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Canon Canon FC 1

Canon Pixma MP 160 error E3

HELP!!!!! My Canon Pixma 160 keeps flashing E3 - I have tried disconnecting and waiting then reconnecting - resetting - cleaning the paper roll feeder, and reseating the cartridges - still keep getting the E 3. The printer is not that old - just past the 1 year the warranty cover - naturally - it should last way longer than that! GGRRRRRRRRrrrrrr! Any suggestions? Please, please, please!!!!
Hi, I have same problem.
Paper jams now mater how many sheats I'm putting in.
Please, help!!!
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I get the same error. It seems that with infrequent use, a low end printer lasts me from 1 to 3 years. This one started the bogus paper jam thing about 6 months ago. It is a nuisance. I took the thing apart to see if anything obvious is wrong. I could not find anything to explain this. I managed to power up the printer, while it is apart, to witness the behavior. I notice a lever that interrupts an optical coupler appears to mechanicaly be functioning, when the paper passes by the paper grabing rollers. Since that appears to be the only indication for the printer to know if paper is even there, I am guessing that there must be some timing event measured from when the paper mechanism is activated, until the photo lever is actuated by the paper. Perhaps the mechanical timing has changed slightly over use, and now the photo switch is not sensing soon enough. I have no idea how to adjust such a timing in this printer. This is all just my two cents worth. I may end up having to break down and buy another printer. I have tried Epson, HP, and Canon printers, they are all junk.
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Sorry about your kindred printer woes. Not one easily daunted, I pursued my printer issues and called a local repair shop about the problem and was informed that the cause was a faulty switch - which, of course, would cost more than a new printer. I called Canon - they offered me a "generous" One Time Customer Loyalty discount of 10\%!!! off their price. Wow - insult to injury!! I found cheaper at our local Circuit city! Hmmmm? Loyalty to whom? Not sounding like the customer. Figured there was no sense in throwing good $$ after bad - so went back to HP. My last one lasted > 5 years with frequent use and I have been happy with the new one I just purchased to replace the Canon. BTW, HP also offers a cash back for trade ins. Offered me $24 for my old HP and for the Canon...I think they were generous with the .75!!!!! - Anonymous
OK, it appears that I may have jumped the gun on his a little. The printer tools in XP, that came with the printer have some mantainance functions available. It just may be that the so-called roller cleaning operation may calibrate the timing, I don't know this for certain, but the error has stopped. I just ran the option where it fed 3 sheets through. Now things are working much better. If anyone out there has the same issue, try doing the same to see if it helps. I almost trashed the thing. I was watching the black Friday adds, and was thinking of buying a new one, glad for now, that I didn't. I managed to get the printer back together, now it says my ink is running low.
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I tried that my printer wont even let me do a roller clean as it wont feed the paper through it wont even try to grab the paper just automatically says paper jammed, i then cancel my queue and it goes try again same thing! this is driving me nuts cos I am desperate for this printer for some design work for a friend! - unknown
Like others who have posted here, I tried the "force feed" method, using about four sheets of paper. This seems to have dislodged a piece of plastic that came out with the first page.
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I just used a greeting card and a screwdriver to (awkwardly) dislodge a toonie. Works great now :)
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Yet another satisfied customer. Was about to junk it! Thanks for the card stock trick, it worked.
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Thanks for the greeting card idea...worked on mine too!
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I have the same error E 3. How do I do your insertion of greeting card. Please write to me a detailed procedure. Thanks a bunch! - padman
Thanks for the greeting card idea, it worked a treat.
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Gutted my printer has had this error all week . Bought from tesco for 30 quid , it's been brill untill now , there is nothing jamming it ,?! The grab rollers aren't even attempting to grab the paper , looks like its now fit for the bin will keeP the ink though I might be tempted back to cannon
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I bought a canon PIXMA MG 5320 and it is nothing but junk. After a short time it came up with a 6C10 error message and you can not get rid if it and there is no support from Canon at all. I would never buy another Canon product. This thing is "JUNK"
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you need to shove the printer up your penishole.
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