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Hp HP Color LaserJet 4700N

HPLJ 4700n(prob pertains 2 other models)49.x error

I had this issue on a 4700n.
Received 49.3048 error.
Only occurred when large .pdf files were in the queue. Always happened after 3-4 pages
I found it was a combination of 2 things.

1. Firmware bug, addressed by HP in update.
2. also had to do with print driver version. I changed from PCL6 down to PCL5. The combination of both allowed me to print the file without error.

Unable to post link here, but go to their website, under downloads, for that model, check firmware readme notes.

here are the notes for the 4700n firmware update.
The following fixes or improvements are provided by this firmware release (20070326 46.032.2):

Changed the behavior of pages printing in color even when color usage is restricted. This would occur if the Department ID was changed from default.
Corrected the media sensor values after a cold reset was performed, improving the color output after the cold reset.
Improved printing performance when sending PDF files directly to the printer.
Fixed the Embedded Web Server e-mail alerts feature for the Portuguese language setting. The subject line now shows the correct values.
Removed the Pantone√Ę logo from the diagnostics pages.
Corrected memory conditions that would cause a 49.4C06 error when printing long PDF files.
Improved Asian font performance in both PCL and Postscript emulation.
Changed the way the printer interprets duplicate duplex commands.
Fixed direct PDF printing behavior when the document is both duplexed and contains an odd number of pages.
Corrected some conditions that would cause 49.00FF errors when printing Postscript files.
Fixed the Ustatus message response when the printer was in a cleaning cycle.
Corrected the error behavior that would cause some Encapsulated PostScript files to print incorrectly or not print at all.
Changed the behavior of PML so that it will return the correct "JobName" correctly.
Remedied a condition in PostScript emulation that would return an errant "undefinedfilename" error.
Improved toner level sensing primarily for high toner coverage situations.
Corrected overall font width issues.
Fixed the incorrect printing behavior when a PCL print job contained "set margin" commands.
Corrected German language support in the EWS.
Fixed a PCL5 rendering issue when trying to print boxes.


I am also having this pronblem. But it was resolved . I noticed that when I print a big pdf document only this errro come. Thanks for the support
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