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Canon Canon Pixma MP510

canon mp510 error 5C00

I have read through forum and found answers to quite a few models but not the mp510, some of the other replies mention reset button which the mp510 does not have. Does anyone have azn answer to this error code. I have borrowed sons printer as mine was playing up and the error code keeps coming up.
Please help me!!!!
Thank you
Found this on http://slayo.com/

Resetting Printer Canon MP140, MP160, MP180, MP210, MP220, MP460, MP470, MP500, MP510, MP530, MP600, MP610, MP800, MP820, MP810, MP830, MP960, MP970 procedure:

- Turn off the canon printer
- Hold the Resume Button (red circle in the triangle), add a printer (click “Power”) an indicator light green.
- Hold the Power Button, release the Resume Button.
- Not releasing the Power Button, double click “Resume” and release Both Buttons.
- Click “Resume” for Four times
- Once you click “Power”, to confirm the selected action (reset counter absorber). To disable the printer “Power” button to click again.

I hope this helps. Didn't solve my problem though. :<
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re. MP510 RESET WASTE INK ABSORBER COUNTER - Thanks to 'Anonymous' post on 4/15/09 I was able to reset and prevent the printing being disabled once completely full, having used tissue to mop up excess ink from the pad (not a lot!). The instructions that work are: Turn off; hold RESUME (red triangle in a circle); Press and hold POWER (ON/OFF); release RESUME; still holding POWER double click RESUME; release POWER; printer starts up - wait until the display shows "IDLE"; click RESUME 4 times; click POWER to confirm and then press again to power off. When you power up again you will not see the error message again. - unknown
MP510 RESET WASTE INK ABSORBER COUNTER - Thanks to 'Anonymous' post on 4/15/09 I was able to reset and prevent the printing being disabled once completely full, having used tissue to mop up excess ink from the pad (not a lot!). The instructions that work are: Turn off; hold RESUME (red triangle in a circle); Press and hold POWER (ON/OFF); release RESUME; still holding POWER double click RESUME; release POWER; printer starts up - wait until the display shows - unknown
chooka56,... I know the instructions above are wrong and you have probably figured that out by now. The 5C00 error is a code for the Purge Cam sensor and has nothing to do with reseting anything. No wonder it didn't solve his problem.

This error code is telling you that the purge unit did not complete a good power on cycle and the cam is not in the correct position. Typically this means the purge unit is stuck extended due to accumulation of a lot of dried up ink.

Open the cover and when the head comes to the center, pull the power cord. Once that power is off you can now move the carriage to the far left so it is out of the way. Now use a paper towel and gently blot all the excess ink off of the ink Pads and press them down. If the Wiper blade is extended, clean it and it should snap back in position. If it is still stuck, try sparying the area with Windex but don't get any on anything except the pads.

Click on my User ID and send me an email. I will send you a picture of the pads and provide more instructions.
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Hey your response was right on. I tried it the first time and it worked. Thanks for posting this. - unknown
there's a weird scratching sound everytime i switch on the printer with the 5C00 error code appearing. why?
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Anonymous,... The 5C00 error is a defective signal from the Purge unit. The scratching noise could be something as simple a jammed piece of paper in the purge area, or the purge unit wiper blades stuck extended and the bottome of the head is dragging over the wiper blades.

Open the cover and wait till the head comes to the center and then pull the power cord out. Now you can move the head to the left. Use a flashlight to examine the purge unit on the right and see if you can see a jam. Gently press down on the ink pads with a paper towel to see if they are stuck. If the wiper blades are still extended, they must be jammed on some part of the mechanism. The other possibility is that a gear is out of place and the purge unit can not do a full cycle at power on. This will create the 5C00 error, or anything that disrupts the full complete cycle of the purge unit at power on.

I have had many many customers with the purge unit wiper blades jammed and once they are free to snap back in position, it will work fine.

If you need more information on how to repair this problem and the pictures and instructions that are necessary, click on my USER ID and send me an email and I will respond.

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send info. Thanks - Anonymous
need help with my mp830 send me instructions to clear error code 5C00 Thanks - Anonymous
I am not sure I understand this forum - I posted a couple of questions but they appear nowhere.
Here is my problem.
I have a mp830.
The head is stuck and I get error 5C00.
I see the purge move a couple of time and on the third time it stop in the middle and I hear a click on the left.
I have turned the printer on and off several time and I get the exact same problem. Sometimes the purge unit stops in the middle, sometimes in the forward position, sometime in the backward position with the pads down.
It seems to me that it is not finishing its cycle and it is the reason why the head does not return to its position.
Any idea what I should do next?
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Flashdudette,...There error conditions you are describing are very serious and it sounds like you have something either jammed in the purge unit or something broken. I have a test that you can do but it seems your printer is beyond the test point. It will probably have to be taken apart and the purge unit fixed or replaced.

I am sending you a short email that will provide you with my email address. Once you get that send me back a note with your current status. I will send you the test process for the 5C00 error condition.

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Anonymous,... I'm on vacation right now and don't have my files with me. I'll contact you when I get back.

However, I've posted things to do for this error code many times. so just do a search on the 5C00 and see what you find.

It is all about cleaning your purge unit and seeing if anything in there is jammed.
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Mikele707,.... We all appreciate your comments, but you should have posted a little more information that would help others. You didn't say what your printer model was, what the problem was, and which one of the suggestions you used. Please add some more information to help others.
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The process of starting with the double click Resuem button brings me in some kind of menu. The first status is idle.
As soon as I press resume a first time, I get unreadable status. It seems like there are about 9 or so options.
Does anyone know what the different reset options are? What is the main reset option resetting everything?

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frrr,...It seems you are trying to get into Service Mode for some reason, and you actually got there. Before I provide you any instructions on how to use the Service Mode, you need to post some information explaining what you printer problem is, and what you have done to correct it and what the results were.

You could really mess up your machine by changing things in the Service mode and then you would have a lot more work just to correct what you did wrong. Your statement that you got "Unreadable Status" does not convey any information at all. You need to describe step by step, button by button, otherwise we are only guessing at what we think you did.
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Dear Trigger1937,

I try to reset the printer. This in order to reset the ink chips. There is a lot of info on the web how to do this, but nothing really seems to be true.
Actually Canon does not either really approach this in a friendly way. I would expect Canon refill packages and guidelines on how to make sure that your printer is in optimal status. It is better for the environment if refill is done, but of course in certain proportions. A broken printer is not good for the environment either.
The only good advice I use so far is to turn of the message that the ink is low.
Do you have any experience in how often to best replace the cartridges and what maximum refills to consider to keep the printer good and tidy?

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Hi when I turn my Canon MP510 on the green and amber lights flash alternately,the screen lights up CANON,and there is a slight noise from the machine.The message on the computor screen reads service error B200 any ideas? Thanks
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I have a mp830 printer with 5C00 error but the purge sponge are clean and a little bit lower then i was expecting. Can the purge pads be stoked in the lower positions ?
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tavy,...by your describtion it sounds as if the pruge unit is jammed or at rest in the down position. It is obvious that the carriage and the printhead are not jammed into the purge unit and that you were able to move them away such that you could see the purge pads. The question is,...are the wiper blades extended and stuck extended. Use some how wet paper towels to blot the excess ink off of the wiper blades and the front wiper bar. This is where it get stuck 90\% of the time. It would not hurt if you could use a syringe and some hot water to spray a little water on all parts of the purge unit. Now try and power it on again.
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The wiper blades are clean and retracted, i moved them to test if it slide back (are OK), the purge pads are white, like new. the printer is used.
How can the pads be stuked on down position ? is there a mechanic sensor to move them up and down ?
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My canon mp 510 printer grabs the paper from the paper feeder and
crumbles and nothing is printed.
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p.pulan,.....It seems you have something jammed in the rear paper feed that is catching the new sheet as it is fed. Open the rear turn around door and use a flash light to examine every inch very close. You are looking for any kink of object such as a paper clip, staple, push pin, hair pin, or just a jammed bit of torn paper. It could also be a very dirty feed roller which you should clean only with hot water. Also, in the printer maintenance section find and execute "Roller Cleaning" function.
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