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Lexmark Lexmark Optra S

lexmark optra s 1855 Printer error 935

Hi,I don't know if this is a variable, but I havn't used this ine almost if not over a year. I hooked it up and it gave me an error messgae. To be exact it said: "935 SERVICE PRINTHEAD ERROR". How do I fix this. It's a very superb machine and I need to use it again.
Printhead is what Lexmark calls the laser scanner assy. You'll have to replace it. I think they're around $200.
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wow. That a lot. Can I clean it by any chance? I know a lot of light debris went into it. - Anonymous
Worth a shot. You'll have to take the top of the printer off, it's under the top. Then open it and clean all the mirrors, glass inside with a dry cotton swab.
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Unfortunatly the error 935 has to do with the laser/scanner motor not reaching the correct speed. Cleaning the optics will not really help on this one and to be honest I have never had success in lubricating the shaft of a lexmark laser/scanner motor and having it then work. I guess there is always a first time. If you decide to try use a very very small amount of lubricant because if you use to much it tends to splatter on the optics and then the laser/scanner (printhead) is worthless. Best be may be to order a used one from ebay see if it works and if not use the laser/scanner from it for your unit. You pay more for shipping then you pay for the actual printer.

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I've always been told if an Optra S hasn't ever had the printhead replaced expect to replace it at some point. I've seen several where the motor board burns up. I too never bother trying to fix these, I just replace the printhead w/ a refurbed one.

you can try www.marketpoint.com (1-877-365-1903)for the printhead, not sure if they'll sell to anyone but worth a try. They have a warehouse in PA & CA and have been primarily a lexmark service center for a long time. They warrant the refurb. parts for 90days or 6months for fuser units). I'd expect the part to be about $150ish from Marketpoint, Ebay probably will be cheaper for the used printers but its up to you what you want to do.

The Optra S 1855 printhead part # is 99A1138
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