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Brother Brother MFC 7820N

Brother MFC Dust on Drum Error

Have a Brother 7820N that is posting a dust on drum error. I have followed the procdure on the Brother site, cleaned the corona wire and wiped down the drum. Swapped it out with an old one and still get the error. Thinking there must be a sensor that detects this that is either dirty or bad. Cannot find any reference to it in the manual or on the web site. Any one got any ideas or info? Thanks
I had this happen on 2 different Brother printers and just resolved the problem on the second one - at least in my case.

I disassembled the drum, cleaned the brush that removed excess toner from the roller (it was packed), put it back together and wallah it works!

Previous to the problem on the second printer I used a refill kit to save money, which resulted in hazy printouts. What was happening is the refill toner is not compatible with the Brother printers and clogged up the wiper brush. Nearby we have a Cartridge World, and they do not supply remanufactured cartridges for the newer inexpensive Brother printers probably for this reason. Brother likely has a patented toner recipe that is necessary for their printers rendering self-service and after market refilling ineffective. On the first printer this happened to I think it had a remanufacured toner cartridge that I purchased online.

Lesson Learned: As much as I hate being controlled like this - only use new Brother toner cartridges to avoid the problem. It may cost more for the cartridges, but will save you in the long run.

Cleaning Procedures:
1. Remove drum and toner assembly
2. Remove toner from drum
3. Remove small metal c-clip from one side of the drum roller shaft (be careful not to lose clip)
4. Pull shaft out from other end
5. Lift roller assembly straight up - might require slight prying
6. Carefully remove roller from roller assembly without touching the roller.
7. Wipe (soft cloth), vacuum, etc excessive toner out of the brush
8. Carefully wipe down the metal wires to remove excessive toner
9. Carefully reassemble the drum/toner assembly
10. Clean the corona wire with the green tab.
11. Insert drum unit
12. Test printer
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Thank you for your description of the problem. I followed your advice and succeeded. The printer is running again... - unknown
same problem here, original drum 1 y old, new generic as well give this error over and over, blue tab doesn't clear this error - help???
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I had the same problem. Remove the drum and take off a little pastic cover on the left side of the drum (it is on the upper left part as you take it out of the printer). Two metal contacts will be exposed. It works fine without it. It solved mMy problem.
Ernest - Anonymous
were the corona cleaner is try blowing it clean with some compressed air or a compressor blow that strip out, carfull not to damage the drum. the drum is light sensative and u shouldnt realy touch them. if that doesnt solve ure problem i would try cleaning the contacts that conect with the drum inside the proccess cavity. only other think it could be is the high voltage board. retension the springs may work or replace the boar all together. if under warranty take it back to a agent
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Well I'll give some more advice since I work on these alot. Yeah that blue tab doesnt really do the job. Ive always used a damp Q-tip to clean of the coronas just be carefull not to break it, the corona, and that its not damp enough to drip on the drum and use the dry end to wipe the corona back off and clean off the charge grid underneath once again just be careful not to press to hard becuase of the drum underneath. There is an actaul service note on a few of these machines to check the contacts in side the printer on the right side of where the drum and toner sit. you should see three metal springs sticking out the side and they should all look the same in shape and size. Wouldnt hurt to wipe them off either just be careful not to bend.
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I have the same problem on the Brother 7010. Have tried everything and still teh same message keeping popping up
Would apprecaite some ideas. Thanks
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I just installed the latest Firmware upgrade (version 2.4) and started getting this message. Never got it before. I have a Brother toner cartridge and drum. No amount of cleaning will get the error to go away. Anyone know how to install an older version of the firmware?
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well if you can find it the same way you upgraded is the same way you downgrade. Why did you do the firmware upgrade? Fair warning to everyone reading this I strongly only recomend doing firmware upgrades if you are having an issue that is noted the firmware fixes. Pretty much firmware is like your windows operating system for printers its the brains and you dont go reinstall windows everytime a file doesnt download or a program quits working. Im not saying it wasnt needed in your case just a better understanding of what your doing to your machine. Firmware is very serious and if done incorrectly then your looking at board replacement.
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The brother firmware upgrade utility connects to the internet to get the latest version of the firmware. There is no option to load anything other than the latest version. So 'the same way I upgraded' won't work for downgrading.
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Ok whats your model number and I'll see what I can come up with. I fix them so I dont know what all the software does all the time but I think thats kind of a bad deal hopefully theres an option somewhere to turn that off. But let me know the model number and I'll look for the old firmware and tell you how to manually do an update.
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Thanks! - Anonymous
guys works for me too thankx for the help keep up the good work.
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on my brother mfc 7440N drum error is the message i tryed removing the small piece from the drum and expossing the two little metal clips i tryed the reset with the door open but no help worked for 4 days but then same drum error message.plz help.
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clean the contacts inside the m.c.
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I have had a love hate relationship with Brother for a long time because of their carpy products and poor customer service. I have a 4 year old 7820N.

I print 10,000-15,000 pages per year, and go through about 4 toner bottles per year. I refill the cartridge myself, and buy the toner from TonerKing, LLC, website: refilltonerqueen.com. $4 per bottle, ($8 shipping) and will fill the entire cartridge. I have had very good luck with this toner - no gooping, spots, specks, etc.

I typically have to clean the Photostatic drum unit 1 time per year to get good clean printing. Maybe some will advise against wiping the drum, but I do it and have not scratched it. Just as was said by others here, you have to take one retaining snap ring clip off one end of the axel that the photostatic drum (the funky looking orange cylinder about 1" in diameter and 11" long) rotates on. I use a small jewelers screwdriver and pry off. DO NOT LOSE THIS RING! Never let sunlight or bright light shine on this drum. Carefully pull out plastic clip under the ring, and remove the stainless steel rod, and remove the plastic housing holding the photostatic drum. Gently clean this with kleenex or toilet paper and 90\% isopropyl or rubbing alcohol, and put in a dark place. Do not rub and do not wipe back and forth - only wipe in one direction. Do not touch the photostatic drum with your fingers - sweat and oil from your skin is acidic.

Gently vacuum the corona wire area and wire grid being careful not to break any of the wires. VAcuum the soft brush that cleans the drum - feel with your fingers to make sure the brush is clean and soft. VAcuum out the inside of the printer. Refill your toner cartridge as per instructions from toner supplier.
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I gently wiped off the end of the drum were I could se a build up of toner, it is working now.
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My problem is more basic than all those posted - I can't see how to remove the drum. I can see blue buttons, but no response on pressing. Any ideas please?
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Press the blue lever and pull the toner cartridge out. - unknown
I have MFC-8660DN and after getting relentless "Dust on Drum" messages, I tried all the tricks described below. The most helpful procedure is the one descibed by Anonymous (1/20/09 10:39 AM). I addition to that, I popped out the brush from the plastic housing after disassembling the drum cartridge and found loose electric connection of the brush to one of the contacts on the side of the cartridge. I just bent the connector which touches the brush from below a little more. Only after doing that, the printer works perfect. Obviously, the problem was caused by bad electrical contact between the brush and the contact on the side of the cartridge.
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I have a 7820 that complained about the drum (said I should move the blue tab repeatedly) immediately after a toner change.

I've fiddled with the drum so much trying to fix this that I broke the corona wire.

Today, I received a replacement drum unit and when I replaced it... I still have the same error!

I've tried cleaning the contacts on the inside with q-tips, but it doesn't seem to work.

Does anyone a solution for this?


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I just fixed the problem my gently pulling on all the contacts (they are C shaped) as well as pushing them back in.

Seems to have been a contact issue no necessarily between the contacts and the drum, but the contacts and another internal component.
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I've tried everything on this thread, and still have the stinking 'Dust on Drum' error.
1. cleaning electrical contact
2. cleaning corona wire multiple times(how would a dirty corona wire cause dust on drum?)
3. Removing toner cartridge, removing toner container, removing c-clip and pulling shaft out and lifting out drum, cleaning brush (it was dusty and had lint), re-assembling all.
4. attempting to bend electrical contacts out to make better electrical contact

The printer will occasionally print one page, but then the error comes back.

Time for a new printer?
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I used the yard blower to clean the hidden brush behind the drum. Since then no problem. - unknown
OK, the one thing I didn't try initially worked. I blew the heck out of the drum unit with my air compressor and it works like a champ now. Thanks for the help. That's a cheap fix.
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Like others, got the "Drum Error" message on front panel of my Brother 7820N asking me to slide the blue tab (tried that a number of times, didn't work). Before I got out my yard blower as some recommended (to blow off the brushes), I simply took advice of some and used a screwdriver to scrape any oxidation off the of four C-shaped contact wire-tabs on the left-inside of the 7820N where four contacts on the left side of drum unit make contact. That worked. Printing again for now.
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I have tried many of the fixes here and still a drum error message. it shows up with 3 different drums ...my old one, a brand new one and one I know that works in another similar printer. So, do I assume that the issue is within the machine, no ned to be messing around with the drum itself? We did blow out and clean whole machine and drum - still the error.
Help!!! Any other ideas? Thank you so much.
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Go to the brother site and read as follows.

Clean drum and corona wire.

Replace drum and cratridge assembly.

with door open and power on press "OPTIONS"

You will be asked if you have replaced drum with new.

Press"1", after a second or two "accepted" will show in window

close door, printer drum life has been reset to 100\%.

Check by going to maintenence menu and look at "drum life"
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thank you deskeech !!!! that was the only thing that worked ! - unknown
In a continuing effort to maintain a constant print quality newer Brother machines are regulating their voltages based on the number of revolutions of the parts. Thus if the voltage gets to off across the parts it will never work until the counter is reset adjusting the voltages accordingly. Not really an answer but the theory of why it works.
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Cleaned contacts on drum, including that phillips head screw, and cleaned contacts in MC, but I think what really helped was blowing out corona wire area with an air compressor and about 70psi air. I put the blue slide in the center and tried to blow out as much toner from both sides as I could. It worked after that. This is the second time I've had to do this, but the brother 7820n prints very well in between.
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Hi everyone, i was reading on a lot websites how to fix the messege of ERROR DRUMP, well this is what i did and now is working..
open the door
press clear/back
press 1 and that's it

i have a cannon MFC 7440N BROTHER
i hope i can i help you with this comment
sorry about my english, i am from mexico
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Well I took the drum out to access the corona directly. Qtip would not do the trick. With direct access to the corona I was able to remove some build up that was not accessible with the blue tab. Put it back together and it worked. If it acts up again I will re post. I tried the remove drum and hit option button to fake the printer out into thinking it had a new drum. Nada. Next time I will try opening the back door and cliking clear.
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I tried all of the above suggestions. Still error message. After completely disassembling the drum, cleaning everything including the drum, reassembling everything... still not working

Finally what worked for me was opening the back door, pressing stop then pressing 1 then pressing stop again.
So completely random what was suggested by David Soberanis (2/18/12 6:27 AM), but it worked!

Thank you everyone for all the helpful suggestions. If this helps someone else, fantastic!
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My MFC9970 says to slide number 4 side to side several times on the drum to clean it I suppose. I cannot find a number 4 anywhere. I see 1, 2 and 3 but cannot find anything marked number 4
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I thought mine was toast (blue corona cleaner didn't do anything after several cleanings) so I wiped some hazy build-up off the drum with a microfiber cloth, then blew hard into the crevice where the corona wire lives. Back in business!

I was going to be annoyed if I had to buy a new drum at 4500 pages (printed that much in two years). The big reason I bought this printer was for low consumables cost. I probably would have returned it to Costco instead of purchasing a $100 drum.
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In my Brother MFC-7420 printer, I attempted to refill the Brother TN-350 toner cartridge, but because I didn't remanufacture the cartridge properly (as in I didn't completely remove the old toner before refilling), I had to disassemble the Brother DR-350 drum unit to clean off the excess toner from the drum and brush (what caused the drum error to occur the first time). Drum error messages continued, and I assumed that I needed to clean the drum unit again. But cleaning the drum unit didn't stop the error messages. I realized later that I didn't reassemble the drum unit properly. There is a metal rod that rotates the drum. This rod must be secured with two plastic and two metal pieces. The two metal pieces look like C-rings--they are very small and are the first pieces you remove to disassemble the drum unit (and to remove the metal rod). These C-rings must be seated completely on the metal rod; there are three places where the C-ring contacts with the metal rod. I only replaced one of the rings part way, causing the drum error messages to continue. If the printer cannot rotate the drum, an error message will occur and paper jams may happen. Make sure that both C-rings are seated properly and fully on the metal rod. Take pictures of both sides of this rod before disassembly so you have a reference.
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Although the error message said to clean the corona wire on my Brother laser printer DCP 7020 (using DR350), running back and forth the blue tab did not fix the problem. So I disassembled the whole drum unit, cleaned the dust / ink particles off the drum as much as I could, reassembled the drum, and then put the drum back into the printer. My printer works perfectly now!

Here is a video that shows you how to disassemble and reassemble:
DR350 DR360 DR420 DR450 DR2000 DR2005 DR2200 DR2225


Best wishes!^O^
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the drum is stucking in my brother mfc 8860 DN

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