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Canon Canon FC 1

Canon Pixma MP150 error code 42

Hi. Please could someone advise on the following fault. On switch-on the printer makes the usual whirring noises, the scan head moves about 1" to the left,returns, shuffles a bit and then the amber warning triangle light comes on, error code E-4-2 displays and the on-off button light flashes. I understand from other sources that E 42 relates to the scanner. But how do I fix it? If it's relevant the scanner strip light does not come on upon switch on - should it?
same problem here but i think; its a hardware problem or maybe scanner but if u face error 2:4 thats i confirm problem with connecter cable from scanner into motheboard...just check cable connecter scanner connect properly if doesnt work.......send to canon service center
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Thanks for your reply. Just to clarify, did you mean error 4:2 (you posted 2:4)? Also, can you confirm whether the scanner strip light is supposed to operate on initial power up? (It doesn't on my one currently).
Thanks - Anonymous
Hi all what means 1 and6 code ? thanks
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Error code 1;6 ..just a little problem~!!! just identify which catridge that cannot detected...and for MP150,MP160 click button Black or Color with 5 seconds or more...and for mp145 click button start/reset with 5 seconds...

if u using ip1200,1600,1700 or maybe ip1800 click button resume 5seconds
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My Cannon mp160 Printer show E42...That is scanner error..Re attach ribbon cables of the scanner. That'll fix E42.
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dumb q. what's the ribbon cable? the one inside the printer to the cartridge? - Anonymous
I was getting error code 3 on my MP160 after an attempted print job.

Solution(s): Error code 3 indicates a paper (or something else) jam. The first thing I did was sort of force feed some 8 x 11 hard paper or card stock through the printer once I turned it on and the wheels started spinning. The card stock got sucked through the printer. Error code disappeared. I then shut down restarted the printer again printed a test page. Voila! A successful printed page. Problem was it made a weird sound and then one corner didn't print right - crumpled page & bad ink coverage there too. I opened up the printer and there sat a twist tie in the middle of the carriage path - didn't see it before - the card stock must have pushed it on through. Pulled it out of course. Problem solved!
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is there still someone?

Ive just disassembled my mp160 because of an ink problem. Since I re assembled it, it shows an E42 error (error 5010). I thought about a ribbon cable problem, reconnected them; but it still doesnt work.
There are 4 cables; 2 from the printer, and 2 from the scanner. everyone seems to be connected correctly.

Can any of you help me to fix it, please?
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I think I also have a ribbon cable problem. How do I find out how to disassemble the printer to fix it? - denshuman
think I got it: the connector looks un welded/broken.
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hello ther

I'm also battling with the same e-4-2 error

I reconnected all the cables, but its still there? help please???
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My code 42 error definitely caused by loose flat cable from the scanner down into the electronics. End of the cable does not have a plug, just solder on each element, push the cable into its socket.

This fault also sometimes gave screen message 5010 but online manual only refers to message 5100 just to confuse things.

After fixed it, checked for the scanner light, this just comes on briefly during initial warmup, need to have lid open to see it beyond the right hand end of the glass.
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SIR MY PRINTER WAS E 42 WHT I DO ? - Anonymous
dear sir

i am using a canon pixma mp150 all in one model,but in which problem the printer motor belt and mackenizem is fully damge ,

now am requierd help.
how to use only scaner ?
and how to remove error code 5,e blinking ?!

[email protected]
amrit pal singh
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I have a problem with my canon printer mp160 service error with 5010 as I fix
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help me my printer canon mp198 scanner error motor abnormality
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Hi, Could you give me some advice, On switch-on the printer makes the usual whirring noises, the scan head moves about 1" to the left,returns, shuffles a bit and then the amber warning triangle light comes on, error code E-4-2 displays and the on-off button light flashes. I understand from other sources that E 42 relates to the scanner. But how do I fix it?
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I fixed the problem of Errpr 42 changing the scanner for other from a "broken" printer i bought. but else I fund other solutions in a service manual at
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Hi sir i have problem canon mp 198 eror to fix? just tel mee how to remove the eror.tq before
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Hi I'm getting E3 on my pixma mp150, can someone pls help me?? What do I do to get rid of E 3?? Plz and thanks.
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Flashing 4 & 2 problem - The answer for me was to click the ink cartridges in properly - they were loose. Mine is a Canon Pixma MP240 - Error 4:2 Error 42
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I cleaned out the ink so I don't have E27, but now it is E42. I am sure it is the flat cable most likely scanner. It has a little strip at the bottom that is blue (plain white side) It came out while well cleaning. I can't get it to go back in the slot all the way. Help Thanks
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Hi, I had this same error and fixed it simply by opening up the printer (just like you normally would to put in an ink cartridge) and pushing the flat white ribbon farther to the right into where the ink cartridges are.
That solved it!
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My cannon printer is coming up with E22... can someone tell me how to fix this?
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does anybody know what to do for an alternately flashing "P" and "7" ? thanks
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Hey there... Im having E42 problem with my MP198 Canon printer. When i switch on, the cartridges do not move inside the printer and the Alarm orange button keep flashing and the green power button also. When i remove the cartridge and switch on again the "thing" inside moves and goes go the left and back to the right. Please help me fix this. Thanks
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