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Epson R1800 Paper Feeding

Hello, I'm new here and have noticed some of the posts on here with regards the paper-feed problems on the R1800.

I have found a specific product claiming to fix this fault and would like to know if this can be recommended or if anyone's had any experience of it before I invest. It appears that Epson's own Cleaning Paper is no longer supplied by anyone.

In case anyone is able to offer me other advice, here are the specific details of my problem:

1. In the middle of about 20 attempts I managed to print only three consecutive sheets of standard-quality A4 (miraculously, after not having used the printer for two years the print-heads weren't blocked!).

2. Apart from the successful printing noted above, the paper will not feed at all (but the printer makes all the right noises), although very occasionally it sends through a blank sheet. But even pressing the top button with red light won't feed it through manually all the time.

3. When I was last using the printer regularly, nine times out of ten the machine would send out a blank sheet before printing commenced. This was something that happened even when the printer was quite new (enough for me to decide not to buy another Epson printer).

Lastly, should I not be able to fix this fault through people's help on this forum, can anybody recommend a reasonable repairer in London, UK?

Very grateful to all who have read this post.


Yep that spray should work, or look for a spray called Platenclene which is the one that I use.

They work better if you spray it onto a piece of tissue, hold it gently against the pickup roller and then press the feed button so that the roller turns against the tissue, cleaning it as it goes.

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Hi Paul,

Thanks so much for your quick response, and you seem to be confirming that the fault can be cured. I'll do a search for the stuff you mention and see how it compares to the other one.

Either way, thanks for giving me the confidence to try one of these products. Fingers crossed . . .

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