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Canon PIXMA IP4500 Printer - Vista 32-bit problem

Hi all. My girlfriend is having a really weird problem with her printer that I have been unable to solve. We've exhausted tech support, so maybe you guys can help! The printer in question is a Canon PIXMA IP4500 USB color, inkjet, photo.

I'll start with the computer specs:
Asus M51T Notebook
Vista Home Premium, 32-bit, SP1
Current processor, 3 gigs ram
Intel chipset

This computer is only a few weeks old. The printer worked on her older Windows XP notebook and also on my Windows Vista 64-bit desktop, using the same cable.

The problem: I install the latest Vista 32-bit drivers from the Canon website specifically for the printer model. After the drivers are installed, I plug the printer in and turn it on, as per the driver installation instructions. Vista recognizes the printer and says that the drivers have been installed and the device is ready to use. It even lists the name correctly (Canon IP4500). The printer shows up correctly under the "Printers" tab with a "0" under it and the status is "Ready". All lights on the printer are green and do not show any red or orange LEDs that would signify a problem.

When I try to print anything, in any program -- including a simple "print test page" -- the print job gets added to the queue and the printer makes noises as if it is about to print. Just as it gets to the point at which it would normally load in the paper, it instead does absolutely nothing. At this point, I get a very generic message that simply states that there was a problem and the document failed to print. No error number or other specifics. LED lights still green. The only indication that there is a problem is that AFTER I fail to print something, if I go to the "Printers" tab under Control Panel, the printer is listed but has the word "Error". I should also note that, normally, I can get information about my ink levels when I have a print job loaded. However, on the new laptop, it says that ink level information is unavailable.

The printer and printer cable are in working condition. I have tested them on her old Windows XP 32 bit laptop, my Vista 64 bit desktop, and have also plugged a camera directly into the printer and printed a picture perfectly.

There is apparently a problem with the computer communicating with the printer. What it is, I have no clue. Here is a fairly exhaustive list of what I've done to resolve the issue:

1. DRIVERS: I have reinstalled the drivers multiple times, and have assured that I am using the most current release and the version for my specific model and 32-bit Vista. I tried simply plugging the printer in to see if Vista had some native drivers for it -- it didn't. I tried an older version of the drivers with no luck. I have run MSCONFIG and disabled absolutely everything I could before installing, and even uninstalled my anti-virus. I disabled Windows Defender. I have right-clicked and "Run As Administrator" to install the drivers, as well as simply double-clicking the setup. I am confident there are no outside programs interfering with the installation of the drivers.

2. WINDOWS: The laptop in question has Service Pack 1 installed. I have checked Device Manager, and when the printer is plugged in, the USB Printer Controller does indeed show up. I checked the /WINDOWS/inf folder and the usbprint.inf file is there. I have checked the properties of the printer in Control Panel, checked the "ports" section, and it is using the USB virtual port for printing. I have tried a variety of programs to print from and have also tried to simply print a test page with the same result. I have updated my chipset drivers to the latest version.

3. USB: The cable works correctly because it works on the other two computers, as does the printer itself. I have tried every USB port on the computer. Also, other USB devices, such as our USB Super-Multi CD/DVD writer and my thumb drive, work correctly.

4. TECH SUPPORT: I've been in email contact with Canon's tech support and they are basically unable to help me. I followed all their recommendations, even though I had already done them all, i.e. reinstalling the drivers and using a selective startup, etc.

5. RESEARCH: I've searched for answers on Google and various forums with no real luck and nobody seems to be having my specific problem. I DID, however, find a wealth of cases of people having USB printing problems with Windows Vista. Unfortunately for me, most of these cases had specific error messages that were helpful in solving the problem.

I also found a Windows update that dealt with USB issues: KB941600 (link: http://www.microsoft.com I tried to install it, but it said that it did not apply to my system. I'm guessing it was already in SP1.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, I read (from an unofficial source) that Microsoft has not worked out all the compatibility issues with all the chipset manufacturers. Therefore, it might be possible that this printer would work on a non-Intel chipset, such as an Nforce, but it won't work on my Intel chipset because of some funky voodoo that I'm not at a technical-enough level to describe.

Sorry about the long post, but I wanted to describe the problem and my attempts to solve them as best as possible to hopefully help someone help me and maybe even help someone else out there at some point.

Any ideas are appreciated!



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Hi, you need repair patch from Asus. I send it to you, if you want.

by unknown on Oct 24, 2008 at 8:42am Add comment
Uninstall SP1
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Could you post a link to that repair patch, Andrej? I Googled it but couldn't find anything.

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It happened to me once and then I found that I had accidentally changed the paper feed switch from top feed to an empty tray. Just a thought.......
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Good thought, but I know for sure that the paper feed switch is not it.

Also, I don't want to uninstall SP1 as I would think she needs the security updates/etc. that come with it? Plus, I have SP1 on my PC and it works fine, although I'm running the 64bit version of Vista.

I tried installing the 64bit drivers on her 32 bit Vista, but the install wouldn't run because, well, she's running 32 bit Vista.

So far the "repair patch" sounds like the best option...waiting on a link! =)

- unknown
How about checking the printer on the old laptop if you still have it! The idea being to rule out its a printer problem or Vista. If you don't have your old XP laptop, how about a friend?
It does sound more like a vista problem then printer but also check inks, make sure they are all full. It also sounds like the printer port may not be set for two way communication.

Authorized Canon Tech
by BAB on Oct 27, 2008 at 10:39am Add comment

It works on the old laptop, XP 32-bit. It was working literally the same day that the new laptop came in. Plugged it into the new laptop, and it doesn't work. Also, it works on my Vista 64 bit desktop.

The two-way communication on the printer port sounds like a possibility. I'll check that. I would think it is set correctly, though, if it's just a general USB setting not specific to printers, because the ports work perfectly for all our other devices.

Thanks for the ideas everybody. - unknown
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Try to plug printer to other USB port in your PC...
by unknown on Dec 1, 2008 at 10:09am Add comment
A friend has the same problem....

Would be fine if you can give a message if the repair patch solved the problem
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i have the same problem with a hp f2200 printer and i tried a canon pixma 190 on it it seems like the assus m51t laptop or some kind of drivers from it has a problem with the printers i don`t realy know what to say
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@Kuyung: Read the post properly before spamming with information that it is NOT relevant. The resetter will NOT help.

My initial guess would have been the USB port, driver, etc... but it seems you've exhausted all of these.

It does look like your hunch is accurate in that the computer and OS are the problem not the printer or the driver.

If I had to make an educated guess at this point I'd say that the USB driver for your laptop is the most likely vector. How to fix that I honestly don't know as I know Acer support is truly appalling.

My advice would really be to save yourself a lot of hassle and request a downgrade to WinXP if it's available. Not ideal but it will at least resolve the problem and probably various others that you haven't discovered yet.
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I had the same problem on my Pixma IP1900, Vista SP1 32 bit System.
I contacted Canon via email and the following was suggested, and yes it did the trick, the machine works fine.
-Click Start
-Typ: services.msc in the search field
-Search for print spooler in right box
-Right click on it
-Then Restart
All the best.
by Cumberland on Feb 6, 2009 at 9:51am Add comment
Thanks, Cumberland, I'll give that a try and let you guys know. Thanks for all the suggestions! - unknown
I have a 32-bit VISTA and I have the same problem. My Canonm PIXMA190 prints but when I try to scan I get a message that says my USB cable or scanner may not be connected or my drivers need to be loaded.
Andrej's file did not help mine.

Anybody else have a good solution?
by unknown on Sep 3, 2009 at 6:42pm Add comment