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Hp HP CopyJet Color

Remove and check color cartridge

I have an HP PSC 1610 print and have the following message: Remove and check color cartridge. I have done that, don't know what I need to see, put the cartridge back in and still have the same problem. I've never seen this message before, so I don't think it needs a new cartridge, but maybe it does. Ideas?
I have an HP6210 message "remove and check right cartridge" Did it several times but no solution appparent. Any idesa??
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Replace the cartridge. If that doesn't work, replace the left one. Printers have been known to lie. That exact thing happened to me twice.
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I have discovered how to perform a full reset of the HP PSC 1610, which clears all the internal memory, thereby fixing the "remove and check right cartridge" problem.

To perform a full reset of the HP PSC 1610:
1. Unplug the power cord.
2. Press and hold the OK and CANCEL buttons on the front panel keypad.
3. While still holding the buttons, plug the power cord back in. Continue to hold the buttons for two seconds, and then release them.
4. After a few seconds, the screen will display the message “Deriv Clear” confirming that the reset is done.

I have discovered that the HP PSC 1610 all-in-one printer has a hidden diagnostic mode, which lets you do several interesting things.

To enter the hidden diagnostic mode of the HP PSC 1610:
1. tap both arrow keys simultaneously.
2. tap the left arrow key.
3. tap the OK key.
4. At this point, you have a choice to make. If you want to enter the "Service" menu, tap the left arrow key. If, on the other hand, you want to get into the "Underware" menu, tap the right arrow key.

There is a menu option in the "Underware" menu called "printer-mech button tap", from which you can initiate any of HP's "tap tests," so called because, on the early HP printers whose onboard user interface was limited to two physical buttons, you would tell the printer which diagnostic test you wanted it to perform by holding down one of the buttons while tapping the other button a certain number of times. In the HP literature, the various diagnostic tests that the printer can do are named according to the number of button taps required to initiate the test. Hence, HP might refer to "tap test #6", "tap test #9", and so forth.
I am not sure what all of the various tap tests do, but I would imagine there is probably a tap test that resets the internal counter responsible for making the printer reject the cartridges.
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After entering the "printer-mech button tap" menu use "tap test" number 10 (ten). Feed the printer one paper sheet. A diagnostic test will be printed. A message will be displayed saying that the original HP ink was depleted.

This info was provided by a user called Zdf over @ Tom's Hardware and is the only true fix I've found for the HP "remove and check" problem. - z1r
Thanks for your excellent tips. They may help a lot. - jorgea
Very, very good information. Excuse my english, i don't speak language.

I have days and days reading a lot of opinions and responses to this problem, inclusive from HP support site forum, and nothing compare for this.

Thank's thousand.

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I tried this way; it does not work. I guess HP fixed this "loophole." Does anyone know where is the battery for HP 1610 PSC located?
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I was hoping the tips posted by neiljackson1984 would resolve this problem for me. But now I am in worse shape than before. After the "full reset" my PSC 1610 printing ranges from unreadable to simply blank. Using HP Director, Alignment now gives me an error, Cartridge Cleaning doesn't work and Diagnostic Page prints blank.

I think I may be totally screwed. Anyone have suggestions? BTW the printer was working fine the last time I used it, which was a month ago. It has been (properly) powered down since then.

Some good news. I was able to get my 1610 working by replacing the refilled HP95 color cartridge. It had been refilled at my local Cartridge World and they kindly exchanged it for a different one. They mentioned that the 95 cartridge can sometimes be troublesome and has to be swapped out.

I can't prove it, but I don't think I would have this problem if I used the printer regularly.
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Genuine HP cartridges don't clog from sitting around for awhile. I can't speak for refills. Best way to clean them when they clog is by dunking the bottom in really hot water and blotting with a paper towel. Using the machine's cleaning function, you're trying to flush dry ink clogs with wet ink. Not very effective. - moe
Thanks, moe. I tried cleaning the cartridge with a damp paper towel but didn't think to try hot water to unclog the ink jets.
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I've thrown away 3 genuine HP color print cartridges within the last year. These cartridges all registered more than half full before they failed. I cleaned contacts, unplugged and re-plugged until my fingers bled. After tossing more than $100 in faulty cartridges, I finally figured out the Solution. I'm going to buy a printer from a manufacturer who cares about their customers and isn't just trying to get rich on the ink revenue stream. When this cartridge fails, the printer goes to the dumpster.

I admit that I am a slow learner. I've owned two HP printers, an HP laptop and an HP desktop. Each device was a headache within a year of warranty expiration. I should have learned my lesson earlier. I guess I will start going to meetings.
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Go with Canon. They use ink tanks and so far, no chips. You want to stay away from Epson. Even worse than HP.
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Not to go all conspiracy theory but do you guys thing that this error is a result of a faulty cartridge or an intentional design by HP to keep people from using refill kits. My printer was working fine until I hooked a new computer up to it and installed the software again and then it suddenly wouldn't work with my refilled color cartridge. Is this just a coincidence?
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Your conspiracy theory may not be far off. My woes began after a software update. However, for me it doen't matter. I have sworn off HP. This is the last HP product that will ever see the inside of my office.
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I misread the instructions and discovered that the following procedure works too:

- unplug the power and USB cables from the printer
- press On and Cancel buttons simultaneously and hold them down while replugging the power cord
- keep them held down while the black square crosses from left to right on the printer's LCD display
- let go of the buttons ... the display says Initializing then says Ready. No other messages appear
- replug the USB cable

You should be ready to go now. If not, unplug and replug the USB cable at your USB hub or computer.
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This worked for me, at least for now. Immediately after entering this test, the queued documents (3 total) were printed, followed by the test print. I suspect this is a kind of thing, to force normal users to bring this device to service or buy a new one. Really disappointed, after dumping probably good enough cartridges, having the same problem with new ones afterwards...
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I had the same problem, I have tried resetting (with #6 or #3), cleaning, unplug, plug, remove, replace,..., nothing worked.

What worked for me
1 - While printer is on, go to the "Mfg Commands"
(on my printer I had to press "*" and "#", others would need to press both left and right arrows, etc.)
2 - You will get the following message "Enter special key combo", then enter "123".
3 - Press the right arrow until you find "Special Reports", click OK
4 - Press the right arrow until you find "Print Cartridges", click OK
What was my surprise when at number 3, it started printing !

And then, everything came back to normal !

Super cool !

Hope this works for you !
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Thanks for posting your solution. Would you mind clarifying a couple of your statements?
- In the first sentence, what do you mean by "resetting (with #6 or #3)"? Are you referring to the HP tap tests documented earlier by neiljackson1984?
- What do you mean by "at number 3, it started printing"?. Were you referring to your statement #3?

Maybe others were also confused like myself. - kingd01
I have an HP 6210 and have been having the same problem with the "remove and check color cartridge" message. Tried cleaning the contacts, powering on/off, removing and reseating the cartridge multiple times. Couldn't believe it when I tried treme's procedure and the message went away and my printer started printing again. (I had to press the * and # keys simultaneously. The display showed *******####### and then I entered 123 and followed steps 3 and 4.) Thank you so much!!! - karenf
Additional info: after turning off and on again, the problem persist. However I did a Full Reset (see above), nothing changed. Then I reminded myself about colour cartridge which I already put away, but in fact it wasn't fully used. So I took it and put back into printer - and... it recognized a brand new colour cartridge and it works, no error messages now for 2 days of printing.
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What I did was to pull out the color cartridge (new one) and closed the lid. Then I put in the color cartridge but pulled out the black one and again closed the lid. The printer finally recognized that there was a new color cartridge installed and asked me to install the black one and press ok. So I did and then it recognized I intalled the used black cartidge and asked me to press ok for alignment of the cartridges. That fixed the problem for me. :)
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I've used the solution posted by "worksforme" many times, getting the same color cartridge to work over and over again till the ink really DID run out.

This last time around, it didn't work. I even swapped in a newly-refilled cartridge that the printer did not recognize as good.

Then I cleaned the old and new cartridges (and the contacts in the printer) with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. No luck.

Finally, I tried Evey202's suggestion, which worked... but the printer did one thing I had never seen it do before: it recognized the newly refilled cartridge as a "used tri-color cartridge" which is a message I have never seen before.
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My previous post was from a few months ago - i couldnt post for some reason so I saved it in a file and posted it today, when I returned to this forum for a similar issue, this time with the black cartridge.

I had used the ideas from evey and worksforme many times successfully... just kept at it till the cartridges were bone dry :-)

And about the zillionth time i reused my black cart the suggestions didnt work and I figured it was really empty. Put in a new black cartridge --- STILL got the message to "check right cartridge" after initializing, taking both carts out and putting in one at a time, etc.

So.. It appears that cleaning contacts with alcohol is a critical step. I think that poor connectivity between the cart and the printer will cause false readings of failure. I took a Qtip moistened with isopropyl alcohol and cleaned the contacts in both cartridge bays plus the corresponding place on the face of each cartridge and then reinstalled... voila! happy printer.

But print quality was still not up to snuff so I cleaned the print heads on both carts with the Qtip in alcohol (and a kleenex... too much ink in that area to use just the qtip)

After reinstalling, aligning, and running the "clean print cartridge" utility, things are back in gear.

I like this printer but am kind of between a rock and a hard place with it. The HP cartridges dont leak but they also dont last long and cost a lot. Getting the refilled cartridges is a MUCH better deal but cartridges from two different sources have leaked and made a mess.

I like the quality of the output but my next printer won't be an HP, sorry.
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The dreaded remove and check message appeared on my PSC1610 again today. After all the usual stuff didn't work, I came up with a new and desperate way to reset the ink level sensor:
1) Put a new color cartridge in, the priner recognizes it and displayed the "Align Cartridges Press OK to continue" message
2)Swap the old cartridge back in then press OK
Alignment succeeds, and the printer works with the old cartridge again. For how long, who knows. There is plenty of ink in it, as evidenced by saturated colors on the test page...
This sucks. Its too bad, because the business-class HP printers are nice. But I won't buy one just because of my bad experiences with this little desktop model. Anybody at HP listening?
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Aaargh. The fix lasted about a dozen pages then got the remove and check message again. I've given up and put in another color cartridge although I am SURE there's a LOT of ink left in the one I replaced... can't wait to get rid of this printer.
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check right cartridge print problem hp 1610

To enter the hidden diagnostic mode of the HP PSC 1610:

tap both arrow keys simultaneously.
tap the left arrow key.
tap the OK key.
tap the left arrow key. At this point, you enter the "Service" menu,
scroll to special reports using right arrow key hit ok
scroll to print cartridges using right arrow key hit ok add paper, the print cartridges will reset.

The printer should say ready....
by demetri78 on Jun 6, 2014 at 7:29am Add comment

I pressed * and # simultaneously:

The screen showed *****#####

I pressed the right arrow until "Special Reports", click OK
Then I Pressed the right arrow until "Print Cartridges", click OK
and it printed a test page
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