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Epson Epson Stylus Pro 7600

Epson StylusPro 7600 Maintenance Req 0040

I found the procedure to clear the message, but have read that the Cleaning Unit is at Life End.

It looks like the Cleaning Unit and the Pump Motor are supposed to be replaced.

My question is:

Do the listed items need to be changed, and if not, then how long will they really last?

I also noticed that the Cutter life is out, but when I try to reset it there is no change, the machine is not getting any errors related to the cutter, I just saw the usage on the Status Page.
The answer is no. However, it is always a good idea to have your pump/cap assembly replaced when it gets to the bottom of its counter, or atleast have it cleaned out if nothing else. It builds up debris (such as dust) and dried ink, which build up on the wiper blade - and will wipe right back on to the printhead after it finishes a cleaning cycle.

The stronger the motor you have, the better the cleaning you get, the longer your printhead lasts (in theory)
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Can you point me to a source for the part?

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We stock the part. If interested feel free to contact us.
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Can you forward me that info on how to clear the 0040 error code? I can't find it and have been down for 3 day.


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Contact us directly for additional information.
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To contact someone just click on their name on the title bar of a post.

If there are crossed tools beside the name click on them to see the persons profile.

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I think maybe my pump has gone but I'm not sure. When I do a nozzle check, I get nothing. I have cleaned the heads several times and absolutely nothing is showing on the paper when I do the check.

How do I tell if the pump has died or if there is another problem.

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Put some water on the waste ink pad which sits as the top part of the drain tube. Run a cleaning cycle. If the water is absorbed into the pad, the pump is most likely working, if not, replace the unit. Cavaet, sometimes the pump is working but weak or the pad is blocked with congealed ink.
Hope this helps.
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cual es el procedimeinto para borrar mensaje de epson styles 9600 erro 0040
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