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Hp HP LaserJet 4200

HP Laserjet 4200 50.2 Fuser error

What started out as a 50.2 error seems to be something else. I replaced the maintenance kit (included fuser)and still getting a 50.2 error. Unit has been sitting un-plugged. Thats not an issue. Most past models sent me directly to AC PS next. Does anyone recommend any other part to check?
First make sure it is the correct fuser for that printer. The 4200 fuser only works in a 4200 not like the 4250 which also works in the 4350. That said if the fuser is the correct one with the correct voltage, the next item would be the dc controller followed by the low voltage power supply.
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Wondering if you got this one figured out?

I too have a 4200 showing the 50.2 error. Replaced the fuser and other parts from maintenance kit. The new fuser specifically has a "4200" sticker on it along with the part number: PM1-0013 / 110V. The part number is verified. The error persisted so I changed the DC Controller PCA. No joy, same error. Now I just changed the Power Supply and it still has the same error message, 50.2. The fuser is cold. The fuser connects directly to the power supply so both connectors and any inter-unit wiring have been changed out.
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I have seen alreasy about a dozen printers where the wrong fuser has been installed. If you have another 4200 fuser even if the teflon is bad just try anyway to see if the message goes away. - dmzcompute
Am still having the same error,so what else can I do to resolve the problem? - Anonymous
can you send vido that you maintain this fuser error or to change this fuser.
thanks - Anonymous
Ohm out the fusers.


Likely you have two bad ones.
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I have two hp 4250 printers having the same problems. I have tried a known good fuser pulled out of a working 4250 and got the same problem. I noticed I do not hear the fuser spin up when the printer is turned on.

So far I have replaced the fuser and formatter / main board. Any ideas on where to go next?
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I am having the same problem exactly I changed power supply
fuser dc controller printer wont cycle and hen 50.2
any ideas? - Anonymous
Im having same problem changed acpower supply board ; outlet
dc controler fuser have you found any thing i think might be
short in motor? - joetele
The problem is not with the dc controller or any other part it's down to a faulty fuser. I had this problem with a 4200 changed the fuser it's now working ok. - Anonymous
Next item would be the dc controller, followed by the power supply.
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thank you, i will order the parts and report back.
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replaced the dc controller last night, same problem, is that the low voltage power supply i should go with next?
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Next step is a lower voltage PS.
Good Luck,
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How did that work for you? i changed all that having same problem no cycling of printer fans come on and then 50.2 after
initializing - Anonymous
Turn the printer off. Now turn the printer on and when the memory starts to count in the display, hold and keep holding the green check mark button on the right until all three lights come on solid. Release and use the down arrown to scroll to New Maintenance Kit and hit the check mark button.
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Was the original problem a 50.2 error?

First verify the replacement fusers part number is correct for your printer.

Then find the link above for instructions on metering a 4200 fuser. (note they do not apply to a 4250)
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Yes tryed 3 known good fusers 1082 for 4250n same result - Anonymous
Well since you have a problem with a 4250 it would be a good idea to start a new thread, or at least to change the subject line when you post.

Is the printer attached to a UPS?

You may have a problem with the power to the printer, if you have another working 4250, then try the failing machine on a known good power source.
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hp laserjet 4200 110v fuser part number is RM1-0013 and 220v is
RM1-0014 this problem belongs to two reason first one is wrong incoming voltage and wrong fuser assembly.
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I had one with the black strip accross the top of the page and it went back to hp. To see if you have the same issue just print from the manual feeder or set the switch in the paper tray to custom and the black strip will disappear. If that is the case HP did not have any solution and had us send the printer back. That was after registration, dc controller and ps replacement. Go figure.
by dmzcompute on Mar 15, 2007 at 4:17am Add comment
Make it real easy on yourself. Remove tray 2 so the printer thinks no tray is there. Now put paper on tray 1 and turn on the printer and what happens. Keep in mind most times you get a 60 error is the tray does not lift. See what happens with tray 2 not inserted and report back the results.
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Try checking to make sure the printer you recieved is a USA model and not a EU, you can check by lifting the top cover and reading the voltage if its in spanish and french you have a EU model.

No joke check this, happened to me twice!
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Oh and if it says 220-240v then its EU - Anonymous
so I have a 4200 and under the top cover the info is in french which they say is an EU model but for the voltage specs. is says 110V-127V. I just got it from company becuase it's giving 50.2 fuser error. Does it need the 220V fuser even though it says 110V but language is in french? - Anonymous
Pull the fuser out. On the front end it should have a data label with the p/n RM1-0013 for a 110V fuser. I've got both 110V and 220V in stock.
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wow great trouble shooting advice turns out my 50.2 fuser error was due to having the wrong input voltage. keep up the good work
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In the USA we use 110 to 127 volts out of the wall & the printer needs to be rated for this voltage. Besides this there has been a rash of fusers sent out from either HP or sub vendors labeled RM1-0013 for the LJ 4200 BUT the fusers are actually for the LJ 4250 printer & will give you this error right away & make you think you got a bad new fuser. If you happen to have an LJ 4250 around & try the fuser in it it will probably work!!!!! Otherwise you may actually have a defective new fuser.
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Since we have no idea what you did before, we can't advise you.
by moe on Jun 20, 2008 at 11:18am Add comment
can a hp4250dtn be used in the U.S. if it is a EU model that is rated for 220v
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Just to let you know, I was getting this error (50.2) and it turned out I had a 220V plugged into a 110V outlet. Plugged the printer into a 220V outlet and presto! No more fusion problems.
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I just changed my fuser and it was a 220v, but I followed the instructions on resetting the fuser. While turning on hold down the green button until all 3 lights on the left are on and stay on, and went through all the steps. Now the fuser 50.2 error isn't on and it is pulling the paper through, but it don't fuse the ink to the paper. Any suggestions.......
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There is no fuser reset. What you did might have been a Maintenance reset, but that just clears the counter. As for your fuser not heating, that is impossible. If the fuser doesn't heat, the printer should not run and you should get a 50 error. You don't tell us why you changed the fuser or whether it is a new OEM or some kind of remanufactured one.
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It said replace fuser (the old one had some of the roller coming apart in strips) I got the replacement one (not a referb). I have found the problem, I just need to get the 110v instead of the 220v. Already have it ordered will let you know how it goes. But....it did let it print with the fuser not fusing, the print was just coming off in sting like when you touched it. After around off playing with it, it still wouldn't print right, and the error 50.2 come back on, so it will print (if that's what you want to call it) with the fuser not heating....
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My bad, I just naturally assumed that since you said it was a 220V fuser, that you were from out of the country. This is an international forum, after all. As we all know, GA is part of the US and should be using 110V. Since it was only getting half the voltage it was supposed to be getting, it wasn't getting hot enough to fuse the toner, but it didn't trip the error either.
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I didn't know this was an international forum, I just googled my error and this page was at the top. I didn't see anywhere that it wasn't fine for me to ask questions too. I got it figured out on my own though, thanks for the information I got off of here. Ands hopefully in the future this forum will help someone else.....
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The reason I mentioned that it was international was because it never occured to me that you would put a 220V fuser into a 110V printer. A person would have to go out of his way to get a 220V fuser in the U.S. so that doesn't normally enter into the troubleshooting I do. Otherwise, I would have looked at your ip and seen you were in GA and told you to use a 110V fuser.
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Thank you, I appricate it.
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I dont think Moe was stating that this forum is only for people out of our country. Just the fact some of the questions are from people who live elsewhere so it can get confusing and sometimes the wrong information can be relaid back of what parts you need. When you stated you got a 220v fuser it made it sound like you knew what you ordered and knew thats what you needed. Thats why I didnt answer the question. Ive been there and done what you did becuase either the wrong product was shipped or ordered to me. Like Moe said they will work in the machine just not with good results. For others reading not to long ago I replaced a fuser for a scheduled PM cycle and got called back a week later for a similar problem. My solution was for some reason the fuser temp got set to low so when the customer used labels in there machine it didnt fuse correctly. So always check your fuser temp settings before replacing fusers for imporper fusing.
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I tore apart a 4250 after having a 50.2 fuser error. I found on the powerboard a burnt fuse - the larger of the two (125v 15A). Next time I get another one, I will verify. I did see on some blogs, people were talking about possible power issue/voltage issue.

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maybe this one will help about the fuser error 50.2
i think the problem is in the heating element maybe it is broken or it has a crack,i suggest u replace it...
by xcon_03 on Aug 22, 2011 at 10:00pm Add comment
50.2 = fuser not warming
verify the heating element contacts (8.6 Ohm) (6.2 Ohm)
verify if the contact`s is in the rigth place

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I have this issue with Printer.
It US version 110V which has been plugged into 220V.

I figured out the low voltage PSU had to be replaced because Printer would not even power on. I replaced it but when I power on HP I get Fuser Error 50.7 all the time along with clicking noise on the fuser. I opened fuser cover and that noise is coming out of the plastic wheel which is trying to rotate bigger wheel of the fuser but it's stuck so this wheel is just skipping.

Please anyone advise what should I do
Do I need new fuser or maybe it's faulty Low Voltage PSU from Ebay?

Thank you so much for help
by unknown on Jan 28, 2012 at 11:00pm Add comment
The fuser would have also blown if the unit was plugged into 220V. You need to replace the fuser.
by dmzcompute on Jan 29, 2012 at 7:35am Add comment
The fuser would have also blown if the unit was plugged into 220V. You need to replace the fuser.
by dmzcompute on Jan 29, 2012 at 7:36am Add comment
I ran into this exact same issue before on a HP 4250. First I powered the machine off and back on and had no luck. Next I tried a fuser that I already new was good and still got the 50.2 fuser error. I noticed when powering on the machine the fan didn't come on. So I took off the top cover and then left side cover to expose the cooling fan. I disconnected the cooling fan and blew off the build up of dust with some canned air. Reconnected the fan and re attached the covers. I powered on the printer and the error message was gone.
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if you are using a good fuser the next part to try would be low voltage power supply

by wingfoot1506 on Sep 25, 2015 at 9:37am Add comment