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Hp HP Color LaserJet 5550

HP Color Laserjet 5550 49.00ff - 49.4c02 errors

I saw a few threads on this error but didn't find an exact match.

I cured the problem and thought I would post the solution.

I did a cold reset (remove jet direct) but the issue was still there, I would do this anyway.

Then re-initialized disks, this got it printing until I plugged in the network card.. as soon as the "Data" light flashed, the error changed to 49.4c02

I had to replace the Jet Direct card and it's working fine now.

This is what worked for me anyway...
Hmm.. Lasted 4 days, now the error is back.
by Headspin on Feb 12, 2008 at 6:09am Add comment
I am pretty sure that this error is related to PDF files.

As I understand it, their is a conflict between PDF files, Adobe acrobat reader and the firmware version in the printer.

I had a LaserJet 4250n that was 49.4c02'ing.
I tried a 620n (after disabling the embedded print server), tried a 615n, tried another formatter with and without these cards...
No luck.

Then I put it back to original and had I.T. clear all print jobs out of the buffer.

The printer worked just fine. - unknown
Try to reseat the formatters board and the dimms
by unknown on Mar 6, 2008 at 11:01am Add comment
I'm currently seeing the error on the same hardware, it is related to a pending print job on a machine connected to it, as soon as the printer inits, the job is sent to it and the 49.4c02 error pops up.
Removing the print job from the remote queue solves the problem until another problem print job is sent to it. Anybody have a clue as to what PS print drivers actually work right with these things?
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10.17 HP Color LaserJet 5550
10.17.1 Printer Fails with Service Error
When printing certain PostScript files, this printer can fail with a 49.4C02 service error. This problem has been fixed in printer firmware version 20050524 07.007.3.

this is what HP has to say about it...
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In other words update the printer firmware.

It's a free download from: www.hp.com

It will be with the drivers.

It is advisable to have a parallel cable handy, if the upgrade fails when sent through the network, then you have to use a parallel cable to complete, (redo), the job.
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It is when printing PDF files you will get this message.
Go to the server/pc there the jobs are and delete it, the go and restart the printer.

A workaround is to use the "print as image" under advanced in acrobat reader.

We use the PS driver and have tried ALL firmware.
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There is a new firmware 20080227 07.012.0.
Anyone tried this does it help?

Mvh Kent
by unknown on Mar 3, 2009 at 1:50am Add comment
Claered buffer and error went away
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HP Color Laserjet 5550n 49.0505 error
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I had this error on the 4250 laserjet (b/w and built in network card). We have this running through a Windows 2008 domain controller and have multiple print drivers running for it (PCL 5e, PCL6, PS, and UPPS) Seems that anyone printing through the UPPS would cause this error to pop up. Not sure why though exactly. Temporary fix was to remove the UPPS from the server so printing could operate as usual since few people use the UPPS.
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we have Three 5550 HP Printer. last time we purchased a same model 5550 printer. if i printer one more page it's showing 49.4C02 Service Error.i restarted priter.cheked cable,re installed Printer Driver,but still i facing same issue. how can i fix this issue.
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We`ve updated the firmware to Datecode: 20101025 07.170.2 and
the error does`nt appear up to now!
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Can somebody help me to correct this error from my HP 5550N printer
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how I fixed the problem on the Hp 5550 with the 49.4401 error first is, i unhooked printer from computer. I took out network card and performed a cold reset.

1. turn machine on
2. when memory starts to count, press and hold the checkmark button.
3. keep holding checkmark till the three lights come on at same time.
4. let go of checkmark and press down arrow button till cold reset displays on control panel.
5. press checkmark and let it boot up.

this fixed issue many times for me.

If when that didn't fix it, I have replaced the network card and error went away.

then last I would upgrade the firmware and if that didn't work, I would replace the firmware chip and it would resolve the issue.

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Never replace the network (JetDirect) card without trying to bake it first. Baking works better than 90\% of the time and is virtually free. Instructions are on various posts in the forum. - moe