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asked Mar 9, 2009 at 2:16pm
Dell Dell Laser 3100CN

Dell 3100cn Laser - need help

The printer is showing an 004-321 error code (reseat drum, contact customer support) - I have emptied the drum of toner and replaced the reset chip. - any suggestions??
Try taking the drum out and restarting the printer. Re-install it when it tells you to.
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I tried taking the drum out and restarting the printer - same result. Still shows an 004-321 error code. (restart printer). Then shows reseat drum, contact customer support.
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Problem solved. I got this information from the Dell forum.

Re: 004-321 error

If you know how to remove the top cover from your drum unit, you can check the alignment of the roller arms. The key is that the roller arms MUST BE mounted flat against the inside wall of the drum unit. If not, the roller arm will not be positioned correctly, allowing the IBT belt to wander. There are photos of the roller arms in the link below.

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Check this thread out:

There are a few pages in this thread that specifically address this error.

To highlight, the 004-321 error is caused by the IBT Home position sensor failing to detect the metallic foil attached to the IBT belt.

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