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Epson Epson Stylus Photo R380

Epson R380, new ink carts not recognized.

Hello all.
Sadly enough I work as a customer support rep for another printer company, not for the one I'm posting about, but I figure I'd have no problems with other printers right? Nope.

Anyway, I've got an Epson R380 that I just purchased an ENTIRE new set of inks for, cost me in the realm of 90$. Why? I like this printer, and yeah sure I could have paid a tad bit more for a brand new one, but I don't feel like having to get a new one. So, I came home and turned on the machine, sure enough it's reading it cannot recognize the inks, which is fine considering I haven't installed them yet.
So, I install them, all 6 cartridges, closed cover and press ok, the printer makes noises, then the same.
So, ok, maybe I did that too fast? I take out all 6 and install them 1 by 1, first installing 1 and closing the cover and letting it read, it reads it and tells me to install the next, I open the cover and replace the next, it reads it ok, basically each cartridge I place into the machine it reads it just find and asks for the next, but when I install the last cartidge and press ok all of a sudden NONE of the cartridges are being read?

Yes, I've tried turning off and unplugging the machine, removing the inks, plugging in and turning on the machine, and then reinstalling them again.

Any thoughts?
Usually if you contact Epson they will send you out a new set. Tell them your issue. They are usually pretty good about fixing problems.
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Welp, I would 'cept they're not Epson brand, they're remanufactured. Of course I lecture customers every day on using generic or off brand ink at the company I work for, so I guess I can't be to suprised when they don't work for me.

I've contacted the place I purchased the inks from, and asked if they'd send a replacement, I wait to hear back from them, though I did really want to print something on this specific printer (my other printer, while good, doesn't handle special paper very well)
Ah well, it's not major, but I'd like to get it done, any known ways to enter maintenance mode for this unit and do any sort of factory reset or anything?
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Yikes!!! that's a lot of money for generics. Try removing the cartridges and when you reinstall them press them in with some extra force.

I sometimes have to do that with my ink cartridges. If that does not work then you can get a chip resetter and reset the chips. That works most of the time.

It all depends on the chips.
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