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Hp HP LaserJet 4100

HP Laserjet 4100

In the error code 49-4C03 erroc code what is the 4C03 indicating?
I'm getting a 58.3 error after someone cleared a paperjam. I can't find it listed anywhere. any ideas?
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When my HP 4100 runs out of paper in one tray it automatically starts pulling from another tray.... I don't want this. How do I stop this from happening? We have different types of media in the trays and I want it to just indicate that it is out of paper and wait for more... Any help greatly appreciated. Kevin
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Have a look at the small wire contact on the inside of the printer near the left hand side of the Transfer Roller. Does it mate with the metal lug on the left hand side of the cartridge?
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The following is from the service manual. Hopefully it will help you
Good luck

alternates with
A firmware error occurred. 1. Press CANCEL JOB to clear the
print job from the printer memory.
2. Turn the printer off, and then
turn the printer on.
3. Try printing a job from a
different software application. If
the job prints, go back to the first
application and try printing a
different file. (If the message only
appears with a certain software
application or print job, contact
the software vendor for
4. If the message persists with
different software applications
and print jobs, disconnect all
cables to the printer that connect
it to the network or printer.
5. Turn the printer off.
6. Remove all memory DIMMs or
third-party DIMMs from the
printer. (Do not remove the
firmware DIMM in the lowest
DIMM slot.)
7. Remove all EIO devices from
the printer.
8. Turn the printer on.
9. If the error no longer exists,
install each DIMM and EIO
device one at a time, making sure
to turn the printer off and back on
as you install each device.
10. Replace a DIMM or EIO
device if you determine that it
causes the error.
11. Remember to reconnect all
cables that connect the printer to
the network or computer.
12. If the error persists, replace
the firmware DIMM.
13. Replace the formatter.
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I've seen this on some 4500 series printers before but not on a 4100. The 49.XXXX errors all seem to be job related( ie. Corrupted print job, intermittent communication errors, etc..) For some reason, on the 4500 printers I saw, it always seemed to be the jetdirect card or a noisy ethernet cable. It was an even split between the two.
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I have a local 4100tn that has recently started printing fine lines along the entire page. It's very precise, very regular, a beautiful background--but not what I want.
Already cold reset, tried new toner cartridge, swapped memory chips with known good, still getting the lines. The look very deliberate, not like artifacts. Any guesses?
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Hi, I have a networked HP LJ 4100 with a problem. Print jobs automatically go to Tray 1 (manual feed) and only after pressing "Go" twice does the printer access Tray 2. I'd like the printer to immediately go to Tray 2. I've tried various configuration changes but they don't work. Any ideas? Thanx.
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The issue has been resolved: it was a setting in paper tray 2 on the right side, whereby paper format is set. Setting was on "Custom", which apparently had the printer looking for A4 in tray 1 and only then jumping to tray 2. - Anonymous
i have some of the same issues that have already been described, but so far none of the fixes i have attempted have resolved my problem...

i have a laserjet 4101mfp that does not have any display and doesn't seem to be powering any eio devices. ie - no link lights on the jetdirect, no harddisk spin up... there are also no power lights and no response from any of the buttons.

it will print an engine test successfully.

the formatter, firmware, and engine board have all been replaced. still no display.

the problem with the eio devices and the display happened suddenly. [no fading display issues, etc]

since i don't have a display, the issue has been very difficult to troubleshoot.

is it possible to test power from the engine controller to the formatter to see if there could be a power issue? or is the cable between the engine controller and the formatter is bad?
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My HP4100n is printing a 1 inch black, smeared line down the left hand side of my letter size paper, and across the top of my legal size paper. It makes it totally illegible where the 1 inch smear is. Any ideas? I have taken it apart, to the best of my ability, to clean it and make sure that there aren't any jams, etc.
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Moe, Ken, David? ideas?
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Why do people have to shout?
Please use capital letters only where needed, or is your shift key jammed?
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Just because someone doesn't use proper etiquette doesn't mean their question is unimportant.

That's my 2 cents. - Anonymous
Does anyone know where I can find a Firmware upgrade for a printer Laserjet 4100n
by unknown on Feb 8, 2005 at 11:06am Add comment

The only place of know of is from HP directly or from parts places which sell original hp parts. Good Luck.
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Try unplugging the printer for twenty minutes and plugging it back in, that should clear the memory.

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Donald get a life. The guy wants a upgrade firmware. It has to be ordered from HP.
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lmao lmao!

- Anonymous
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Change the type of paper in the tray under the paper menu from the printer control panel. Some choices are letterhead, bond, plain etc. Then make sure the job calls for the type of paper specified in the other tray.
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What was incorrect about DMZ's solution. It is exactly what I would have instructed the end user to try first. I think he reads and follows posts very well.

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We have a HP 4100 with a 57.4 error...anyone can help us what it is..please?
And have another one with a 55.4 error also!!

Thanks guys.

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The 57.4 error has to do with the printer's fan.
Make sure it runs and it is not blocked. Also, check the fan's connector.

Now the 55.4 error indicates a problem with the engine controller board. The manual says to replace it.
If you correct the 57.4 error, the other error 'may' go away.

[email protected]
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Need help bad. On powering up the printer, and during the warm up process, it starts to spit out blank pages (approx. 10-15). It also says it detects a non hp toner but i have tried 5 different toners in the thing. I replaced the board in the duplexer to try to eliminate the multiple pages but no avail.. help!
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When I put my EIO harddisk in my hp 4100 the display only shows stars in all characters (2x16 ****). The EIO harddisk is a model with 1 GB toshiba disk. Does anybody have experience with these EIO disks and a LJ 4100? Thanks!
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The hard disk has gone bad or the EIO slot which it fits into. You can run the printer without the disk unless it is needed to store fonts or you do monster jobs and need it to store those jobs to free up your system. The replacement drives are very very expensive.


If you remove paper from the paper tray and put paper in the manual tray does it do the same? My gut feeling is you have a bad selenoid in the tray pickup assembly. The printer has to be disassembled into two parts in order to access the pickup assembly. The assembly has a metal flapper which is drawn to the center of the selenoid by a magnetic charge when the print cycle is started. The flapper releases the gear which drives the pickup rollers. The charge is stopped and the flapper is supposed to return back and stop the rollers. The flapper also has a padding glued on which is supposed to stop the clickkng noise of the flapper hitting the center of the selenoid. Over time the padding wears away and all that is left is the glue which causes the flapper to stick to the selenoid and not release. Cleaning the glue residue and covering with electrical tape usually works. Problem is it is a big job. Good Luck.
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I have a 610n jetdirect card on my HP4100N printer. I need to upgrade the firmware version for the jetdirect card.I tried downloading the same thro' the HP download manager.didnt work.Can anyone let me know how I can download the firmware upgrade file directly bypassing the download manager.If possible pls provide the URL link.Thanks a ton in advance.
by unknown on Jun 10, 2005 at 2:42am Add comment
try downloading jetadmin from HP. - Anonymous
Everyone's question is important, however the people answering them are all volunteers. Why should they have to strain their eyes because someone is too lazy to use the shift key once in awhile?
We have rules on this forum and people who can't be bothered to read and follow them get their posts deleted. If you want the free advice, it's not that much trouble to read through the rules and not post some lame problem like "help, my printer is not printering." I actually deleted that one yesterday.
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tengo un error en mi hp 4100 49.4c2d
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Parace que necesitas un Firmware DIMM nuevo. HP debe de proveerlo gratuitamente ya que han tenido una serie de problemas con este mismo.

49.XX PRINTER ERROR A firmware error occurred 1. Press CANCEL JOB to clear the print job from the printer memory. 2. Turn the printer off, and then turn the printer on. 3. Try printing a job from a different software application. If the job prints, go back to the first application and try printing a different file. (If the message only appears with a certain software application or print job, contact the software vendor for assistance.) 4. If the message persists with different software applications and print jobs, disconnect all cables to the printer that connect it to the network or printer. 5. Turn the printer off. 6. Remove all memory DIMMs or third-party DIMMs from the printer. (Do not remove the firmware DIMM in the lowest DIMM slot.) 7. Remove all EIO devices from the printer. 8. Turn the printer on. 9. If the error no longer exists, install each DIMM and EIO device one at a time, making sure to turn the printer off and back on as you install each device. 10. Replace a DIMM or EIO device if you determine that it causes the error. 11. Remember to reconnect all cables that connect the printer to the network or computer. 12. If the error persists, replace the firmware DIMM. 13. Replace the formatter. This error is usually caused by a bad formatter board.
- moe
Dazz, UK
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We have about 25 HP laserjet network printers in our school. All of them are fine except for the HP LaserJet 4100Ns. About once a week or so they will "disappear" from the network (can't even get a reply to a ping). Once you turn them off and on again they are fine. They don't all do it at the same time, appears to be random intervals and doesn't correlate to heavy or light printing. It isn't the print server; we reinstalled them to a different print server and the problem followed them. Replaced one of the jet direct cards with a spare one and the problem disappeared so appears to be something with the jet direct card. Anyone else run across this with the 4100N? Recommendations?
by MMS on Sep 12, 2005 at 1:15pm Add comment
If they are using 615N cards, it's a known issue. HP is replacing them free. 1-800-474-6836
by moe on Sep 12, 2005 at 2:06pm Add comment
You might try upgrading the jet direct firmware.

The easiest way to do that is to get the Download Manager program from HP, (it's free).

It's unlikely that they have 615's installed, those were usually in 4200's, 4300's, and 4600's.
by Stephen on Sep 12, 2005 at 7:56pm Add comment
You might try upgrading the jet direct firmware.

The easiest way to do that is to get the Download Manager program from HP, (it's free).

It's unlikely that they have 615's installed, those were usually in 4200's, 4300's, and 4600's.
by Stephen on Sep 12, 2005 at 8:05pm Add comment
Thanks for the input; much appreciated. The jetdirect card is a 610N. I used the download manager to update the firmware on one of our HP 4100Ns and I am going to watch and see if that fixes it (I've gotten burned in the past with firmware updates so I am going to try updating only one of them to start with). You are right that the download manager works very easy; I've done it the manual way in the past with the command line and the download manager is much easier.
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We have a HP Laserjet 4100 attached to a 7 person P2P network in our office. The printer is connected via parallel cable (for DOS printing reasons) to one of the computers and shared over the entire network. Printing from each computer is usually no problem, but if nobody prints for a while the printer will not respond once we resume printing. Furthermore, the only fix we know of is to restart the printer, which causes it to print whatever was just sent to the print que, but not in an intelligible format. The time interval for powerave mode is four hours, and the problem occurs long before then. It is an enormous pain, and waste paper.

Please help & thanks in advance.
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Thanks to everyone for your input; I used the download manager to update the firmware and that solved the problem entirely. thanks so much.

re: the parallel cable - we print via the ethernet cable so I don't know if the firmware update will solve it for you or not, but it might. To try it, go to HP.com and search for "download manager". One warning: updating your firmware can potentially cause problems for your printer so read all of the warnings / directions for download manager.
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Only the Jetdirect card firmware is upgradeable via the web. The 4100 has a firmware chip which would have to be replaced. I doubt that is the issue. You may want to try a cold reset to change back to factory defaults. If you have a network card in the printer, remove it before the cold reset as that will change the setting on it. You also may want to go to the information menu and run a menu map just in case there is some special setting which needs to be restored after the cold reset.
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does anyone has the frecuent errors of th HP LaserJet 4000???
by unknown on Oct 4, 2005 at 10:51am Add comment


I don't understand your question.

And this is a LaserJet 4100 thread, you are asking a LaserJet 4000 question, it should be in a LaserJet 4000 thread.
by Stephen on Oct 4, 2005 at 11:59am Add comment
I am recieving the 55.4 error as well and although I have seen on many threads that it is the engine controller board or the formatter, no one has been so intelligent as to enlighten me on how to get to these parts. Does anyone have any instructions, guides or links on how to replace or order these parts. The HP sight doesn't list these parts and the manuals don't make mention of them either.
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i have a hp 4100 that has new cartridges in it and saying pull strip on one and out of toner on the other.Both new cartridges are OEM and have been placed in other machines and work fine.I already replaced the pcb below the laser but i still have this problem .Anyone got any good ideas about this one?Thx
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I am having exactly same problem as "wildman khatdaddy". I have checked the wire contacts as "Trev Pearson" mentioned and they are making contact just fine. An additional clue to the problem is that the printer will only print blank pages, even if I am only trying to print the Error Log. I also received the "Close Top Cover" error but only once.

Any ideas?
by unknown on Oct 18, 2005 at 7:34am Add comment
Those are the wrong contacts. They provide HV to the Drum and Toner bin. The sensing ones that give those 2 messages are on the white plastic piece that is above the wires on the left side of the printer. If you push on it, it floats.
by moe on Oct 18, 2005 at 9:46am Add comment
There is no display on the control panel for our HP Laserjet 4100. I can't get it to respond at all - does not print, either. help!
by unknown on Nov 9, 2005 at 4:28pm Add comment
Do you hear any noises when you turn it on. Even if the display is blank the motor should turn. If completely dead best guess is the main board which sits between the paper tray and the chasis. If you hear the motor turn, have paper in the lower tray and there is a little hole on the left side by the fan grill which you can use a small round object to activate a engine test. If that works, I would guess your formatter is toast, but I would first remove any add in cards such as an EIO network card, remove the memory and firmware (note what slot the firmare is in) and reinstall one at a time to see if anything comes on the display.
by dmzcompute on Nov 9, 2005 at 4:38pm Add comment
It does turn on, there is a fan going just no display. I did activate the engine test and a sheet of paper printed out with horizontal lines all over it. I also found online to try to get it in service, but nothing. Still no display. I removed all cards and still no display. I guess I have a toasted printer?
by unknown on Nov 9, 2005 at 5:01pm Add comment
It is either the formatter or the display unit itself which is bad. I would lean towards the formatter. My best guess is the formatter. If someone you know has a 4000 series printer can be the 4000, 4050 or 4100 see if you can "borrow" the formatter to try in your printer. If the display works you know it is the formatter. They are availble for about 200.00 on exchange.
by dmzcompute on Nov 9, 2005 at 6:11pm Add comment
dmzcompute..thanks for your help! We actually have 2 of these printers in-house and I can "borrow" the formatter. Is there an easy way to remove the formatter to replace? Maybe I can look online on HP's site for steps to take it out?
by unknown on Nov 10, 2005 at 3:15pm Add comment
Real easy to remove. Just remove the right side rear cover which just pulls out towards the rear. The box in front of you is the formatter. There are I think two screws to the left you remove and the box should slide straight back. There are two protuding screws which are not removed but which you slide the formatter unit back over to lock in place.
by dmzcompute on Nov 10, 2005 at 3:48pm Add comment
One thing I'd like to add is to make sure you have the power turned off on both printers when swapping them. They're easy to zap.
by moe on Nov 10, 2005 at 4:58pm Add comment
I swapped the formatters and figured out that was the problem. (THANK YOU!!) I went ahead and ordered a new formatter and received it this a.m. (pretty quick delivery). I put in the new formatter and it didn't work. I called and advised the parts place that it didn't work - their response was that must not have been the problem. As I mentioned I have 2 identical printers in-house and the one formatter that does work works in both printers. They're trying to tell me it's the display panel that's out. Hopefully they send me another formatter as I know what the problem is because I have 2 of the same printers in-house and the formatter they sent doesn't work in either printer. Complete madness I tell ya!
by unknown on Nov 14, 2005 at 6:16pm Add comment
Did you move the firmware chip and memory from the old formatter to the new one?
by dmzcompute on Nov 14, 2005 at 6:30pm Add comment
I didn't know I had to do that..I am somewhat computer savvy, but new to the printer fixing department. How do I do that?
by unknown on Nov 14, 2005 at 6:37pm Add comment
Open up the metal door and just move the chips from one to the other. Make sure you put the chips in the same position since the slot the firmware chips goes is very important. Do all of this with the power off. If you still have the same problem as before there is the off chance that the firmware or memory chip may be bad. Very rare for these to cause a no display, but if the case just move the chips from the printer which is working one at a time to narrow down which one is at fault. If after moving the chips, the display is still not on, the formatter they sent you is bad. My guess is once you move the chips from the old formatter to the new, the printer will work. Let us know.
by dmzcompute on Nov 14, 2005 at 6:54pm Add comment
SUCCESS!!! The printer now works~~~~~~ thank you sooooo much!
by unknown on Nov 15, 2005 at 2:50pm Add comment
My 4100N has a duplex tray, but I can't set it up to print both sides. What should I do to make it work?
Cau Yem
by Cau Yem on Nov 19, 2005 at 4:30am Add comment
In your software driver you need to add the device as an option. On most drivers it is under device settings and then installable options. If windows go to printer, right click on the printer and then click on properties. Then click on device settings and look for the item.
by dmzcompute on Nov 19, 2005 at 7:33am Add comment
I was looking around for help on duplex printing. I work in a library and hate wasting paper. Your responses helped me figure out how to set our printer for duplex. Thanks so much. You guys are awesome. - unknown
I was given a LJ 4100dtn, and am getting a 55.2.146 and 55.0.0 errors per the event log. The fan runs, and it "prints" a test page from the button on the side, but the page is blank. The display reads out fine, but the printer is in a constant error state. I removed and re-set the firmware dimm (I don't have a replacement). It's datecode is 20010524 01.016.0. The configuration page, (from the web), shows a page count of about 45000.

It has 32 MB of memory, and a JetDirect 610 card, which seems to be working because the printer is on the network, and installed fine on MacOSX 10.4.

If I am interpreting the codes correctly, it is either a firmware dimm, a formatter, or a DC controller board. Is there any way from what I have said here, or otherwise , for me to diagnose this more specifically than to just replace parts. If not, what order should I buy the parts in?

Would I be better off to buy new parts, or a used working 4100 that is not a dtn to scavenge parts from?

by schmidtmj1 on Nov 24, 2005 at 7:41am Add comment
Unfortunately this is one of those difficult errors to diagnose. It is basically a communication error between the formatter and the engine control board. The first thing I would do is remove the formatter and perform an engine test. The engine test button is located on the left side in a little hole below and to the rear of the fan. Use a qtip shaft to activate the button. If the engine control unit is ok you will get a printed page with lines on it. If it works ok odds are (but not 100\%) the ECU is ok and your issue is the formatter or firmware. Again I doubt it is the firmware since you are able to access the error code with the web browser. The thing to do is remove the jet direct card and put the formatter back into the printer (do so with the power off). Now turn on the printer and see if you still get the error. If you do and I suspect you will, about the only other thing you can do without changing parts is to trace the cable which runs from the formatter interace on the side to the ECU. You will have to remove or at least remove most items to access the internal part of the ECU. You will then need to remove that cable and reinsert. Usually what I will do is actually remove the complete ECU and replace it back again as though I am putting in a replacement so in this way I have to remove all the cable and reinsert them. If I have to start replaceing parts, I would learn towards the formatter.
by dmzcompute on Nov 24, 2005 at 8:19am Add comment
Sorry for the delay in responding - holidays, you know. My "work table" had leftovers on it. :-)

I think I will take this one step at a time... I removed the formatter, and the engine test page still prints blank. I removed the JetDirect card and still no print. (Page comes out blank, and still with a 55.2 error.) I removed the RAM and of course nothing, since it only has 32 MB. The error log off the web is alternating with a 55.2.146 error and a 55.0.0 error.

The cable connection at the formatter seems fine. I guess the next move is to remove the engine control board, right?

Any special advice beyond the repair manual, or a diagnosis ased on what I have done so far?

BTW, this printer looks pristine inside and out and te page count is reading at 44,868.

Thanks _so much_ for your help. - schmidtmj1
I would lean towards a bad engine (main) board. Since the engine test works, that indicates to me that the engine portion of the board is working ok. What is not working is the communication between the engine board and the laser/scanner or that portion of the board which supplies the necessary signals to the laser/scanner are not working. One thing you can try, cost nothing but time, is to remove all the connections from the engine board and reinsert them. At the same time I would take off and reseat all the cables going to the laser/scanner even though if that was an issue you would get 52 errors.
by dmzcompute on Nov 30, 2005 at 12:26pm Add comment
Where is the best place to find a replacement ECB? - rcartwright
Where is the best place to find a replacement ECB? - rcartwright

I have another stupid question, I'm afraid...

The engine (main) board that you referenced - what is it called in the repair manual, or what should I call it when I buy one? I just want to make sure I get the right board, and it seems like the same part has been called a DC controlller, engine control board, and controller board. Are these the same thing, as I think?

Would it be cheaper to buy a used unit and scavenge it, or would you only use new parts or refurbished parts? How often to these boards go bad on this printer?

I will pull thhe thing apart tonight if I can and check all the connections - sometimes you get lucky.

Thanks again.
by schmidtmj1 on Nov 30, 2005 at 12:42pm Add comment
I should have been clearer - that does sound like nonsense even for me. I first removed the formatter with the JetDirect and everything, and the test page still printed blank. So I took out the JetDirect, reinstalled the formatter without it, and it also printed blank. I then removed the RAM, leaving the firmware, with the same result.

I may have misunderstood dmzcompute's instructions, but that is what I did.

I assume from the manual I have that the formatter is the metal case/board that holds the JetDirect and the RAM that sits on the right/back of the printer. Is this correct?

by schmidtmj1 on Nov 30, 2005 at 1:36pm Add comment
It is the engine control board. Working on so many printers and some having different designations sometimes causes confusion. Sorry if I confused you.
by dmzcompute on Nov 30, 2005 at 1:55pm Add comment
Well, I ended up getting a refurbished engine controller board and after I replaced it, the printer is working fine. I got the refurb at what I thought was a good price from Kam Com Technologies.

It all went back together well, except for my clumsiness. I broke part of the black plastic piece that conrols the "output bin full" sensor and I had to superglue it back together. Now everything works, even the duplexer. Sometimes the black tag sticks up, so I guess I have to tweak it or replace it.

I am very grateful to dmzcompute and all who responded to help guide me in the right direction.

Two more questions:

1) Do I need to upgrade the firmware? It is dated 20010524. What would be the advantages?

2) If I try to print complex documents in Indesign CS I get a 49.4C06 Service Error. Other simple documents in InDesign print fine, and when I pdf the complex files they print fine. I think this is a RAM error - I only have 32 MB. Is that right? If so, what are good sources of RAM for this printer?

Thanks again. - schmidtmj1
My officemate encountered paperjam and just pulled out bunch of paper. Now, when the LaserJet 4100 is turned on, we hear continuos clicking sound from Tray 1 paper feed roller (one with spring). And when we print using tray 1 it just rolled lots of paper then error message 13.1 (paper jam).

However everything is ok when printing using tray 2 but then you hear again this clicking sound that comes from tray 1 paper feed roller. How can I fix the clicking sound?

by Liberato on Dec 2, 2005 at 6:57am Add comment
Sounds like he somehow damaged or effected the selenoid which locks the roller. Best thing to do is remove the complete tray 1 assembly and on the right side of it you will see the selnoid. It should have a flap with a spring which locks in the gear and when pulled towards the center releases the gear. Yours is in a constant state of release. If you need instructions click on the link by my name and email me and I will use yousendit.com to send you the service manual which gives complete instructions on how to remove the assembly. In fact when you remove the assembly the black wire on the right side that you have to disconnect is the wire which goes to the selenoid.
by dmzcompute on Dec 2, 2005 at 12:36pm Add comment
The pickup roller was not alligned properly. Now it is working. Thank you dmzcompute! - Liberato
I seem to have the same problem and it is intermittant

When i use the bottom tray once ana while it prints O.k for ex: the printer config and the other time it prints a blank paper and right after it gives the error message 13.1 (paper jam) open the top cover and closed it, after doing that it prints the config.

If i print the config by the manual tray no problem at all

Do still have the problem solver for this

thank you
- Anonymous
Which Jetdirect cards are compatible with 4100 series (4100n/tn/dtn) printers? We have some broken 610n (J4169) cards, and have new 620n (J7934) and known-working 600n (J3113) cards. Will either of 620n or 600n work as replacements?
Much obliged,
by unknown on Dec 6, 2005 at 9:56pm Add comment
They'll all work in the 4100.
by moe on Dec 6, 2005 at 11:08pm Add comment
Great! Thanks, moe, I appreciate your help.
Nathan - Anonymous
I am working on a LJ 5si that has a blank control panel display. Every now and then it does show some flickering...

any suggestions??

by Anonymous on Dec 8, 2005 at 6:48pm Add comment
I am working on a LJ 5si that has a blank control panel display. Every now and then it does show some flickering...however the printer does print properly from the network... i just can't access the menus and so on

any suggestions??
by Anonymous on Dec 8, 2005 at 6:50pm Add comment
I have a networked Laserjet 4100. When I boot it I am getting ******** across the control panel. Any suggestions?
by unknown on Dec 16, 2005 at 4:52am Add comment
Remove the network card and see if the printer comes to ready. If not it could be a firmware or formatter issue. HP had a service note for bad firmware and you may want to call HP Customer Care to see if they still have it and if you can get a replacment firmware on them. If not more times it is the formatter. If it works with the network card removed and the network card is a 615N also call HP as they are replacing some at no charge due to a big run of defective cards.
by dmzcompute on Dec 16, 2005 at 2:36pm Add comment
Glad to see you got it working. As to the firmware, call hp customer care and tella them you are having a problem with 49 errors and someone told you there is a service note on the firmware and you are wondering if hp can send you a replacemet. Act like you are the original owner of the printer and you just started using this application. They may or maynot send you a replacement. The 49 error could be caused by firmware or it could just be the job has something which is causing the error. It may not be memory related.
by dmzcompute on Dec 17, 2005 at 10:23am Add comment
Thanks for that info. I will call them. According to the service manual, 49.xx are not the right numbers for RAM full errors, so I will keep experimenting with different print jobs. It seemed logical though, since it printed simple jobs. This is a very nice printer, though, and fast, compared to what I am used to.

This is a very useful forum! Thanks.
by schmidtmj1 on Dec 17, 2005 at 10:38am Add comment
If anyone in the Fairfax VA, (Work), or Martinsbur WV, (Home), area, (or anywhere in between), believes they need firmware I might be able to help, I work for a HP AWDP.

Click on my name to email me.
by Stephen on Dec 18, 2005 at 10:02am Add comment
The engine test prints straight evenly spaced lines. Seen a lot of 4000 controller boards cause the problem, never seen a 4100 do it or heard of one doing it. I suppose there is always the first time. The engine test hole is near the circular vent on the left side of the printer.
by moe on Dec 22, 2005 at 9:13pm Add comment
I have a 4100DTN and cannot get the duplexer to work. Downloaded 4100 PCL 6 driver from the HP website and installed w/o problems. Set properties/finishing/document options to "print on both sides" and it still prints on one side only. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Any help appreciated, Carl
by Ifixitmyself on Dec 25, 2005 at 9:37pm Add comment
You need to switch the duplex option to "ON" in the menu of the printer itself. Not sure exactly which menu it under, could be "PAPER HANDLING" or something like that? I am sure you will find it. Hope this helps?!
Dazz UK
by hpwizard on Dec 26, 2005 at 6:30am Add comment
I have an HP Laserjet 4100n which does not appear to be detecting the new internal print server network card that I just installed. I suspect that I am missing some critical part of the installation because only a single sheet, sans IP address information, is printing when I try and print the configuration information page. Is there something more that I am supposed to do when installing a network card besides just putting it in? When operational it is connected to the network via an ethernet cable. I apologize in advance for the noobness of my question.

by koalasaretasty on Feb 28, 2006 at 9:46am Add comment
If the card is labeled 615N, it was notorious for having lots of problems. There is a service note from HP. If you do have a 615N, they'll replace it free. Call 1-800-227-8164, follow the prompts to HP Tech support, when you get asked what the model of the equipment is answer JetDirect 615N.

by moe on Feb 28, 2006 at 9:55am Add comment
The last time I called them on the 615N, they're only replacing the card if it shows a certain set of problems that they have listed in their Service Note. Good luck with it.
by wlulham on Feb 28, 2006 at 10:09am Add comment
i can't add a hp 4100 that is networked to any of my xp prof on my network. I have winn2000 prof that I am able to add the printer but not the xps prof.
I have done all the simple troubleshooting, I know how to add a printer, everything can see the network. Am I missing something? I feel stupid :(
by unknown on Mar 1, 2006 at 11:32am Add comment
Could be a bad network card. When you do a config. test print, does it print out a network config page? If it's a 615 card, they all had problems.
by moe on Mar 1, 2006 at 11:56am Add comment
Thanks for posting this! It helped me immensely. I was having the same problem and probably wouldn't have figured it out otherwise.
by Anonymous on Mar 2, 2006 at 3:34pm Add comment
Since you can add it to the win2000 computer over the network, I assume the network card is fine. What you do not tell us is how you added it to the win2000. Is it a network printer on your sever which is shared to all users or is it just connected to the win2000 as a tcp/ip printer. The best way to add the printer to xp pro is to use tcip. Print a config sheet as Moe suggested and see what the tcp/ip address of the printer is. Next in xp pro go to add printer and check local printer but make sure the search box is not checked.
Click next and then go to the bottom and check the create port box. Now scroll down to tcp/ip port and just follow the instructions after that giving the port name the address of the card and so on. It should work real good. The other way would be to add the printer to your server, but you will have to make sure the server has the xp drivers available when you choose network printer and then add it.
by dmzcompute on Mar 2, 2006 at 3:43pm Add comment
I have a 4100 with a 610n network card. It has 256mg added third party memory. I have had this printer since 2002 and it has performed well until just the other day.

Now when the printer is turned on, the control panel display shows that the printer is checking the memory. After it reaches 256, the display shows two rows of *s and then stalls without completing the printer boot process. None of the buttons on the control panel are functional.

I have removed the third party memory DIMMs and restarted the printer with no success. I have removed and reseated the HP DIMMs and restarted the printer with no success.

I would appreciated any suggestions.
by dstal on Mar 12, 2006 at 9:30pm Add comment
Do you really have 256mg (milligrams) of memory?
256Mb (megabytes).

Try starting the printer, firstly with the network cable removed, then with the JetDirect card out. I suspect one or the other is preventing the printer from completing POST (power on self-test). - Alan Mathews
I have tried that...no success.

In doing further research, I have found references to the display of a double row of *s as a sign of a formatter card(?) gone bad. Anyone concur?

(BTW--the milligrams could refer to the amount of aspirin needed to deal with this mess.)
by dstal on Mar 13, 2006 at 6:56am Add comment
It is very possible. One thing they have had issue with is the firmware chip which I think has to be in slot 4. I would remove the chip, clean the contacts and see what happens. Also you may want to remove the screws which hold the formatter cage and remove the formatter and reinsert it. Do this of course with the power off.
by dmzcompute on Mar 13, 2006 at 11:13am Add comment
I had a 4100 doing the same thing on Friday. Took a formatter, firmware DIMM and JetDirect card with me. Pulled out the JetDirect card and it went to Ready. Stuck in another one and it was fixed.
by moe on Mar 13, 2006 at 11:35am Add comment
Another one of those 4100 series printers (4101MFP) with a dead display (no control lights either)..
This on is kicking my butt. I have replaced the formater, rom chip,small control board between formater and display...
still a dead display. Engine test works so motor control
board must be good (so I am assuming). I have nothing like this unit to try parts off of...any ideas?

by gabuntin on Mar 13, 2006 at 12:55pm Add comment
Have you removed all installed EIO devices and tried it?
by Stephen on Mar 13, 2006 at 5:21pm Add comment
I have an HP LaserJet 4100 that makes an engine noise on startup, checks the memory, then displays two rows of astericks on the display and does NOTHING else. I have tried an engine test - nothing. I replaced the formatter baord, no go. Also replaced memory. Nada. Reseated the fuser assembly, since I couldn't think of anything else. nope.
Do you have any other ideas I can try?
by unknown on Mar 22, 2006 at 8:59am Add comment
Try unplugging everything (except the power cord of course) while the printer is off. Parallel cable, network cable, etc. Also remove the Jet Direct card. See if it starts up that way.

If not, (with everything still removed) try a Cold reset. See if it works (without putting everything back in yet)

If not, make sure that the firmware chip (It looks like a memory chip) is in the proper slot (I believe it's slot 4 that it should be in)
by wlulham on Mar 22, 2006 at 11:37am Add comment
Firmware is in the right slot, taking everything out and cold reset didn't work. sorry.
Maybe I should try replacing the firmware? (Don't know ewhere I can get one, though...) - GNCprintergirl
You should be able to get one from HP. They cost about $65 if I remember correctly. It could also be the formatter board, but the firmware DIMM is a cheaper try. You wouldn't have any other 4100s around you could borrow the firmware chip from, would you?
by Anonymous on Mar 23, 2006 at 1:26pm Add comment
Have a 4100TN. Getting "55.00 Printer error. Cycle power to continue." Have done that a few times. Keep getting same message. When first turned on, it runs memory check and then displays two lines of *****, after which the 55.00 error message comes on. I don't hear the engine come on when it is turned on. Could it be a bad engine board?
by gchan on Apr 25, 2006 at 10:45am Add comment
Could be the formatter, engine board, or dimm. Try removing the formatter and printing an engine test page. If no luck replace the engine board. I have had the same error and it turned out to be the engine board.
by Anonymous on Apr 25, 2006 at 12:46pm Add comment
This error is an internal communication error. First off I see you may have a network card installed. With the power off remove the neteork card and turn the printer back on and see if the message is still there. If the message comes back turn the printer off and remove the right back side cover and open the formatter and remove and reseat the firmware dimm and memory chip. Now try again and see if the message still comes back. If so turn the power off and remove the screws which secure the formatter and slide the formatter out. Turn the power back on and use a small q tip stick to press in on the hole on the left side by the fan vent to perform an engine test. If it prints a page with lines, most likley the formatter or firware chip is bad. If it does not print a page with lines, then the engine control board may be bad. Make sure you have paper in the bottom tray when performing the engine test. Good Luck.
by dmzcompute on Apr 25, 2006 at 12:52pm Add comment
Thanks for the replies. I did remove the network card, firmware dimm and memory chip to test it. I got the same error with the network card removed. There were no display (but the backlight was on) with the firmware dimm removed, and got a memory error with the memory chip removed. With the formattor card removed, there was not no diplay and no backlight either. Pressing the button for the engine test didn't do anything, in either case.

We have several 4050's and I heard the motor starting up when I turn it on. With this 4100, I do not hear the motor starting up, but the fan does run. Also, I want to mention that this printer was never used. It was purchased several years ago, and was still sitting in the box. So it never printed anything. Not sure if it is the engine, the engine board, or anything other problem. Unfortunately according to HP, it is out of warranty.

by gchan on Apr 26, 2006 at 10:50am Add comment
Two things you can try. One is to take one of the 4050 formatters and try it in the 4100 it may or may not work. You can also take the formatter from the 4100 and put it in one of the 4050 and see it it works. One thing you mention which is interesting. That is there is no motor noise when you turn it on. If you remove the formatter and turn it on is there any motor noise. If not the problem is most likely the engine control board since even with the formatter removed it should have engine movement. Since it is new not haveing been used one other thing you can do is split the printer into two parts and remove the main engine board and remove and reseat all the connections going to it. I guess it is possible that one of the connectors was not fully seated from the get go and that is the reason it is not working.
by dmzcompute on Apr 26, 2006 at 11:08am Add comment
Thank you very much dmzcompute. I was able to get my hands on a 4100n, and swap out some stuff. I try the formatter board, the fuses, and the engine control board. After swapping out the engine control board, I could hear the motor coming on. So that was the problem.

Thank you for all your help on this. - Anonymous
Thanks I will try that. There was no motor noise with or without the formatter board, and pressing on the test engine button didn't do anything either. Only noise evident is the fan when it is turn on.
by gchan on Apr 26, 2006 at 12:20pm Add comment

I have an HP4101MFP that starts, and on the screen begins to count the ram all the way to 64MB then stops, and restarts. I notice on the back of the machine (facing it). The 3rd green light is solid.

Also, as a heads up. This machine was plugged into a socket that was wired incorrectly and began to smell like something burning. I quickly removed the power and after the socket was wired properly I plugged it back in to get this error. The machine had worked flawlessly before this power problem.

Thanks for any help

by unknown on May 3, 2006 at 9:30am Add comment
By wired incorrectly, do you know in what way?

I'd suspect the power supply first, though some of the boards and/or RAM chips could have been fried too.
by wlulham on May 4, 2006 at 9:45am Add comment
It was pushing 240 instead of 120 volts. I turned it on today and it started fine. After about 2 minutes I started smelling burning plastic. Then it started it's routine of a restart and then counting up to 64MB and then restarting. What should I look for in the power supply? Are their fuses?

- Anonymous
Forget about fuses. You will have to replace the main board which I think is the same as the 4100 ecu.

by dmzcompute on May 4, 2006 at 1:59pm Add comment
The fuser may also be toast
by dmzcompute on May 4, 2006 at 2:01pm Add comment
Thanks for the advice. I am looking everywhere for a main board and fuser. Do you know the catalog numbers for these items so I may pinpoint the item itself?
- Anonymous
Do a half test by putting a sheet of paper on the manual feeder and perform a self test from the printers information menu. When the back edge of the paper is almost all the way in, lift the toner door to stop the printing. Remove the toner cartridge and look at the image below. If the defect is there you need to rplace the toner cartridge. If the defect is not there the issue is the teflon cover on the fuser and they have a kit to repair that on this site.
by dmzcompute on May 11, 2006 at 12:02pm Add comment
I have a HP laserjet 4100MFP. It takes 4-5minut to starting. And some times with a 49.ff.81 service error...anyone can help me what it is..please?

Thanks guys
by unknown on May 13, 2006 at 11:51am Add comment
49 errors are generally related to firmware issues or a certain program which confuses the formatter when printing. First thing I would do is go to HP.com check the latest firmware version and if yours is not the latest download it and instructions for installing. It is pretty easy to upgrade. Try that first and see if the problem goes away. If it does not try to isolate what programs or documents consistently cause the issue.
by dmzcompute on May 13, 2006 at 12:07pm Add comment
The more I think about your issue you may additional issues which may make it to expensive to repair. Besides the main board and the fuser you also have a scanning unit which has a separate power supply which also may have blown. You have 2 many items that may have been damaged by the incorrect power.
by dmzcompute on May 13, 2006 at 12:09pm Add comment
my laser jet 4100 keeps showing 22 parallel IO error when job is sent to it
by gbolex on May 13, 2006 at 1:30pm Add comment
my laser jet 4100 keeps showing 22 parallel IO error when job is sent to it
by gbolex on May 13, 2006 at 1:30pm Add comment
Error 22 I/O Configuration
Printer or computer I/O configuration is incorrect
I/O cable is wrong or damaged
The computer is switched off
I/O port on printer is damaged. Replace the formatter.
by moe on May 13, 2006 at 1:56pm Add comment
Yes I have an error message on an Hp Laserjet 4100 which is Service Error 49.01
by Anonymous on Aug 15, 2006 at 1:03pm Add comment
Did you ever think to read the thread? Your answer is 5 posts above yours, so you don't have to read the whole thing.
by moe on Aug 15, 2006 at 7:31pm Add comment
i had a question for everyone what happen if something smell like bad that is coming form the printer.........
by unknown on Aug 31, 2006 at 2:44pm Add comment
Came in one morning and no power to the 4100.Outlet and cord are good. Can someone tell me where the fuse is and what specs the fuse is or what else the problem might be.
by unknown on Sep 18, 2006 at 1:41pm Add comment
I have never seen the fuse on the main board cause a no power issue. On yours the fuse I think is on the main board which sits above the tray 2 cassette. You have to split the printer into the two parts to get access and if indeed you have no power at all, then the main board will have to be replaced. Make sure though. Check to see if the fan turns at all when you power on. If it does that means there is juice and something else is the problem. Remove the formatter and try the engine test button on the left side. That is only if the fan moves. If it does not the main board is toast.
by dmzcompute on Sep 18, 2006 at 4:30pm Add comment
If it has a JetDirect card, you want to pull it first as the card can totally kill the power. I've seen it happen a few times. You should wait about 10 minutes without power for the error to clear. First time it happened, I totally messed up troubleshooting it since I pulled the formatter and JetDirect card, but the error was resident in the controller and since I work pretty fast it didn't have time to clear.
by moe on Sep 18, 2006 at 6:23pm Add comment
I have an HP 4100TN that is printing greyish vertical lines across "almost" every page. The spacing of the lines is even, however the randomness of when it prints them is unusual.

I have already tried the following:
1) 3 different toner cartridges
2) Replaced the Transfer Roller
3) I tried the step where you stop the printer partway through, so the paper does not reach the fuser, and the lines are still there (sometimes)
4) I have tried each toner cartridge in a different hp4100 with no problems at all.

I read in this post somewhere about doing an engie test. I am not sure at all what is supposed to happen when i do that, but what I get is a page full of black vertical lines, spaced exactly as they appear sometimes on our prints. I have run paper path tests to see if this is something coming straight from the printer or if it is a problem with jobs being sent to the printer, and I still get the lines (sometimes)

I keep saying sometimes, because it is random as to when the lines will appear. Thus far I have run at least 10 different 10 page paper path tests, from different trays, each time with different amount of pages that came out clean, vs pages with these lines appearing on them. Sometimes for the full page, and sometimes for part of the page.

I am really stuck here and have no idea what to do next. If the problem requires me to replace any type of boards in the printer can someone please e-mail me instructions. I have done minimal maintenance on these machines (fuser kits, ect) but am also not totally ignorant to working with my hands.


[email protected]
by Ranma on Sep 22, 2006 at 6:40am Add comment
The engine test comes out of the DC controller. If like you say the lines correlate with the ones seen when you do an engine test, then it has to be a DC controller fault causing it. The DC controller is a bit difficult to replace. You have to separate the printer from the paper cassette assembly. The board occupies the entire bottom of the printer and has a lot of connectors on it. Not a job you would want to undertake without a manual. It's also not a cheap part.
by moe on Sep 22, 2006 at 9:53am Add comment

When you say it is not a cheap part, can you please e-mail me an estimate if it is not too much trouble. Also included in this estimate would there be a manual for how to perform this task? Once someone says it is difficult to do, I look at that as a challenge.

Also here is a link to one of the pages from a paper path test. You can see the lines that are printed on each page. Hopefully this will help to diagnose the problem.


*note as I look at the PDF the lines seem to be dotted, however that is just due to our scanner. In reality the lines are solid.


[email protected]
by Ranma on Sep 22, 2006 at 10:43am Add comment
Update: HPLJ4100TN

10/10/06 - We finally got our engine board in. Installed and all configured, however $xxx.xx bucks later the problem is still here. (problem is thin gray lines appear on every page printed. These lines are positioned exactly like the lines that are printed when you run an Engine Board Test)

I tried cold resetting, clearning the NVRAM and re-initializing the NVRAM all of which did not fix this problem.

Any idea's at all from anyone would be much appreciated!

Thanks very much for helping thus far ^_^

If not here you can reach me at [email protected]

Thanks again!
by Ranma on Oct 10, 2006 at 12:41pm Add comment
Have you changed the toner cartridge since you replaced the ecu board. It is possible if the ecu was defective that it damaged the toner drum by engraving those lines into the drum. I have seen it with horizontal lines on the drum caused by the ecu and we had to change both the ecu and the toner cartridge.
by dmzcompute on Oct 10, 2006 at 4:41pm Add comment
Yes, I have used multiple toner cartridges and each of these only have a problem in this particular printer, while in our other HP4100's they work just fine (same cartridge). Anything else to look for?

Thanks again!
by Ranma on Oct 11, 2006 at 5:37am Add comment
Just atabbing in the dark here since the ecu board should have solved the issue. Only other item which puts the image on the drum in the laser/scanner and I guess even the formatter. Try swapping those parts out to see what happens.
by dmzcompute on Oct 11, 2006 at 2:53pm Add comment
Good manners are appreciated...

Bad manners are not...
by Stephen on Oct 23, 2006 at 4:16pm Add comment
I kind of have doubts the laser scanner would cause the lines, I'd try the formatter first. Those aren't that hard to swap. Just slide the right side cover off and remove the 2 screws at the back edge of it. Make sure you do it with power off on both printers.
by moe on Oct 23, 2006 at 5:09pm Add comment
I had a 4500 with a similar problem a couple of years ago, it turned out to be a bad formatter.
by Stephen on Oct 23, 2006 at 5:18pm Add comment
I am working on an HP Laserjet 4100TN... when the machie is first turned on it goes through the RAM count and then display's all stars. I tried removing the JetDirect card and rebootoing but the problem doesn't go away. I also tried a cold reset with the print card out but I could not get this to go through either. Any help would be great, thanks!
by unknown on Oct 26, 2006 at 11:37am Add comment
I had the same problems a few years back and phoned HP. They recognized the problem and sent me another Jetdirect card. Unfortunately i have the same problem at present (sometimes it works, sometimes it does not) but HP now wants to bill me at least 260 euro for solving my problems. Thanks HP ! - Anonymous
For the problem I was having with the grey lines, I ended up swapping a formatter from another 4100 and turned out that was the problem. We are ordering another formatter now, and I will let you all know what happens once it is installed.

Thanks for your help

by Ranma on Oct 26, 2006 at 12:10pm Add comment
I have a HP Laserjet 4100 (obviously) and am having a problem. Every so often the printer just stops working, so to speak. No error messages on the printer, but I try to print and it just hangs there and does nothing. When I power the printer on and off, a garbled sheet prints from the printer, and then its fine for a little while. I realize that a similar post is above, and they recommended to get the HP dowload manager and try to upgrade the firmware. Well, I got the manager, and it says that my device is not upgradable. So what do I do now?
by unknown on Nov 15, 2006 at 8:40am Add comment
You could try to swap out the firmware chip, or purchase one. Part number C4168A...

good luck.

anyone else with issues with the LaserJet 4100 should start a new topic. i've been reading this one for an hour...lol.
by chris on Nov 15, 2006 at 9:35am Add comment
I've been asking the webmaster to let me close threads for years. He loves to get email on the subject. [email protected] Anyone tired of all these long threads feel free to email him and ask why the moderator doesn't close them, or if he is able to close them like on other forums.
by moe on Nov 15, 2006 at 4:58pm Add comment
I do have some used 4100 firmware modules.

Click on my name to email me for more information.
by Stephen on Nov 15, 2006 at 6:53pm Add comment
Does anyone know what I need to change so that my email from outlook web access doesn't have a gray background? Thanks,
by unknown on Nov 16, 2006 at 6:30pm Add comment
Download manager is for upgrading JetDirect firmware. (network card)

To upgrade the firmware on a 4100 you need to replace a ROM module plugged in to the formatter.

To troubleshoot a 4100 hanging you would:

If a JetDirect is installed remove it and connect the printer to a PC and see if it hangs. If it runs with the JetDirect removed, then the JetDirect is likely the problem.

Reseat the Firmware and Memory Modules.

Replace the Memory

Replace the Firmware

Replace the Formatter
by Stephen on Nov 17, 2006 at 4:54pm Add comment
by JMUKHOWA on Jan 17, 2005 at 11:15pm Add comment
I'm confused about this part "I removed the formatter, and the engine test page still prints blank. I removed the JetDirect card and still no print." Since the JetDirect card plugs into the formatter, it comes out with it. If the formatter is out of the printer, why remove the card? Since this doesn't make any sense, I'm wondering if it really was the formatter you removed.
by moe on Nov 30, 2005 at 1:11pm Add comment