asked Oct 2, 2006 at 12:35am
Canon Canon MultiPass MP390

Error ##343 in Canon SmartBase MP390

I have a canon smartbase MP390 . it has Error ##343.please help me!
You should look at the Canon MPC ink tank full thread
..I'm pretty sure that's what your problem is and you are not alone.
by lusi83 on Oct 6, 2006 at 2:12am Add comment
i have the same problem. can you help me please
by Anonymous on Apr 9, 2007 at 3:03am Add comment
This is what it means. "Ink Detection Waste Ink Tank Full"
You need to replace the ink pad and reset the eepron counter to 0.
For dissasembly (so you can replace the ink pad) you can purchase the service manual from 2manuals.com for $9 and download it.

To reset it
scroll to TESTMODE
scroll to PRINTER TEST
scroll to EEPROM CLEAR
and the press the numeric key 3 or and keys.
Select INK COUNT, and then press the
numeric key 0 or and keys to reset the waste ink capacity.
Press the [Stop/Reset] key and then the
[ON/OFF] key to end the test mode.

If you find this too difficult, take it to your nearest Canon Repair Place.

Please do this at your own risk, there is always a small chance that you might mess up and break your mp390.

Good luck!
by Maria1 on May 24, 2007 at 6:27am Add comment
scroll to TESTMODE<----this step is error - Anonymous
could you be so kind to tell me which is the button for additinal functions-- sorry i am a bit thick.also could you put it in step form how to do the whole procedure. i will be extremely gratefull to you. - Anonymous
Great that fixed my problem. THANKS - Anonymous
Check this link out, it might be easier to follow. I tried and it worked.

by Maria1 on Aug 19, 2007 at 6:25pm Add comment
Here is a link of a picture of the printer panel. Number 15 is Aditional Functions.


1. Printer ‘on.’
2. Press: “Additional Functions” button
Press “Scan” button
Press “Copy” button
Press “Scan” button
3. Now it says, “Service Mode / #1 SSSW.
4. Keep hitting “+” [which is the right arrow]; it will go through #1 to #11 (Date/Time), then “Service Report,” and, lastly, “Test Mode.” Then hit “Set.”
5. Now you will have another set of selections. Keep hitting “+” [the right arrow] to go from #1(DRAM) to #8 (Printer Test). Then hit “Set.”
6. When it finishes some sort of function, “Please Wait” will be replaced by “-8-2+” Then hit “+” and it should then say “-8-3+” and you hit “Set.”
7. The screen should now say “EEPROM Clear.” [You may need to press “Set” then, to get to the next step? My notes aren’t clear.]
8. Option 0 should be “select ink count.” Press “Set.”
9. Press the “Stop/Reset” button.
10. Press the “On/Off” button.
11. Wait for the printer to restart.

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