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Brother Brother MFC 210C

Brother mfc-210c

I get 2 error codes: the initial code is "macine error code a1" (front cover open) and then "machine error code 50." The printer failed after I networked a new desktop computer with our old desktop computer and my laptop. I went to print an email, the printer shot a previously paused piece of paper out. The I got three beeps and the LCD refered me to the manual. After chasing down the basic manual remedies, I called Brother tech support, and they were totally useless.

To me, it sounds like the printer is trying to feed a new piece of paper in. When I look into the printer, it seems like the main feeder wheel that rests on the paper is not engaging.

It also sounds like it's going through a small cleaning routine. I've forced it to clean, thinking it would clear the maintenance routine, but that failed to restore the printer. I tried to copy...the LCD says that it's copying -- and I think the machine thinks that its copying -- but of course, it's not because there's no paper in the line. Maybe the problem is it thinks there's a jammed piece of paper, but it's all clear.

I pushed in what I think is a re-set code...91...after I get to the the maintenance screen...and that's when I get machine error code 50.

I'm going to shut down all the machines on the network and restart. Maube there's a weird code pinging around that's causing the issue.

Other ideas? Anyone help? Thanks.
-- Rich
ok machine error 50 is

The purge cam switch
does not come ON or OFF
even after the purge cam
has been driven by the
specified number of

now this is checked everytime the machine is turned on, so doing a maintinace 01 reset probaly wont fix it.

my bet is on that thers paper jamed on the purge unit. push the print head to the left and look were the printhead sits when the machine is turned of (thats the purge unit) located to the right of the mahcine.
look for some ink soaked paper or somthing that doesnt look right.
thers a piece of ruber on a piece of plastic atached to a spring make sure thats in place. check that thers no broken gears,

if all else fails u need a new maintinace unit unless under warranty not worth doing.
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