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Lexmark Lexmark Optra S

Lexmark Optra T614

We have a Lexmark Optra T614 with a 922 Service Fuser Error. We have replaced the fuser and still get the same error. It's certainly possible that we have another bad fuser, but is there something else that could be causing this error?
Yes you could have recieved a bad fuser unit. The following is and taken from one of our service manuals that will help you to further test your machine should the fuser be ok. Note you will need a DVOM meter in order to test the fuser and the machine.

A 922 error during a POR caused by low line voltage can usually be cleared by doing another POR. If the fuser lamp is lighting very dimly, check for a 220 V lamp installed in a 110 V machine. Check all the connectors to the exit sensor card and the lamp power connections at the left end of the fuser. Make sure the thermistor is making contact with the hot roll. Check the continuity of the lamp, the thermal fuse, and the fuser power cable. Check the thermistor resistance at engine board J8-3 to J8-4; it should be from 100K Ohms to 260K Ohms when cold; it may be as low as 2.3K Ohms when hot but increases quickly as the fuser cools. There should be no connection from either pin to ground. If the thermal fuse is open, the fuser and the fuser wiper may be damaged. Before replacing the fuser and the fuser wiper, check the voltage at engine board J4-16 as you POR again. It should stay at 0 until the 922 Error is displayed and then go to +5 VDC; if it does not,replace the engine board, the fuser, and the fuser wiper. Next, measure the voltage to the fuser lamp during a POR; it should be line voltage until the 922 Error is displayed, if it does not, replace the LVPS, the fuser, and the fuser wiper. If the voltage to the fuser lamp is the not the same as the line voltage,replace the LVPS. If the lamp, fuser power cable, thermal fuse, thermistor and lamp voltage are OK, check J4-16 to see if the engine board is sending the correct signal to the TRIAC. At POR this signal should go to +5 VDC and then immediately drop to 0 VDC until the fuser is warm; if it does not, replace the engine board. If the signal is OK, replace the LVPS.
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