asked Jul 2, 2008 at 7:57am
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LaserJet P3005 jams and blank pages

Printer will feed 3 sheets from tray 2 no matter what you ask it to do. All pages are blank. The last sheet stops almost out of the exit asy. Error code is 13.01.00. Engine test gets the same result, 3 blank pages and a jam. New formatter and new engine board changed nothing at all. Feeding from tray one gets the same results except it jams with the 2nd page part way into the fuser. I also have a 49.4C2D and 49.4C02 code along with the jam code.
I would check out the top of page sensor by the registraton assembly. If the paper passes it without activating the sensor the printer will continue to draw paper until it times out. Since that sensor effects both trays that is what I would look at first.
by dmzcompute on Jul 2, 2008 at 8:33pm Add comment
A paper feed sensor issue has been proposed by someone here. The question is, can the printer run 2 pages completely out and most of a 3rd before it detects a jam? Also, if it does or can do this, does it not go through the image process because it thinks there has been no paper fed? Also, I found out 2 additional errors occur, 49.4C2D and 49.4C02. I sort of gave up and put that printer aside for now, I have about 75 P3005s on the network to deal with. My background is copiers, which in general operate on exactly the same technology but have much better diagnostic capabilities. I will get back to that printer sometime next week and try to figure out how to check the sensors. I'll let you know. Thanks - opcso
The image process does not start until the paper has activated the top of page sensor so the printer knows the paper has arrived at the toner cartridge. If that sensor is not activated, then the printer will continue to feed waiting for the top of page return and if not activated in a certain amount of time the printer times out and stops with the jam message. Since the printer picks the paper faster from the bottom tray it seems logical to me that more paper will have passed before the time out occurs. 49 errors are firmware errors and have nothing to do with the blank pages or the 13 paper jam error.
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