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Canon Canon FC 1

Canon MX850 Scanning


I'm trying to hook up an MX850 multi-function Canon printer to my Windows XP professional desktop machine.
I'm not on a network, so I am just trying to connect with the USB cable running from the printer to the PC.

I downloaded the latest drivers and support software from the Canon website. I *can* print color pages from my PC to the printer. There is also a Canon diagnostic program for the printer. When I run that it says that everything is in fine condition.

But I have two problems:

1) When trying to scan from the MX850, the software seems to recognize that it should be available as a scanner, but when I click on scan it says to check the cabling to make sure that the scanner is on the network. There is no network. I'm assuming that both printing and scanning should use the same USB cable. I don't know if there is somewhere else I need to configure it to use the USB cable.

2) After hooking up the printer I now get a message on report "Windows - No Disk" and then a string of long hex numbers. This pops up on startup six times. After hitting cancel, everything starts up OK.

For this second problem I thought that one of the Canon software apps was causing a problem on startup, so I disabled the startup of some Canon processes (using msconfig) at startup. But the popup errors still happened. I found that if I leave all the software alone but just unplug the usb cable at the PC coming from the printer that this error won't appear on bootup. But then I can't print...

Thanks for any ideas!

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