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Re: Error Code B200

I have a Canon Pixma MX860 Ink Jet Printer. I've had it for approx 1 1/2 yrs and it worked beautifully for my needs until yesterday when an error code appeared: B200. After doing a little research, I understand that this is a High Voltage temperature concern with the only option given is to replace the Printhead. I tried unplugging it from the power source overnight and then plugged it back in this morning but with no change. With the price of a new printhead being $86. and the price of a brand new MX882 costing only $129, I was wondering if I shouldn't simply purchase a new printer. Is this a common problem with these printers? Is there a better printer to get for home/studio use that will last longer?
I am having the same issue so I will be following this discussion to see if anyone responds
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Turn OFF Power
2. Open the print head bay (as though you were about to change inks)
3. Turn ON power
4. Wait for print carriage to start moving to the left and let it go past half way
5. Before print carriage reaches left hand side (but after going halfway across) shut the cover.
6. Leave the Printer turned on
7. Took me a half dozen times of near starts but it kicked in and the old work horse works perfect again.

Canon tech support blamed it on generic ink "of course" ... they basically said that short of spending $200 on a new ink head I'd be better off buying a new printer. - rschechner
solution worked partly thank you - gillysden
Have the same problem with a Pixma MX860, approx 1.5 yrs old.
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Same sudden problem. All research points to high voltage temperature error requiring Printhead replacement. Thanks to Artist59 for putting a $ to that. I'll be buying a different printer rather than throwing good money after bad.
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Generaly, this error means the printhead is broken.

But one of these solution may solve the problem:

Good luck !
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Thanks Jann31, that blog really helped. Unplugged it, removed all cartridges, removed print head, took a qtip and alcohol and cleaned chip and contacts on printhead and inside the printer. Waited about an hour, put it all back together and it worked. Not sure what did it, but something did. I had tried turning off and on and removing cartridges and print head before. Only difference this time was unplugging it and the cleaning, so it had to be one of those two things that worked.
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I have been able to lift the cover where you change the print cartridges and then starting the machine at that time... and shazam it starts up and seems to be ok. then I go to my laptop that is wirelessly hooked to my home network and as soon as I send a print job the machine comes back with that error... and guess what! I just purchased $100 dollars worth of new cartridges and changed all of the old ones... so shame on Canon! Oh well... I have had HP printers for years and years and they eventually get worn out, but this is crazy! Good bye Canon!
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All possible solutions can be seen here:
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Hi all,

I have a MP640 model and have just solved the b200 error myself. No need to destroy or burn your printer as some people posted on YouTube.

What I did was to remove the printhead and washed it 2 times with hot watter. When washing just stop when you see no ink getting out of it, just clean watter. No problem to wash the eletronic board. Also shake it a little bit because there might be some ink inside the printhead. Dry it with a clean and soft paper.

Hope this save you a lot of money and time.

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I've got a Pixma MX512 and suddenly got a B200 error code, so I called the customer care dept at Canon and the Rep told me that this code normally means that the color cartridge is defective. He also told me to replace the cartridge and if that didn't work, Canon would replace the printer. If I could find the receipt for the cartridge, the store who sold it should replace it. I got the printer and the cartridges at Wal-Mart.
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I've successfully solved the error myself.
I took the printhead out of the printer and washed it 3 times using just hot watter. Wash, let the hot watter fall over it a few minutes, shake a not and let it dry. After 12 hours or so, repeat everything again.
This will get rid of all ink inside the print head that causes the B200 error.
I was almost sending my printer to trash when I tried that and solved the problem.
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Finally managed to rid my Canon MP640 of the B200 error. After flushing through the print head with water and isopropyl alcohol, I still got the error. I tried sliding the head to the left, leaving cover up and all the button combos that I'd seen, including pressing the 'on' button 5 times. I then saw the word 'rapidly' in one posting about pressing the 'on' button 5 times, and tried this after sliding the print head left and leaving the cover up, this got rid of the error and all working normally again, so try pressing 'on' rapidly 5 times on this model, it was the only thing that worked for me after the clean.
by sandj.white on Sep 5, 2013 at 3:12am Add comment
Ref my MX860. So... I did NOT wash head or anything. I opened cover, shoved print head manually to left all the way. Rapidly pushed "on" button a bunch of times until unit beeped back at me with funny sounds and went completely dead... Well, before throwing out the second story window, I then rapidly, pushed "on" 5 or 6 times and noticed the print head moved to the right. I shut the deck and waited... and waited... the 'infamous' Canon 'I'm gonna print, no wait, wait, really, I am, in a minute, wait, wait, listen to my sweet sounds, wait, I'm fixin' to, wait". And then it happened! Everything got real quiet and my LCD screen popped up, looking totally normal. So far, it prints, copies and will send a fax. Try it, sure won't hurt, and it seems to have fixed mine :-)
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Thanks, it really worked for me as described. I had tried cleaning it but no positive result, but I now have a clean printer head :-)
If I doesnt work the first time, try it again. You have nothing to lose. A paper was printed, too. - world2002
Hey all,
My Pixma MX860 just had the B200 error code - it occurred when one of the cartridges ran out of ink. I cleaned the head under hot running water after watching a youtube video just to clean it up in case that was the problem. Kept the brass contacts from getting wet, dried it off, did not use alcohol. Put it in - got the same error code. Found this forum, discussing hitting the "ON" button repeatedly (half a dozen times)with the cover open and propped up.
I tried this 2 or 3 times - sometimes closing the cover, sometimes leaving it up. This method did not appear to work and I almost gave up. But I tried it one more time and then it worked. No more error and printed normally with no problems.

Again, clean the head first if you can and dry it off. With the unit plugged in, prop up the lid. Push the "ON" button once to turn it off. Wait a moment, then rapidly push the "ON" button 5 or 6 times till it wakes up. Let it go through its cycle and see if it clears up and returns to normal. If not, try repeating this procedure until it does. I suspect that this repetition clears out an operating issue in the system. It took maybe 4 or 5 attempts before this error code ended. good luck.
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To correct the Canon Printer error B200 in your device, you need to install the compatible Canon MP620 Printer in your PC and update the printer driver frequently for continuous better results. In case the error has occurred due to power settings failure, you need to use the resume option to solve the error.

Here are some steps:

1.) Turn off your Canon Printer
2.) Press on the ‘Resume’ option, once you hold the power button.
3.) Repeat this process four to five time to modify the counter absorber option
by silhouttejames on Nov 5, 2013 at 12:01am Add comment
I tried cleaning the printer head with hot water and alcohol multiple times, even taking out the screws and repeating the process---still got error message. FINALLY the exact suggests of Batteryheadbill DID work!! I was about to do what Youtube suggested---take a sledge hammer to it---so patience did pay off.

Thanks again Bill !!
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I took the printhead out of my MX860 printer and washed it a few times using just hot water. I put it in the sink and ran the hot water over it for a few minutes, I then dried it carefully with a paper towel. I then reinstalled the printhead along with the cartridges and started it up, I still had the error code. I then removed the printhead again, re-cleaned it, and then let it dry on top of my warm oil burner for a few hours. I also left the unit unplugged while the printhead was drying. I then reinstalled everything again, plugged it in, and pushed the power button once, success, no more error code. I realigned the printhead and after that printed out a full size photo. It printed fine.
I did the same with my MX870 printer, and it still has the error code. I will do all of the above again and see if will fix it. If not, I will try the printhead from my MX860 instead, to see if that will fix it. I will also try to fix it by pushing the on button rapidly as described above if this doesn't work.
I will get back with my results.
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This worked for me:

1. With printer on, I opened the printer cover and opened the paper feed to get the printhead to go to the left so I could take the cartridges out. Then I:
2. Unplugged the printer
3. Took out the cartridges
4. Took out the printhead and ran it under hot water as described above, shaking occasionally, until water was clear/no ink shook out where the cartridges connect to the printhead
5. Repeated step 4 again (printhead was really full of ink)
6. Cleaned the printhead-to-printer connectors (anything metal-looking) with rubbing alcohol and q-tips as described above
7. Let the printhead air-dry for about an hour (not sure if you need to do this, but I did just in case)
8. Put the printhead back in the printer
9. Put the cartridges back in
10. Manually slid the printhead all the way to the left
11. Plugged the printer back up (still turned off)
12. Put the printer cover down
13. Closed the paper feed
14. Hit the On button like crazy (rapidly, at least 5 times) until the printer turned on and waited

The error cleared.

Thank you, everyone. I am so glad I don't have to buy a new printer... for now.
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Hi there
It looks like most solutions have been addressed. Usually ripping the print head out and cleaning all contacts followed by flushing the print head under a hot water tap to remove all old ink can solve this.

Printing until the cartridges run dry is a great way to kill a print head. I have had a few customers call me in regards to this very issue. Have a read of this:
by Jaydean on Dec 29, 2013 at 10:33pm Add comment
Hey everyone,
Yup, I pulled out the ink cartridges, pulled out the printer head, ran the head under stream of HOT water in kitchen sink a number of times until the ink was all gone (you might have to shake it a few times around), CAREFULLY dried it off, re-installed everything.
I unplugged the power for a minute, plugged it back in, hit the power up button. After a few seconds, I pressed the power up button about 6 times VERY quickly. It went into a reboot mode and YEAH... the printer works again and I now save another $129+....
Good luck everyone!

Too bad ERROR B200... you've been defeated!!
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I found this on the internet and it worked:
by unknown on May 12, 2014 at 8:24am Add comment
This error also occur to my MX886 printer. I followed the method: wash the printhead with warm water 3 to 4 times and let it sat there until is dry. I pop the printhead and inks back into the printer, close the cover and power it on. Error message still show up.

(Here's the solution->) I unplug the power cable open the printer, push the whole print head mechanic to the center, while the printer still open, plug the power and turn it ON. When the printhead still moving and is going to the very LEFT, close the cover. Wait until its boot up. The B200 error message is gone.

I hope this help anyone troubleshooting this error.

ps: I even turn OFF the power un-plug the power cable and turn it back on, the error message won't show up.

Good luck to everyone & keep trying!
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I have a Canon MX920 for a year. Last week I took out and cleaned the printhead. After re-install it back, the printer show error 1403 and say to replace printhead. Then it developed into error code B200 and wouldn't run at all. I tried several things (re-install printhead, unplug, reset, etc..) with no luck. Then I ran into this site :
Followed the instruction, tried two times, and printer came back to function. Problem resolved and I saved the printer.
by tomfong on Jun 21, 2014 at 4:28pm Add comment
My B200 error problem was resolved on my Canon MP640 after following the advice on I had already taken the advice about taking out the printer head and cleaning it using hot water, drying the head completely, and refitting it back in the printer. I tried the pressing the on switch rapidly six times, but I still had the B200 error showing. But success was just a few more seconds away, as I also tried switching the printer on pressing the button once only with the glass cover open, waited until the printer head had moved from the left to just over half way to the right and rapidly shut the cover. Hey presto the B200 error was gone, and normal service resumed. Thanks for the help. - theguvnor
Press the on/off button simultaneously with the copy button 10 to 12 times. When you hear the motor engage and warm up you will know you have been successful. (this may take a couple of trys)
Once you have cleared the alarm go to your printer properties and click on the maintenance tab. Do a nozzle check, deep cleaning, (uses lots of ink) and printer allignment and you're good to go!
Hope this works for you too. Good luck!
by Spexis on Jun 26, 2014 at 6:27am Add comment
After 4 months.....FINALLY!!! Fixed.
I have the MX870 for the specific reason that I can refill the cartridges. This printer has saved me hundreds of dollars in cartridges.
I have tried every solution from every site posting fixes. This includes (if you have not done these yet): cleaning print head using warm water or alcohol, then replacing with new printhead ($75), powering down or waiting or disconnecting power in every possible combination, manually moving printhead to left, pressing every sequence of buttons, and lastly calling Canon's very snotty tech support. They were no help.
THE FIX: Someone in the UK posted this fix. Open cover, turn on power, wait for printead assembly to start it's move to the left. Be ready to close cover. When assembly gets to just past the halfway point close the cover down quickly. You may have to force it because it wants to close slowly.
Printer came back online.
by unknown on Jul 27, 2014 at 12:41pm Add comment
After following all of the suggestions (rinsing with water, alcohol swabbing the connections, letting it dry, moving it to the left, pressing the power button several times, etc) I finally got it working but the large black ink cartridge isn't spraying quite right. Any suggestions?
by unknown on Jul 28, 2014 at 6:10am Add comment
Hello everyone,
Thanks for all the ways to fix the error on your own but none of them are working for me. I can get the error to come off and when I try to print anything the damn error comes back. I have tried all of the tricks for this but none have worked. Printing- no copying- no nothing even tried to clean it. Please is there any other way. I need my printer.
by unknown on Aug 4, 2014 at 10:14am Add comment

Also I HAD the problem with the Canon MP620 and the fault message B200.
I tried everything but the onely thing which helps is:

1-open the cover
2-push the ON button
3-wait till the printhead moves to left
4-when the printhead starts to move close the cover
5-problem solved !

Note: the first time it looks that the problem was solved but it came back when I gave a printer commando.
So I repeat the steps as discriped and now every function well.
by unknown on Aug 17, 2014 at 9:22am Add comment
Peter1969's solution worked for me with a ip4700.

Thanks and greetings,

by unknown on Oct 1, 2014 at 7:17am Add comment
I think I have identified the Canon MX882 print head and rinsed it in hot water. Should I clean the housing? It looks dirty, but I'm not sure if I should clean it or how - with water? I got the B200 message.
by Joe Murphy on Oct 30, 2014 at 6:00pm Add comment
Thank you for the tips and tricks! I've gotten mine to work again.
by unknown on Nov 8, 2014 at 5:48am Add comment
I solved my problem by taking the cartridge tray and moving it while turning it on, then while the printer head was moving I went into troubleshooting to clean them twice and now everything works OK. I actually went to Best Buy and bought a new printer but will be taking it back in a couple of days to see if this hold up and not break down again. Thanks Marcelo for the prior info and it's a shame that Canon won't tell you to do this and tells you to go buy another printer. This seems to be clearly a printer head problem, and just cleaning them resolves the error message. I just bought $50 worth of ink the day before,so I was going to get this fixed if I could.
by Abman on Jan 22, 2015 at 4:04pm Add comment
I have a the same printer and the rollers in the back of the cartridge are covered with black ink. I tried cleaning and knocked the clear ribbon off the print spool (a little white post in the back) now it is really broken. i think if you just used a cotton swab and some alcohol to clean in the back and were careful not to taouch anything ekse it might work, but why risk it ? Just take to the local electronics repair shop and they will fix it for you.
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I recently discovered a posting from 2014 by Flying-Q who seems to have solved the deadly Printer Killer known as the B200 error.

He/She states "I have established a work around that has put trouble free life back into many supposedly...BROKEN? printers".

1. Turn OFF printer.
2. Open the print head bay cover (as though you are about to change ink)
3. Turn ON power.
4.Wait for print carriage to start moving to the LEFT and let it go past HALF way.
5. Before print carriage reaches LEFT hand side(but after going halfway across) Shut the cover.
6. Leave the printer turned ON.
7. Ready to go.

He/She states (Very occasionally have I had to do this twice in a row, to get past this error)

Since reading this posting and using this work-around. I am glad to report that I have revived both my Canon MP870 all-in one and Canon MP560. I NO longer need to buy TWO QY6-0073 print heads at $85Cdn/each plus U.S.shipping and customs charges. Best of all both printers have been given a new life, and saved from the Dumpster.

by unknown on Jul 4, 2015 at 1:27pm Add comment

comment posted below worked perfectly on my first try. Thank you soooo much! Also about the generic ink, I've had this printer for about 7 years and it was the first time I put generic ink in it and the first time I got the B200 error.

by Heise006 on Nov 19, 2015 at 5:55pm Add comment

I have the same problem with my Canon MG6470. I just changed the cartridge for the black ink (larger of the two black 750 PGBK) - the rest had run out & needed new cartridges. I was able to print black for several times but last week it stop work showing B200. I was told by the technician B200 code means the printer head have to be replaced at S$86. I think Canon is unreliable printer & more over the warranty is for 2 years but printer head not covered - does this means they know that the printer head doesnt last and yet they are selling a piece of junk, If you google or search youtube you find every model has ths B200 problem, Canon going to loosde its printer reputationI will never buy Canon if I knew of this problem!!!

by Peter Chua on Feb 13, 2016 at 1:59am Add comment

Awesome! I did exactly as recommended. Took me 2 times to make it work. - The second time I also made sure the color cartridges were pushed down. Be fast when it starts to move to the left!

by bongo10 on Mar 29, 2016 at 2:16pm Add comment

My B200 error problem was resolved on my Canon MP640 after following the advice on I had already taken the advice on here about taking out the printer head and cleaning it using hot water, drying the head completely, and refitting it back in the printer. I tried pressing the on switch rapidly six times, but I still had the B200 error showing. But success was just a few more seconds away, following the link This advised switching the printer on pressing the button once only with the glass cover open, wait until the printer head had moved from the right to just over half way to the left and rapidly shut the cover. Hey presto suddenly with this last action the B200 error was gone, and normal service resumed. Thanks for the help.

by theguvnor on Jun 11, 2016 at 9:08am Add comment

Hi all,

I got the B200 error on my Canon MP640, I checked online to find out what this meant and tried cleaning the printhead and changing the cartridges but these did not work for me, I used the method of clearing the error message by opening the cover starting up my printer scanner then when the print head moved more than half way to the left I dropped the cover and this does work but it only cancels the message if the underlying problem has not been fixed it will come back.

Best thing to do if other fixes have not worked is to check that your scanner is still working, if it is then your printed circuit board is almost certainly not part of the problem and you have a malfunctioning print head that cannot print, but do not dispair there are cheaper print heads out there, you have to order through Aliexpress a chinese website average is about £20-25 (that's about $30 for my American cousins, Canadians figure it out on they quote 2-3 weeks delivery time but mine arrived in just 6 days and instantly solved the problem so no need to spend maybe £50-£100 on a decent printer scanner especially as these are generally inferior to the model I currently have.

As a last resort this is definitely worth doing.

Ross Smith Belfast

by Belfastman47 on Jul 11, 2016 at 6:53pm Add comment

Brilliant. This worked after 3 tries and I'm delighted. I'm completely non-technical so I'm extremely pleased with myself. Thanks.

by Judith on Aug 1, 2016 at 2:50am Add comment

I cannot believe it, but that actually worked on my 620B too. go figure. and, of course, i had just bought $80 in ink and was freaked out.

by bubbah on Oct 4, 2016 at 10:04pm Add comment

by "that" i mean opening the cover and hitting on/off really quickly 5 times, etc. i had opened it up taken out the cartridges and print head (but not cleaned it) and that had done nothing. let's see how long it holds up! fingers crossed!

by bubbah on Oct 4, 2016 at 10:08pm Add comment

This open-the-cover-boot-close-the-cover technique worked perfectly for me. Once. I also have generic ink. There must be some electronic code in the cartridge that is not being reproduced precisely by the generics.

by sgeorgefl on Jan 6, 2017 at 7:17am Add comment

I have the same problem with the error code, B200. I researched solutions online and tried whatever other people suggested. Nothing worked so I finally called Cannon support. They directed me to a local Cannon authorized shop. When I called the number for this shop, I explained to the guy who answered the phone I have Cannon MX882 and been receiving B200, he right away told me, "It is a garbage, throw away."

by ogawa33 on Aug 16, 2017 at 12:08pm Add comment

The B200 error code can be caused by several ifailures: 1)A bent pin on the carriage that mates with the print-head. 2) a lose cable that connects to the carriage. 3) A burned out logic board. 4) a burned out print-head. If the problem is 3 or 4, you must replace both the logic board and the print-head, because either defective part could cause the other to fail. 2) is difficult to verify or reconnect by the consumer. 1) is perhaps doable by the user, but rare to occur unless damaged by the clumsy re-seating of the print-head. Most people wash the print-head with hot water to clean completely the print-head, then dry it overnight. It works sometimes. Other solutions are not possible by the user and it is recommended you buy a new printer. An overheated or heat scorched print-head, means you have a burn out in the logic board and/or the print-head, throw the printer away.

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I was continuously following your discussion for a very long time previously I faced issue regarding Error Code B200 in Canon PIXMA Printers and After reading your queries with which above people disscussed with great interest and solved my issue I will bookmark your valuable post for my future needs. Thanks.

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User may start facing the problem canon printer error b200 that is started due to the problem in hardware. The problem will arise due to some part that is attached to printhead or printer. If you also faced the problem, then the canon printer stopped printing. You don't need to worry, just contact canon printer customer service to get the services from online geeks. The technician is available 24/7 to help you with the best possible solution. The technician will fix Canon Error b200 or canon printer not responding etc.

by mygeekshelp on Aug 10, 2019 at 12:24pm Add comment

sometimes avast antivirus failed to load when you try to open it. An error message will appear on the screen stating "UI failed to load, please restart the program". If you are also getting the problem then fix it now.

by mygeekshelp on Sep 13, 2019 at 3:21pm Add comment

Step by Step Guide to resolving Error B200 printhead error. Usually caused by a worn out print head when it is excessively overheated or to know detailed solution please visit Canon B200 Error

by anuragsingh on Jan 3, 2020 at 3:33am Add comment

Hi, My name is Amilia smith. I have recently purchased a Canon MG5200 Printer. I tried to install it on my own but using it through the USB channel. Now I am trying to use its wireless option. But somehow it showing me Canon MG5200 Printer Error B200.

I don't know how to remove this Canon mg5200 printer error b200 from my printer. Kindly escort me to the solution.

by ameliasmith010 on Jan 10, 2020 at 4:22am Add comment