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Hp HP LaserJet 5000

HP Laser Jet 5000

Hello all. I am a somewhat printer tech, hp authorized and what not, but dont really like talking to them. too many bad experiences with the support. Any who, I have a LJ5000 and the top document feeder(tray 1) is grabbing multiple sheets of paper. Now I rubber renewed the sep pad and it seems to have helped a little bit, but now its taking in the first sheet, and then when the first sheet is halfway in, a second sheet follows. Can any of you guys help me figure this one out? I know that it is something simple, but i am having difficulty figuring it out. any help would be appreciative.
Is the tray working properly. It lifts then drops after the first sheet is fed in. Sometimes they hang and cause the issue. Also does the feed tire rotate again if it feeds the first page through fine it should stop trying to grab paper if the selinoid is sticking or lately Ive seen the clutch like on the 4000 series sticking alot the it would try again or if the sensors arent working correctly it would try again. Last is the sep pad. Seriously you didnt replace? HP upgraded this part years ago if its light grey then you need to replace, really who cares thats the first thing you should have done. The economy sucks but come on do your job. Your Hp authorized? WOW Depressing. Last is does the page that fed in have print on it? If not and its under the toner cart then you have a registration sensor error.
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Ok, well first off, I only just started doing printers. But any who, would you happen to know what the part number is for the sep pad on the MF? Also the tray is working, I jsut did a test, and the first sheet went ok and the tray dropped but the second piece of paper went with it. and also the sep pad is not light grey. its a darker gray.
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RF5-3439 (tray 1).
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On that model, you do need to replace the 2 sub pads as well.
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The manual does not have instructions for replacing the sub pads, but if you remove tray 1 they pop right out.
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Well I replaced both the roller and the sep pad. I brought in a guru with these printers. He showed me and changed the part, still doing the same thing. Only thing that it could be now is static. the paper is sticking together. Tried anti-static methods on the MF tray, but havent quite gotten it yet. Come summer he says that this will all disappear.
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Did you not read Moe's post. You need to also replace the sub pads, the part number being RF5-2399-000CN. You need 2 of them. Your guru needs to go back to school.
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I think the 2 pad r RF5-4117.... dmzcompute is correct.... send guru back to school....and replace all at the same time....LOL


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If you already replaced separation pad and sub pad, try to check the metal bar where the pickup roller sits, slight bend will cause it to pickup multiple sheets, remove as well the right cover and see to it if the clutch is working properly.
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