asked Mar 7, 2008 at 4:27pm
Dell Dell Inkjet 922

Dell 922 AIO Black Ink Cartridge Missing Message

On my Dell 922 AIO I have a message "Black ink cartridge missing" Purchased new black and new colour cartidges (from Dell on line) I am still getting the Black Cartridge Missing message and the printer will not print at all. Can not get past the message. Any suggestions as to what I may do. Phoned Dell Tech support and was told to throw the machine out and buy another one. Seems like a waste to me. Anyone else face this problem and were you able to solve it?
Instructions in the following thread might help:

by Stephen on Mar 30, 2008 at 9:29am Add comment
I have the same problem. When it prints, it prints things extremely stretched and with a shadow.
It's quite annoying
by Anonymous on Sep 9, 2008 at 3:40am Add comment
I see this thread has been on here for a while but I thought I would reply in case you still own this printer. I had the same problem with my Dell 966 All In One printer. I put the ink cartage in and it would say it is missing. First I tried removing and reinserting it (several times). That didn't work, then I removed the cartage's and wiped down the small round copper connections with 99\% alcohol with a q-tip to remove all ink or dust that may be on them. I also unplugged the power brick from the machine and from the power cord. I left it unplugged for 5 minutes till the light on the brick went out. Plugged it back in and removed and inserted the carriages again (I still got the no cartage message). Then I noticed the copper connections on the white power strip where the cartage makes the connection to wall were somewhat bowed. I placed a "metal nail file" on the connections and pushed them to flatten back out into place, so they would connect better to the cartridge. I put the cartage back in and now "It WORKS AGAIN"! Woo hoo. I just did this and have not taken the cartage out to see if I will need to do this again every time. I will wait and see once I am out of ink. :)
by jerilz on Jan 27, 2010 at 6:17pm Add comment
A while back, I noticed that a piece of the plastic had broken off inside the chamber where the ink cartridge goes (near the spring on the top of the black ink cartridge slot). Anyway, I was able to close it & it worked just fine. Recently, I moved the printer & then when I plugged it in, I got the black ink cartridge is missing message. Of course, the last time, I bought like 3 black ink cartridges & I just want to finish up the ink I have. Anyone know how to get this fixed. Can I do it myself?
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