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Unknown Printer

Service Manual for Xante Ilumina & OKI c9000

After reading the service manual I have found that there is no hidden service mode.... but I have found a way to use the Black drum for every color.... and a source for refilling the toner

I would like to know how you managed to use the black drum for every colour.

If you refill the toners when they're on 10\% they never go to the "toner low" warning. As long as you keep refilling them and never go below the 10\% level.

I know of someone that resets the drum count in the service mode, but I don't know how to get into service mode and they won't tell me how to do it as they sell the xante machines and consumables.
Do you know how to do this?

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where can ya find xante ilumina service manual? Jeff
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I have the service manual if anyone would like one. I had to replace a toner dump receptacle and they sent me one. - mr2kuhl
I don't have the service manual, but I have found out how to get into the service mode and reset the consumables (drums, transfer belt, fuser)

email me: [email protected] and I'll forward it to you
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I would love to know how to reset the drums, belt, fuser and toner. Also do you have a good source for toner for the Xante Ilumina. This is a good machine but it is a blood sucking machine on consummables and I think the manfacture is gouging its customers ---- Period!!
Thanks, Mike C - Anonymous
I would love to know how to get into the service mode and reset the consumables. Please send me the "how to do" on this.
Thanks, Mike C. - riversideptg
Check out
for a electronic PDF version of the manual you are after. I purchased a C7500 factory maintenance manual from them in January 2007. Promptly sent. All went well.
They are flexible on price if you find a cheaper supplier elsewhere on the web.

Cheers, Neale
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We require toner for the Xante Ilumina / OKI 9600
Also require Service Manual. - Anonymous
John, how do you use the black drum for color drums? Also in another post you said you use to obtain oki 9800 toner to refill your ilumina toners. I do not see 9800 toner on cfriends, it only goes up to 9500. Is that the toner you use? Do you experience any trouble with the print quality after using that toner?

Thanks, Aaron
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I have official error codes for OKI 9000 series.
We are OKI dealers. We can supply with toner compatible for Xanté and OKI. Special prices for large quantities.
[email protected]
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We pluged our new xante ilumina in and get the Service Call 186:Fatal Error.

Any ideas?

Ross PrintMarketing - unknown
please send me information about the toner and can you assure if oki or compatible will not damage the drums. - tan100
send me more information about it. we just got the illumina 502 but if we print brochures, the ink kit last for only 500 brochures both sides. we are thinking that the printer is not worthy.we provide the service and most of their requests consume a lot of ink. - tan100
Please, I need know how can I reset Chip to Xante Ilumina?

Thank you.

Augusto Galluffi
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Hi. The service codes for your Xante are probably the same as for the OKI 7000 series (which I have a manual for). The 186 error code signals a communication error with one of the optional units fitted to your printer. Remove and restart the printer after removing the following (do it one at a time to identify the culprit). 1. Duplex unit. 2. Option trays (eg. extra paper tray units). 3. Expansion memory. 4. Hard disc drive. 5. Ethernet board/LAN card (and other cards in these two slots). Once you have found the problem, reconnecting the offending unit might resolve the problem. Some CRC 2-26 on electrical connections never hurts. Cheers, Neale from New Zealand (swing a left past Australia).
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The Xante Ilumina doesn't have it's own service manual. Use the Okidata ** C9650 ** service manual. All the error codes and most of the parts should be the same. It has the same service/troubleshooting mode, referenced in the service manual.

* The MF input is significantly modified on this and has extra wires spliced in and going down to the added Feeder Controller board.
* I'm pretty sure the Controller Board (RIP & communication) is custom as well. - tcholmes
Hi Neale,

I am in Auckland, have recently purchased Xante Ilumina 502 in very good nick, 12000 copies to date, and wish to refill with cheapest locally available toner that won't damage machine or shorten drum life etc. I print photos/pictures so toner gradation is important also, I need fine gradation like OEM.

CYK are low with black now showing low toner warning.

regards Ken - robotnz
I have a Xante Ilumina 502 and got a fatal error code 133. Does anyone know where to get the list of error codes for that model? Or know what 133 is for?

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If the codes for the c7000 series are the same as for the Xante, then it's probably the Cyan LED head. The LED head is not being detected at printer turn on. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the ribbon cables leading to the head.
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Thank you. We tried that but it did not help. We did, however, quite accidently CLEAN the LED display to the cyan and it fixed it. So, I suppose a little TLC does payoff.
Do you know where to get the error codes from. is the C7000 a OK model or Xante?

Thank you agai
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Hi. The Xante are just a rebadged version of the OKI printers. My manual is for the OKI C7500/C7300 series, but the error codes seem to be shared amoungst all the C7000 series and C9000 series, and I assume the Xante printers as well.

I bought my manual as a PDF from Manuals Paradise a couple of years back. Quite a handy thing to have.

Your problem may have been caused by a failure of the colour registration process initiated by the printer on startup. The LED heads project a small registration mark onto the drums, which calibrates the location of each individual drum so all the colours line up properly.

It's a good idea to clean the LED heads from time to time, as toner floats around inside the printer.

A handy test for print quality is to make up a test page with a horizontal band across the page in each CMYK colour. Make each band about 12mm (1/2 inch) high right across the page. Set the colour of each band at 50\% density. For example the Cyan will be set at C = 50\%. If a drum is on the way out, or a LED head is dirty, you will see vertical banding across the particular colour. It's also handy for working out which colour is running out if you are running reset toner counters. The yellow test band can be a bit hard to see, so you might want to set it at a higher density.

I made my test page in Adobe Indesign. If you are using Word, you will need to change to CMYK sliders in the Colour Palette.

Cheers, Neale (from New Zealand).
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Thank you
You Rock!
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Using Black Drums...
Haven't tried it, but after looking at them, they seem to have different steel pins that fit into a black key at the back of the printer above the drum contacts. Try either removing or re-arranging the pins to match, or remove or modify the keys (they don't look like they do anything important?)
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A little off subject
Does anyone have a source for rebuilt drums for the Xante Ilumina?
I did have a source on the west coast, but they stopped selling them. I have been using Dubber toner refill with good results.
by fredgsmth on Feb 4, 2010 at 7:31am Add comment
Interested in this as well. We have dozens of stored used cartridge/drums we'd like to get refurbished.
by rrprint on Feb 4, 2010 at 8:00am Add comment
Does anyone know what the orientation of reset chips for the Xante Ilumina are? They have notched edges on 2 sides and circuits on one side. Notches toward the middle or outside? Circuits up or down? Thanks.
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Old post but unanswered it seems - They have a pin hole - female on pcb, male on cart - midbottom left when facing the machine.

Circuit is up and aerial loop down - so flat side is down.

I have replaced my toner chips twice and juggling cartridges with oki 9600, still geting error 617 incompatible toner for all colours CMYK in rolling error. I think the machines sensors can sense only a global CMYK toner incompatibility - possibly via conductivity of the toner. But it seems the machine cannot isolate it to any one, or more, colours being in error.

A globabl CMYK toner error is not much help when trying to diagnose the isolation!

:-) - robotnz1
not sure if they have drums, but these guys have refill kits for the cartridges

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Don't want refill kits - only use the real thing. We're having too much trouble with the machine as it is. We are on our 3rd replaced machine.
I only need a service manual because the tech support sucks at Xante. My machine has been having issues since February. Started conversing with Tech Support March 15 and now the machine won't even start up.
I know the machine is a souped up version of the OKI 9600 and the toners are OKI toners with an improvised chip.
I only want a service manual so I can solve my own problems They sure can't
- rrprint
I've found someone who's experienced more issues than me. I'm on my second print engine. Tech support has generally been good as long as you are insistent. It helps that a field tech lives near by. Good luck.
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What does fatal error code 917 mean?
by unknown on Apr 16, 2010 at 11:45am Add comment
Belt slit sensor Error The balt is not runing properly. - Acento
Our Xante Ilumina keeps producing a solid cyan streak line along with blurred images and bad registration of cyan when we try printing in color. Tried cleaning everything and new supplies but it still happens frequently.

Any idea what could be causing this to happen?
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to anonimous, i found the in USA and they sell the kits for refill. i have not tried them yet but i will do soon
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I am getting error code 341 for my printer xante ilumina. Please help me out.

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Hi Ken.

I can't recommend any brand of refill toner.

What OKI equivalent model is the Xante?

by kereru on Jan 1, 2011 at 5:47pm Add comment

Forums seem to say it is based on C9600/C9650 and that toner for C9000 - C9800 will work. Xante mods are quite serious for 502gsm media thickness and embedded PS rip, also they have 20GB HDD and duplex unit. The Xante was promoted for good graphics & photos so maybe the toner is high quality and very fine which in combination with the PS rip allowed the claims of good tone gradation to be founded. This is the only reason I am interested in it.

It is my first colour laser bought on the cheap. I am paranoid of stuffing it up as could not afford to rectify any damage.

Users of Xante say Oki compatible toner works but its generally not as glossy and there appears concern the less glossy toner may be shortening drum life. Refill means also to change chips and or reset counts. But like with all inkjet and laser printers, using OEM toner is a fast track to bankruptcy!

I've spoken with Xante user from forums and to tonerex.... here and they both say aftermarket toner 'works fine' but is not as glossy. So the 3 worries appears to be that most if not all compatible aftermarket toner is less glossy and also struggles to achieve the fine tone gradation that OEM toner can achieve. Thirdly, that this less shiny toner is wearing drums faster. Which is even more of a $$ worry than loss of gloss. Lower gradation may mean aftermarket toner is out of bounds for me as all my work is graphics, which would mean the end of my endeavors with the machine.

So I am hoping that now the machines are getting older someone somewhere has produced a fully compatible (high gloss & gradation & low wear) toner which is available at low-moderate cost.

Ken :-)

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Hi Ken.

If you want to stick with OEM toners at a reasonable price, then Trademe is a good bet. I've gradually built up a large stockpile of toners and drums.

I assume the C9600 is a different beast to the C9300/C9500 and doesn't share consumables, however, it's realy easy to transfer toner from those earlier toners into your present ones. I've recently started raiding some OEM C9300 cartridges purchased on Trademe to keep my C7500 going.

Done carefully you barely get your hands dirty. The first stage is to empty waste toner out of the cartridge to be refilled. All you need to do is press a small scewdriver into the waste-toner transfer hole (to hold the flap open), and then tap the cartridge until all the waste toner has fallen out (into a plastic bag sitting in a bucket).

To transfer the toner out of the doner cartridge, pop off the filler cap and shake into a 1 litre plastic squeeze bottle (from Payless plastics, with removable cap and narrow spout). You can then gently squirt the toner into the old cartridge with barely any toner dust floating around.

I've tried searching on the internet to try and find out what the difference is between the C7200/C7400 and the C7300/C7500 series. The toners and image drums can't be swapped between them, and I assume their may be a slight difference in the OEM toner. Perhaps the C9300/C9500 is slightly finer?

That might be the issue you run into with raiding toner from other models, however the print quality is still likely to be higher than aftermarket toner.

The C9000 series toner (yellow) seems to be running fine in my C7500, however I haven't done much printing since the reload.

Cheers, Neale

by kereru on Jan 1, 2011 at 10:44pm Add comment

I am still learning these machine numbers, so do you think the Oki 1200x600 dpi printer toners are all compatible - c3100 into c9300/c9650 etc?

The A4 machines have smaller toner packs I guess so it is more economical to buy and swap 1200x600 dpi toner between the A3 machines - if cart is not compatible???

Buying online auctions is pretty bumpy due there is always the last minute cowboys to be buffered with autobid. There are many dealers buying and selling too it seems. I checked ebay opposing bidder and they had bid 30+ toner/ink auctions in last hour. They cost me money and lost.

I just need yellow now. have K, 2 x M, and C coming so far.

by robotnz on Jan 4, 2011 at 4:42pm Add comment
Hi Ken.

The C9000 series are the A3 machines. The C7000 series are the high end A4 machines, followed by the C5000 series, and then the entry level C3000 series (all A4).

The consumables for the even numbered C7000 machines are not compatable with the odd numbered C7000s.

The C5000 series numbering works a little differently. The machines with 00 for the last digits (i.e C5200) are not compatable with those ending with 50 (i.e. C5250).

As far as the toner capacity goes, the C7000 toner cartridges hold half as much toner as the C9000s, and the C5000 cartridges hold half as much toner as the C7000s.

I can't say what issues there might be with swapping toner between machines. Perhaps someone else on this forum could help with that info.

Have you been able to enter the maintenance menus on your C9600 equivalent machine?
by kereru on Jan 4, 2011 at 7:32pm Add comment

I like your style - buying older OEM toners on auction has got to be better than using anything sold by rogue 'toner' sellers! I think I can keep buying enough old OEM toners for far less than many aftermarket copies....

I haven't attempted to reset anything yet but I went through the service mode start to NVram, and I saved several forum posts of how to reset counters - as follows. Apparently the drums can be reset about 3 times before quality reduces - so I'm told. Transfer belt also I think. Not sure on fuser yet - maybe it will also need fuse.

I was hoping to fit new toners when they expire, but toners I have bought are Oki 9300/9600 so the chips might be different, if different I will either have to reset counters or buy chips. Blk is already showing 'low toner' warning, M, C and Y light low bar only, without warning.

"RESET OKIDATA TONER DRUM by RTINSC (11/17/05 10:34 AM) reply +5 + / -
1. Turn machine on while pushing and holding the TWO up/down menu buttons at same time.
2. Menu window will show "OKI USER"
3. Scroll to " Engine Dialog Mode" is indicated. Push Enter button.
4. "Diagnostic Mode xx.xx.xx S-Mode is indicated.
5. Scroll to "NV-Ram initial" is indicated. Push ENTER.
6. Window shows "NV-Ram- Initial Table 1".
7. Push ONLINE and ENTER Buttons simultaneously and HOLD for 10 seconds after you see "Executing Reset" appear in menu window.
8. Restart printer.
All toner, drum, fuser and transfer figures return to 100\%."

A following post said some machines need to have the drum fuse changed to reset counter. I can source it if needed.

There may be a small mod to key needed to get the Oki carts in or to register also, I haven't got there yet. If too much problem I will change toner to existing carts. Post is slow from O'seas at present so I won't have new Oki carts for 3 weeks. My machine has only 12000 copies from new, drums etc are all around 60\%.

I have ruined many Canon print heads with aftermarket ink, I just don't want to go that route any more.

by robotnz on Jan 4, 2011 at 10:49pm Add comment
The NV-ram reset is best avoided. You can lose your network connection with the printer. It's better to get in the maintenance menus and reset the individual settings for each consumable.

I've found you can usually get at least twice the default life out of the imaging drums before the quality degrades. I strongly suspect that running out of toner damages the drums, so you need to keep a careful watch when running reset (and refilled) toners. Stop printing the moment a colour starts to fade.

Take a look through this forum for my postings...

The C7000 series do not have chips in the toners or drums (unlike the C5000s and C3000s). The printer somehow senses a momentary slackness in the drive mechanism within the consumable to perform the reset. The C9000 series is probably the same as the C7000s and also does not have chips in the toners & drums.

Regarding the low toner warning: the C7000s (and most likey the C9000s) have a stirrer arm inside the cartridge that senses a low toner level, however the final replace toner warning (when the printer stops printing) is triggered by the printer having literally counted every toner dot transfered to the image drum. It's only an estimate, and invariably the toner cartridge still has a reasonable amount of toner still inside.

By resetting the cartridge you can use this remaining toner, BUT keep in mind my warning about running out of toner.

Cheers, Neale.
by kereru on Jan 5, 2011 at 2:10am Add comment

I refilled black only with Oki 9300/9500 toner and now I have error 620 showing for all toners. So machine has sensed refilled cart, is reading the black somehow and applying error to all carts.

I could not see chips on the toner carts. But Xante must have chips, since they are for sale on ebay.

The black was reading low, C and M are also low and need refilling.

However I need to find how to clear the error, or buy new chips etc. I tried the above to reset toner level but it does not seem to work on Xante. Ken:

8) The "ID" unit appears to be the drums, setting these values changes the drum usage according to the printer.
The Toner counts are in percentages, and can be changed from 000\% to 999\%, where 0\% is no use, and 100\% is totally used.
by robotnz1 on Jan 29, 2011 at 9:05pm Add comment
I have an update on Xante toner. The Oki 9300/9500 toner is a ground toner, whereas the Ilumina toner is chemically produced.

The Oki 9300/9500 black toner is being rejected by the machine. Nothing to do with the chip in my view, which still showed 10\% remaining,(90\% used). Also it still shows 10 remaining in service mode consumables. The machine now gives fatal rolling error 'incompatible toner', for all colours, after refilling black only.

Dubber Toner on Ebay say to recover I should clean cart thoroughly and refill with Ilumina toner/compatible and fit a new chip.

I am very keen to try the sensor reprogram of the chip, via forum crack. It seems simple enough, once the top cover is removed (ten screws).
If successful then only one set of new (full) chips need to be purchased and kept for the purpose.

Dubber say I may have to vacuum the drum of toner, but that doing that will consume a lot of toner from the refilled cart, when installed. They say I should be able to clean and fit refilled toner cart with new chip and get away without vacuuming the drum.

by robotnz on Feb 2, 2011 at 12:36pm Add comment
All of a sudden we have a problem with Xante Ilumina. We have refilled toners 2 times and it worked OK. Then I wanted to see something in maintenance menu (didn't change anything) and now printer is showing incompatible toner for all four colors. Toners are half empty. I have even tried to change the new chip in only one toner (yellow), but it still shows incompatible toner.
Any idea what can I do?
by p4pe on Mar 24, 2011 at 2:40am Add comment
I have an Ilumina machine in the same state!

Our view is that the machines chip reading circuit will throw an error on all colours when one chip is wrong. So in other words, if it sees one toner as incompatible, for any reason, then it will make a global toner error for all colours - due the MACHINE HAS INCOMPATIBLE TONER - period - so they don't want it to run in that state. There is obviously no such state as one toner incompatible and 3 right.

So you need to sort the chip on the cart that you think is throwing the global error. If that doesn't work you may have to replace all the chips, or even toner carts also.

There may be other sensors, for example if the toner is over filled, it may draw excess current on the toner screw/mixer internal toner feeder, this could be enough to trigger a global incompatible toner error - even when only one cartridge has caused the error. So you need to only refill one cart at a time, to know the likely position of the global error.

So I am waiting delivery of a new Blk cartridge to fix my error.

by robotnz1 on Mar 24, 2011 at 11:50am Add comment
Thanks for your answer.
Today we will refill other carts that we have and put in new chips and try if that will work. I hope it will. - p4pe
The best way is to buy the Oki service manual, its usually on Ebay for USD6-8. The vendor will then send a link for the DL. Its 6mb so cannot go by email.

The sequence is in the forum somewhere, but we learned more by using the manual. As there is one button that needs to be held for 10 seconds to register changes.
by robotnz1 on Mar 24, 2011 at 12:20pm Add comment
You can get into service mode with printer turned off, then press and hold "up" + "down" + "help" buttons at a same time and turn on printer while holding buttons.
by p4pe on Mar 25, 2011 at 12:07am Add comment
We have refilled carts and put new chips in, but it still shows Incompatible Toner. Any other idea what we should do?
by p4pe on Mar 25, 2011 at 1:22am Add comment
I am fairly new at these machines myself, I have 9600 and an Ilumina. I haven't bought a toner chipset for either yet - I need them very soon.

I can only guess that the chips are not reading correctly. In that case either the chips are:
1. Oki chips not Xante chips,
2. The chips are not programmed correctly.
3. One of the chips or more have received static damage since programming.
4. They are in the wrong place - i.e. the colours are mixed up, due Oki use same chip for all and Ilumina needs it's own colour chips.
5. The chips are right and the toner itself is somehow throwing the error - the conductivity is wrong? Or the granularity is being read and is being marked 'incompatible', or the carts are over filled.

Several Ilumina users I have spoken with say refilling carts and fitting a new chip is usually trouble free.

If I was in that situation, which may happen soon, I would double check the toner was a guaranteed suitable type, then fit a new set of known good chips.

I would like to be able to read and write these chips, but as yet I've had no success in finding a programmer. How the aftermarket differentiates the colours for the Ilumina chips I don't know yet, I assume they are each clearly marked. It's perhaps possible they could be marked wrong, i.e. programmed one colour and marked another.

Because the error is global on all toners it doesn't make the repair easy. It's possible there is an error code not being disclosed to user that may help identify the true position of the fault.

It may be time to pay for service from an authorised repairer. The Oki repairer I contacted said he could only work on my Ilumina by reverting the firmware to Oki. I don't like that idea much. So Xante authorised repairers may be thin on the ground.


by robotnz1 on Mar 25, 2011 at 10:58am Add comment
My Ilumina shows error 638 which is a phantom paper jam. Tech support had me replace the paper exit sensor with no luck. Their next solution is to replace the fuser. Who knows if that will work? I'd like to try resetting the fuser if that's possible. Any ideas anyone? I may have use the tech support plan of round robin replacement of parts until something works as I have jobs in the queue. All ideas are welcome! Thanks!
by Zac1 on Mar 31, 2011 at 7:01pm Add comment
I have recieved a reply from a repair service and they have said that the problem is probably in eprom which was reseted from Ilumina to OKI and that we should send eprom and motherboard to Netherlands. But this is too expensive (shiping, service, new eprom, shiping back, etc.).

1. Does anybody knows if it is possible that we could re-progam eprom ourselfs with some software like OKI Maintenance Utility, over Telnet or something similar?
2. Maybe we can try our Ilumina to make it work with OKI toner chips now that the printer thinks it is OKI? Did anybody tried this?

by p4pe on Apr 21, 2011 at 1:06am Add comment
It doesn't works with OKI toner chip. :(
by p4pe on May 10, 2011 at 12:42am Add comment
Oki is a common brand, you should be able to find a local skilled technician. I just learned the Xante Ilumina chips are regionalised. So if this is correct the Oki chips also may be regionalised. This means you may need toner (chip) progammed for your world 'region'.

I didn't find anyone that can assist me to read and learn these chips yet so trust in the toner providors, or anyone who knows, is needed.

So because my ilumina is 230volt so I'm now told I need correct country coded toners... This from - ebay U.S. member rainmaker1106 a toner cartridge mnfr/seller.:-((

Re your problem, there comes a time when it is better to pay a fee to those who know how to fix the machine. If someone can help you maybe you should bite the bullet and pay. After all, these are high end, high quality A3 machines and it doesn't pay for non tech user to mess with them. World parcel postage is based mostly on weight, so keep the packaging small but with plenty of crushed paper or bubble wrap padding and post your parts for reporgamming is my suggestion.

I also learned 9600/9800/Ilumina toner is a higher temperature toner. Maybe the conductivity and everything like chemical manufacturing system is also different. Earlier model Oki toner from 9300/9500 SERIES will immediately smear and CANNOT run AT ALL in these machines. To even try it is to waste money and damage the machine IMMEDIATELY.

by robotnz1000 on May 10, 2011 at 10:11am Add comment
Xante Ilumnia and OKI 9600 can normally be swapped between the machines as long as you use the correct chip for each - i.e. in Xante use the xante chip. In OKI use the OKI chip.

Changing the chip is simple:
by angela1969 on Jun 9, 2011 at 3:22am Add comment
Hi, Your advice is correct but my Ilumina is defying to accept any aftermarket chips and continues its rolling CMYK toner error. I am now suspecting there is a separate sensor on all the toners, ie that the printer monitors the conductivity of the toner and if not correct it applies the error. So if correct, the error may be being caused by some incorrect 9500 toner that I first refilled blk cart with entering the blk drum. If so, it would appear I should vacuum it out and then fill blk cart with correct toner (or use 9600/9800 cart) and refit new aftermarket chip. since so far I have done everything but vacuum the drum. This is why I think the chips are showing and all colours error - due the connected conductiviy sensing sequence. Otherwise the toner errors should be only colour related - to the one causing the error and not global, ie for all colours. - robotnz1
Hi, I am very interested in your post info. I have 2 x Oki 9600 and an Ilumina. The Ilumina is giving me heaps of woe over chips and toner. I presently have CMYK rolling toner error. I would like to find a way to trick the RFID circuit, anyhow. Toner Topup UK say the chips can be turned off but that then requires the cartridge to be manually turned to reload the drum with toner each time it empties. I haven't asked them how to 'turn off' the chips by this method, as the result is not appealing. What I would like to do is either create a reader/writer to read edit and re-write the Ilumina chips; or to trick the Ilumina into accepting Oki c9600 chips. The only apparent way to do this is to use Oki firmware in the Xante. Which likely will prevent any use of the exta Xante features like 502gsm media. I am surprised somebody techy hasn't made 'for example' a plugin module that can be plugged into the mother board instead of the RFID, where the ribbon cable from the cover mounted RFID main connect sub-board feeds into the rear printer mother board. Any solution of how to circumvent toner RFID from preventing 'online' on an Ilumina is sadly lacking form all internet posts - aside the on printer chip re-write - which requires a working Ilumina to do it. :-(
by robotnz1 on Jul 21, 2011 at 3:06pm Add comment
my xante ilumina is showing toner waste is full, can you empty it out and reuse it or is there a chip in it?
by unknown on Jun 4, 2012 at 4:23pm Add comment
You can just dump it out and re-use it. If you have anymore needs or workarounds just email me [email protected] - mr2kuhl
We have a Xante Ilumina 502. We have been having some issues with the unit so I went in and re initialized the NV-RAM. Upon restart the machine said it was resetting the eeproms and now says ALL colors are incompatible. Everything in the printer is oem xante consumables. Any ideas on this would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.
by mbendel on Nov 12, 2012 at 6:30am Add comment
Guys, you can't just go and initialize EPROMs in these, don't kid yourselves - it will not help you to reset anything only will create problems. Belt, Drum and Fuser can be reset with the fuse, Toner has a RFID chip - there is not way around of it but to replace it. Chip is not expensive - under $15 here in North America. To the MBENDEL who just posted that he reset NV-RAM - try order toners for OKI C9600 - should work, just remove plastic key/fittings before installing them. I just went trough the posts - NO Xante Ilumina is nothing like OKI C7000 series, person who say that never seen these printers with his eyes. It utlizes OKI Engine but C9600, C9800, ES-3640e, CX3641 is a lot more likely to have similarities NOT C7000
If you're looking for a service manual, one of the printers I had just mentioned should have similar error codes as XANTE Ilumina
by Roman D on Jan 20, 2013 at 2:51pm Add comment