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Canon Canon Pixma IP5200R

Canon Pixma Ip5200R - 15 flashes?


The orange lamp on my Canon Ip5200R flashes 15 times followed by a short moment and then flashes 15 times again. It will not print anything.

Also one of the non-canon ink cartridges flashes. I love my printer, but since i started using non-canon ink it has been giving me some headache :-)

The last time i replaced with non-canon ink it was just flashing 4 times, i think, and by then I got around it by holding the two bottons in simultanously for a few seconds. But this time it will not work.

I have given up finding any solutions at the Internet.

What does the 15 flashes mean? Is there a manual that describes errors by numbers of flashes?

Any help would be appreciated.

I just downloaded the ServiceManual and product service details and found out that 15 flashes means "Ink Tank not recognized".

It seems like I need to buy genuine Canon Ink to get it to make it work. But any advise for resetting the printer would be apreciated. I would love to be able to use aftermarket ink in the future.

For other users with similar problems I have copied some stuff from the "product Service details".

At www.nodevice.com you can download all servicemanuals etc. for a very large selection of printers for 4.95$ - And you can download all you want within 24 hours (a lot cheaper and probably more reliable than www.2manuals.com which had some bad reviews).


Blinks Error
2 times No paper (ASF) [1000]
No paper in the cassette [1003]
3 times Paper jam [1300]
Paper jam in the rear guide [1303]
Paper jam in the under guide [1304]
Front door closed [1250]
4 times No ink [1600]
Ink tank not installed [1660]
5 times The print head is not installed [1401]
Print head temperature sensor [1403]
Faulty EEPROM data of the print head [1405]
6 times Inner cover open [1841]
Inner cover open (while printing) [1846]
Inner cover open (printing continuous) [1851]; (printing not continuous) [1856]
7 times Multiple ink tanks of the same color installed [1681]
Ink tank in wrong position [1680]
8 times Warning: The waste ink absorber becomes almost full [1700]
9 times The digital/video camera does not support Camera Direct Printing [2001]
10 times Automatic duplex printing cannot be performed (paper size not supported) [1310]
11 times Failed in automatic print head alignment [2500]
13 times The remaining ink amount unknown [1683]
14 times Ink tank not recognized [1684]
15 times Ink tank not recognized [1410 to 1419]
No Blinking Access cover open [1200]
16 times Valve sensor [6C00]

Blinks Error
2 times Carriage [5100]
3 times Line feed [6000]
4 times Purge cam sensor [5C00]
5 times ASF (cam) sensor [5700]
6 times Internal temperature [5400]
7 times Waste ink absorber full [5B00]
8 times Print head temperature rise [5200]
9 times EEPROM [6800]
11 times Carriage lift mechanism [5110]
12 times AP position [6A00]
13 times Paper feed position [6B00]
14 times Paper feed cam sensor [6B10]
15 times USB Host VBUS overcurrent [9000]
17 times Motor driver [6D00]
18 times NIC Board [6550]
19 times Ink tank position sensor [6502]
20 times Other hardware [6500]
Alt. Blinking ROM
Light in Orange RAM

This printer has a service mode for service-related settings and for performing test prints. The operator panel buttons are used to enter the desired service mode.
Service Mode Operations
1) With the printer powered off, hold down the Resume/Cancel button and press the Power button.
2) While holding down the Power button, release the Resume/Cancel button and press the Resume/Cancel button twice in succession. Now
release the Power and Resume/Cancel buttons.
3) Select one of the following service mode functions by pressing the Resume/Cancel button the specified number of times.
Count Indicator Functions
Zero times Green Print head not installed, carriage returns and locks in home position
1 time Orange Service test print
2 times Green EEPROM information print
3 times Orange EEPROM initialization
4 times Green Waste ink counter setting
5 times Orange Destination setting
6 times Green Print head deep cleaning
7 times Orange LF correction
14 times Green Left margin correction

4) Execute the selected function (except for model setting) by pressing the Power button. The printer will switch itself off after performing the function.

I hope that someone finds this usefull - If you know what to do with a PIXMA 5200 to make it accept aftermarket ink - then please post it for me.

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Thank you for the data about www.nodevice.com . Hopefully I will be able to repair my printer.

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hi..wer did u download your service manual?i badly need those papers.possibly good if it is free download.tnx a lot
by mcray1_03 on Jan 19, 2009 at 6:42am Add comment
How do i fix ( Waste ink absorber is almost full )
Pixma IP5200
Any help Thanks
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Try this very messy business but worth it

by petercon on Sep 3, 2009 at 2:55pm Add comment
At last, have you solved?
After 2 Years I'm in the same condition and i'm stalled...

by unknown on Nov 9, 2009 at 6:39am Add comment
Can anyone tell me what this error means.
The orange light is flashing 12 times.
There are none of the usual lights on the cartridges.
by david28 on Dec 28, 2011 at 8:06am Add comment