.
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The canon service manual, containing information on maintenance and troubleshooting of the PIXMA MP530, states the following description for the error code 6500:
Cycles of blinking in orange (Alarm LED) and green (COPY button):
*20 times

*Other hardware error

Error code:
* [6500]

* The PCI bus error is detected by the ASIC.

Solution (Replacement of listed parts, which are likely to be faulty):
* Logic board

This means the logic board should be changed. But check first to see if the machine has died by reaching its product life span:

Specified print volume (I) or the years of use (II), whichever comes first.
(I) Print volume: 17,000 pages
(II) Years of use: 5 years of use
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Abdessamad,...When the logic board gives this error the only thing you can try to do is to pull out the power cord and wait a minute or 2. This will reset the error conditions. Now plug the power cord back and turn the printer on. If you get the same error then the logic card is bad. It cost too much to replace so you will need a new printer.
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It doesn't work: The alarm would countinue to flicker and I don't want to buy a new printer-What Do I Do?
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hi i have mp530 it is 2008 it is showing 6A00 i am after getting $200 worth of ink i think my printer has had it .anyone with any suggestions thanks

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