asked Dec 8, 2009 at 9:04pm
Brother Brother MFC 440CN

brother printer - unable to print 51

I have a brother MFC-440CN printer/fax machine had it for three years and just recieved a - unable to print 51 - message on the LCD. I re-loaded the brother driver ( I have windows 7 and the disc didnt support that - went to brother website )I went through a process here:

holding down menu until all LED's are flashing
press 80
press mono start until reach : purge xxxx ( mine had another # )
press 2783 to reset purge
you will see : purge 0000 ( yes I did )
press stop button
press 99 to exit maintenance mode.

the error code still remained.

Am i lucky to have had the machine this long for 3 years or can I still do something in maintenance mode without having to send it to a tech guy?
I too am having this same problem, Someone help PLEEEEEase.
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