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Canon Canon Bubblejet (BJ) 5

How to Clear Canon MP-145 Error 4 / No Ink

When you got Error 4 on your printer canon MP145 It’s means one of your cartridge color/black has detected no ink. It happened maybe the printer MP145 is not used for long time. Don’t think your Cartridge is damaged. We can not do resetting procedure MP145 to resolve this I have tried it and failed.

When it happened to me I don’t want to go to the service center. We can guest what they say about that “your printer cartridge need to be changed” don’t believe. I go to Search Engine, browse and browse again finally today I found the guide for resolving the canon MP145 Error 4.

how to resolving error 4 on printer canon MP145 Press Reset/Stop Button about 5 second or more until the error 4 disapper. It worked! Save your money for new cartridges.

I got this post from or you can find many posts about resetting printers, hard reset and soft reset smartphone/PDA and Projector lamp time reset.
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