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Canon Canon Pixma MP150

paper jam error pixma mp150

I own a canon pixma mp150. I had a paper jam and got a paper jam error(e3) so I pulled the paper out. when I tried to print afterwards I still get the paper jam error even if theres no paper in the printer. I checked the piece of paper I tried to print when it jammed and there is no pieces of it missing.
I own a canon pixma mp150 and every time i try to print it say's error e3 and that the paper is jammed but even when the paper is not in there it still say's paper jammed remove paper and press start but nothing is happening still can not print. Can anyone help me with my problem? Thanks,Diania
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Check this URL. Mine jammed and seemedto not have anything stopping it. Any amount of resetting didn't help. Shaking it upside down-NOTHING. Cutting out a rear panel from a cereal box and pushing it into the paper feed area DID WORK. Pushed the black button near the power button and printer wanted to feed paper, so I pushedthe cardboard in. Printer tried to kick it out. Waited a bit and pushed cardboard in again. It went half way in. Pulled it back out. Fed it in again. IT PUSHED A TOOTHPICK OUT. Pulled cardboard out. Put regular paper in. It printed a nozzle alignment pattern. - Anonymous
for some strange reason my PIXMAX MP150 says there is a paper jam going on.
so i opened it up and blew to see if there was maybe bits if paper stuck there.
What can i do to stop this error?
Any help here?
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its bended swich on top gears. take cover out and unscrew
little green board move to back of printer secure with tape.
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i cut the back off of a cheerio box and shoved it through. It worked, and ironically, a crushed cheerio came out. thanks!
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It was a thumbtack for me. Didn't see it at first but when I tried the cereal box trick it wouldn't even go through... turned the printer upside down and a thumbtack was in there!
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Cardboard worked for me too - took a couple of times switching it on and off and letting it work the cardboard through.
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Thanks everyone - the cardboard trick worked for me too! Relief!
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Worked for me too! Good deal as I was about to chunk the E3 out the window...Thank you!
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Same thing happened to me, so I pushed a piece of cardstock through and it was a HAIR. one single hair. pretty sad actually
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Lol the cardboard worked for me too, but in a different way, as soon as i inserted the cardboard i noticed a weird sound, tested again and the problem was found....

The whole damn thing was just these plastic used to warp kandies... damn kids.
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The cardboard trick did it for me too....passed it through back and forth a few times...finally, I noticed a tiny piece of plastic had been fine now....un-freaking believable..was about to toss it across the room....

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Cardboard trick is the best!!! worked for me. My jam happened to be a piece of "designer" scotch tape that my 15 year old just happens to use for school! I too was about to throw it out the window! Many thanks to the person that came up with this quick fix.
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let's recap...

office supplies (other than paper) and breakfast cereals do not mix well with printers.
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Crazy! It worked! I had to do it a couple times and nothing came out but it's like it re-set it or something. Thanks for the tip!
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I own the Pixma MX410 and the cardboard trick just worked for me. Not sure what was in there, don't want to know, but after the cardboard got through, the paper jam error cleared out and printing ensued. Thanks!
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Tried cardboard idea as well and after several tries it worked. Had to run it through a few times before it could handle paper.
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I used two pieces of cardstock printer paper and it worked!! It took me a few times of turning the printer off and on and pushing the paper through. I opened it up and there was a folded up Band-aid! Geesh! I blame the kids :)
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Used a piece of poster stock - Twist tie came out, works great now. God I love the internet!
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Used Kellogg's carton cut in A4 size and fed thru paper feed slot couple of times. Though I can't see anything stuck there, it worked fine when I switched it on. Thanks for the tip :)
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Thanks for the tip.Worked for me. I cut out an A4 piece of cardboard from a photo paper box and gently shoved it in the rear end of the MG5650. A piece of sticker label paper came out stuck to it!

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Cereal box trick worked on my Canon MG-2922. Found McDonald's Monopoly pieces. No winners though. Thanks for the idea... saved some $.

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I am so glad I happened upon this response. I cut a file folder in half and jammed it into the roller from the back on my canon pixma mx410. I had to turn the machine off and then back on to get the rollers to roll at all, and then I pushed the cardboard through. Now, no more jammed paper error! This is an awesome solution to this problem! Thanks!

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This technique just saved me $50 and not to mention finals week 💙 #biologymajor

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