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canon i320 - print head not installed

Hye all...

i have a problem with my printer. when i want to print something, it will show this:

"Print head not installed!
Install the print head in the printer and click OK."

what does it means by this message? i've already uninstall the driver and reinstall it. i've also cleaned the inside of the printer. i've taken out the print head and put it back properly. but none of this seems to be working.

could anyone suggest to me what i should do so that my printer will work again. thanx a lot in advance =)

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I have the same problem. I took the printer head out and wiped it clean and reinstalled it. The printer worked for a couple of days and the same problem appeared again.

John Hu - Anonymous
hey there

i have the same problem
did you manage to fix your printer?

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Reinstalled drivers cleaned everything, reinstalled existing print head. Still nothing. Any Luck?

you can buy new print heads at ebay express
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Can you be more specific on where we can buy new

Canon i320 printer head? What is ebay express? - Anonymous
I have the same message, and have done the same things as the folks above. Anybody resolve this issue?
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need help..When I print a document an error occured and it said that the "Print head not installed" althought the print head is installed and I've been using my printer for around 1 and a half year..can anyone help me..please..ty
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mas tolong dong printer saya canon pixma ip 1000 dia minta instal head itu gmn caranya mas thanks sanip - unknown
I am having this problem as well. I soaked the print head in rubbing alcohol but alas no improvement. Did anyone find a solution or buy a new print head and it worked after that????
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I had the same problem today. I found that soaking myself in rubbing alcohol was better than soaking the print head. - Anonymous
As far as I found, the ink in these printers is soluable in hot water, not alcohol. - meteo2
I have canon i320 printer it started blinking orange 7 times then repeated blinking 7 times again I got my owners manual out and looked under error codes and it suggested that the printer head was bad or needed cleaning. I cleaned the print head and reinstalled it still gave the same error code so I called customer service ordered a new print head cost me $45.00 including shipping with a no return policy. I installed new printer head and I still have same error code. I can't bring myself to get rid of it because I had it for three or four years and had no problems with it. I'm in hopes of someone reading this message that might possibly solve this problem
for me. Good luck in finding a solution to your problem.
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I think my i320 is in need of a print head cleaning, but how does one take out the print head?
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Whenever I print a document, the text is faded. I think I am in need of a print head cleaning. But, how does one take out their print head?
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I have the exact same problem... But there was one day which it worked normally... Then the next day, the same error occured... What is happening??? I have a strong feeling it is a software problem...
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To take out the print head: with the printer on, open the front door and wait until print head and ink cartridges are in position. Lift grey or orange bar and entire assembly lifts out.

(I can't answer the harder question of why the error message appears, so I'm answering the easy one.)
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i,ve use cano ip1000 3 years.but now i have problem with my printer..i love my printer, coz my thesis,papper,job.count on this printer.I'm in hopes of someone reading this message that might possibly solve this problem
for me..
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"coz my thesis,papper,job.count on this printer"

You've got bigger problems than your printer that will take much longer to fix. - Anonymous
I Think you must install a new print head cartridge ...
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i had the same's how i got it to work:

1. take out the print head from printer
2. print something (but it'll say that to install a printer)
3. reinstall the print head
4. do an alignment test for the printer
5. print :)

hopefully it'll work for you. i'm not sure why it worked, but a few details:
-i had turned off my printer for a long time while it wasn't working before i tried this method (which may have given it time to 'think')
-i'm using a mac, so i'm not sure about pc's

good luck with your far, it's been good to me :)
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I got the same problem. It sucks. Nothing works.
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instal print head ip1000?????????????
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An error has occurred in the printer. The number of flashes indicates the type of error, as outlined below. Check the cause and take the appropriate action.

When a printer error occurs, the POWER/ERROR lamp flashes. The number of flashes indicates the type of error that has occurred. Count the flashes and take the appropriate action to correct the error.

Two flashes: Out of paper or paper feed error

Reload the paper correctly and press the RESUME/CANCEL button.

See Paper Does Not Feed Properly

Three flashes: Paper jam

If paper has jammed in the printer, clear the jam, reload the paper in the printer correctly and press the RESUME/CANCEL button.

See Paper Jams

Four flashes: Ink tanks installed incorrectly

Reinstall the ink tanks. Ensure that the tanks are firmly seated in the print head.

Five flashes: No print head installed/Defective print head

Install a print head correctly. If the problem still remains, contact a Canon service representative.

Eight flashes: Waste ink tank almost full

The printer has a built-in waste ink tank for the ink used during print head cleaning. Eight flashes indicates that the waste ink tank is nearly full. Press the RESUME/CANCEL button to cancel the error so you can continue printing. Before the waste ink tank becomes completely full, contact a Canon service representative.


Canon recommends that you call for service as soon as this error occurs. Once the waste ink tank becomes completely full, printing will no longer be possible.

Power lamp flashes alternate green and orange:

An error that requires contacting the Customer Care Center may have occurred.

Disconnect the printer cable from the printer, and then turn the printer off and unplug the printer from the power supply. Plug the printer back in and turn the printer back on after leaving it about 10 minutes.

If the problem remains, contact the Customer Care Center.
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Throw the Canon printer out and buy another brand!
by unknown on Jul 1, 2009 at 10:42am Add comment
I did throw it out and bought a Samsung smallest colour laser printer. It's great. - Anonymous
Ive had the same prob with that message install print head. I dont understand, and Im sure everything is right. What should I do??
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I've been solving a similar problem for some four years.

Shut off the printer; unplug it (power and usb).
While holding down the power button, plug the power back on. Press the reset button twice, pausing after each press. Then, leave the power button go.

A "copy" of the printer may appear in ; if so, then you may have to make the copy the "active/online/default printer." (Or delete the first one, and rename the copy as the first had been named.) - unknown

Check that the printer is powered on, and open the front cover. The print head will move to the the left from the right.

After confirming the print head moves to the left, Hold and slowly move the print head lock lever up and down several times.

Note: Holding the print head may cause it to not be seated properly. Perform this step using only the print head lock lever.
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I have the inkjet Canon Pixma IP6600D. I found a helpful U-Tube video "How to Clean the Canon Printhead" Here is the link:

The original poster I refer and thank:(pende6 (6/22/10 5:54 PM) Even though we have different printers the tips were most helpful.

Like I said, I cleaned the head using warm water as the U-tube video instructed. Then, let it sit overnight to thoroughly dry.

Re-installed it and re-loaded my ink cartridges. The error message showed up again but this was because (I assumed) the print head wasn't making proper contact. Wasn't seating properly.

Here's what I did:

Check that the printer is powered on, and open the front cover. The print head will move back and forth normally.

Now hold and slowly move the print head lock lever up and down several times. This lever holds the electrical contacts in place. It needs to be firm.

Keep in mind it’s plastic so be careful not to break it. Moving it up and down a number of times helps to `seat’ the gold electrical contacts. You might also apply a tiny bit of `wiggle’ pressure with your fingers.
- Dustyroads
I'm printing up a storm! Took the ink cartridges out, removed the "print head", cleaned it up with water, q-tips and a few paper towels, slapped it back it and boom. Good as new.
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I had this problem and fixed it this way. When you remove the cartridges there is a line of black soft felt below them. On it I found a moth and once I removed the moth

my printer worked fine again!!

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If the take print head out replace or remove and clean, leave to dry and replace does not work; DO NOT BUY A NEW PRINT HEAD and I suggest you DO NOT take it for service. There is a much better fix. New canon printers are dirt cheap, probably less than service costs.

My ix6550 A3 photo printer, which cost me over AU$200 5 or so years ago, started doing this and I needed to print that day. A week later and I am still trying to get it to work, but only to use up the ink tanks I have in back up.

I found a reasonably priced solution that works 100% of the time. I figured 5 or 6 years of photo printing was a reasonable life and found the ix6860 was available at AU$135 so I bought it. I now have a full warranty on a working printer that has wifi connectivity (bonus)

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