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Epson Epson Stylus Photo R1800

Epson Stylus Photo R1800 - General Error

Hi - I have a Epson R1800 printer which I have not used for a couple of months. I thought I might need to replace the ink cartridges, but when I tried to check the ink levels I get a "General Error" message. When I turn it on, the paper and ink lights both flash and the power light turns itself off, though the cartridge seems to be able to move properly. The Epson instructions say to check for obstructions or loose paper (none) and to try unplugging and turning it off (no change when I tried this). When I called the tech support line, they indicated it needed to go in for service. I'm a tech newbie, but was wondering if there was anything I could try at home first?

Any advice much appreciated.
Are both lights blinking together or alternatively?
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I'm having the same issue. Both lights are blinking together.
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alansmith717, both lights flashing together indicates a fatal error which could be any of a half dozen problems. First, check to make sure that there is nothing preventing the carriage from moving to the right and locking into its home position. If the carriage locks into its resting\\home position, does it unlock when the printer trys to go through its initial startup? I have found that commonly the problem is that the carriage does not unlock and this is caused by a failure of the pump\\cap assembly. If no obstruction is found (paper scrap etc) then it could also be a bad motor (carriage, paper feed, sheet feeder)or auto gap, paper width sensor or printhead overheating error. Hope this long explanation helps.
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