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Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP Officejet 5610 carriage jam (loose parts found)

While printing a copy, I heard banging sounds, and saw the print head carriage slam to the left about 5 times, then got a "clear carriage jam, then press OK" message. In the carriage area I found a small rectangular rubber block with 4 small plastic feet. I also retrieved the 1 inch long spring that was below it. I now know that this is the left one of two rubber covers that cover the inkjet cartridge ports when the carriage is parked to the left. It still bangs to the left and repeats the jam message. Does anyone have disassembly instructions so that I can get access to the area where these parts should go? I only have a view through the front, but have no way to see the spot where they belong. I am mechanically inclined, but didn't want to mess up any of the document feeder or scanner parts while trying to get to the printer carriage. Do I just start removing parts from the top down? Any help would be appreciated.
As far as tremoving parts you just have to take your best shot.

For the carriage jam read:

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Thanks for the help Stephen,
I managed to get it apart, reinstalled the loose parts, put it back together and powered it up. The carriage just slams back and forth and goes back to "carriage jam". I guess it's toast. As a tech, do you have a recommendation for an inkjet all in one machine? I got 2 years out of this one for $100. It's still highly ranked on some websites.
Thanks again, Mark.
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Hi Klasikrock,

I'm having a similar problem with my 5610 and really can't see how to disassemble the printer. I could see from your posting that you managed to take apart the printer, could you give us some short instructions on that ?

Geert - unknown
Is there a brief outline and a series of pictures on how the printer case can be disassembled for repairs and cleanout? Thanks.
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I've posted a brief outline about how to dismantle this printer at the following location:


hope it helps
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I have a similar problems; the machine either tells me to re-move and re-insert the print cartridges then it posts an "Error 0xd0620230 Reset Power"
It sometimes had problems with banging into the sides of the machine; this was resolved by cleaning the measuring strip with a damp lint free cloth (coffee filter.) The machine seems to have a thin layer of black dust inside it; I suspect that this from the printing ink.
To resolve the print cartridge and "Error 0xd0620230 Reset Power" problem I tried all the reset procedures that I found, new print cartridges, clean the cartridge contacts etc. but had no success with that. I suspect that the problem is with one of the circuit boards inside the machine; probably the one on the sliding print head.

Someone asked how to open up the machine. A Torx T9 screw driver is needed. Open the lid and remove the 2 screws in the corners. Open the autofeeder and remove 4 screws. Then remove the entire top assembly lift from the lid hinge and front edge. Be careful not to lift tvery far since there are some short ribbon cables connected to the main circuit board inside.


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I have tried everything I have found on these forums to repair this printer. I was given it because they could not clear the paper jam message, and I was hoping to fix it so that it could be used as a copy machine by a little old lady. but, no such luck so far.

I have tried all of the resets: #3, #6 and #9. I have cleaned all of the rollers, back and front. I have taken it apart and cleaned the plastic ribbon, and the service station. (the service station was a mess and the carraidge was getting caught there.) Where is the paper sensor for this model? from instructions of a different model, I fed paper in from the back to see if I can see it properly, and I can... and I feel it tapping a sensor when I do that. is there a sensor I should feel when the paper is going in from the front? Any other ideas?
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I am having the exact same problem please help me
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Pushed rubber top back on spring (second visual spring on left), and pushed it under the bar there so it would stay...put my hand through the opening of printer to access.

Got the "carriage jam" message again, with ink cartridge holders making clicking and banging noises, seemingly obstructed by something (though I didn't see anything with forward contact). Figured I had little to lose, and pushed firmly, but not like rough gorilla, and the ink cartridge holder moved to middle of bar, away from its house on right. Turned off printer. Turned back on, and printer started the alignment process. Voila, prints and moves fine...problem seems solved.

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Hey.... I liked stripped my printer and cleaned all the rollers with nail brush oil the cartridge rail, clean the plastic rail and sensors. still I get cartridge jam error? Can you give more detail please KSIVM? - Anonymous
Ok folks... If you have an HP Officejet 5610 and keep getting cartridge jam error or paper jam. This could be one of your reasons:
encoder strip dirty: (the plastic printer lint that cartridge slide on. also make sure the lint runs inside the sensor on the cartridge PC board(need to open printer for this)
second: now this is the most common one, on the right side where the cartridge open the there is like an clutch gear that turn the main rollers, now these gears strip... I have open lots of these printers and thats the main cause. You can look out for a new printer... getting those part is rare, and take lotta time to insert.

for the paperjam problem, you need to open your printer, and use a nail brush and remove all the dirt(old paper) from the rollers. the rollers look kinda grey, when you finished it should be black again and will last another two to three years. Also printer need to be opened for this. But hey it will work like new again :)

Hope this help - unknown
i need a power cable for my hp office jet 5610 printer all in one
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Sorry I live in SA. Go to your local PC shop. Some HP models use the same power cable. Most PC shops that do repairs should have one in the back..... HP 0950-4401 output: +32V 700mA
+15V 625mA Should be something like this. :) - unknown
thank you.
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