asked Feb 28, 2009 at 3:31pm
Hp HP LaserJet 5000

HP5000 new separation pads, now paper crumples


I purchased and installed new separation pads for my HP5000. Prior to installation, it was grabbing multiple sheets from both the manual tray and the main paper tray.

The separation pad on the main tray was a snap. The separation pad plus the two extra little rocker pads was a bit harder, but I did it without breaking anything. Now, however, for the first time since I've owned this printer, when the paper feeds in from either tray it pulls at an angle and crumples. If it is fed EXACTLY straight, it makes a little crumpling sound, but will go through without a problem. Most of the time it crumples.

I have tried disassembling and reassembling a couple of times (I'm getting faster at it) -- and I tried putting the old little rocker pads. Nothing seems to work.

I tried searching the forum posts. I saw references to "replacing the whole registration assembly" or something like that. What does that mean?

Does anyone know why new separation pads would cause this problem? As I said, the problem didn't exist before I did the replacement. Did I reassemble this incorrectly? I'm not exactly sure about the metal strip that goes across and on top of the little rocker pads. Does it rest on the little tabs that stick out, or beneath them (in the slot)?

Could this be a problem with the toner cartridge? When I reassembled the first time, I forgot to fold down the cover over the roller. Could I have damaged the cartridge so that it would create this problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you did not fold down the metal cover over the registration assembly, then you likely bent that cover when you installed the toner.

If you are lucky you might be able to straighten it, but you're probably going to have to replace the registration assembly, (the cover is part of it).
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Thanks Stephen,

That cover looks pretty sturdy, and I didn't press that hard. However, now the toner cartridge doesn't fit snug -- there is a little up/down give when it is all the way in.

I've ordered a replacement toner cartridge (if my old one is good, I'll eventually use it all).

How do I find a replacement registration assembly? Is it expensive? Difficult to replace? Any other things to replace, like rollers? Would it be cheaper to replace the printer? I see them out there, used/reconditioned, for around $350.

Thanks again,

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I have not changed one in a while.

A service manual would be good to have.
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