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hp.laserjet 3320 scanner bulb error

I have a scanner bulb error,with constant warming up on the h.p.laserjet 3320.Can i reset the printer or will it need new parts?
Sometimes when the scanner bulb can't find the home position it will never become ready. you can take apart the scanner and clean the glass and mirrors. make sure they are aligned correctly.
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I had this problem, tried the suggested solution, and it solved the problem without any further ado. Thanks a lot!
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I have a LaserJet 3320 doing the loop where the bulb walks out and goes back in. I even tried HP's solution to unplug it just after it walks out but does not begin to walk back in until its about an inch out. It did not fix it.

So I am willing to take it apart and clean the mirrors, such as Yeo said - but I can't seem to find a good manual to take apart the scanner and I can't get into it on my own expertise.

I actually don't even want to use the scanner..just the printer!
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Hmm, you need a screwdriver and a fair amount of persistence.

Still I believe that it is easier to disassemble the scanner unit than trying to get hold of the service manual, unless you have the right connections of course. - Anonymous
RE: How to fix the HP 33xx series printer when "Scanner bulb" warming up error occurs.

There is an attachment (Word doc) on "Robert Powers" post in the above thread. Click on the paperclip to open his detailed instructions on how to disassemble your scanner and clean the mirrors//lens/bulb.

This is not for the faint at heart. I just completed this process (about three hours) and it completely fixed the problem which seems to be common to this machine.

This is my second HP 3330...the first one failed (same problem) after about a year and a half, and the repair estimate was almost $ I just stored the failed printer and bought a new one.

Well, now after about a year and a half...same exact problem with my new unit. I will be getting out the old unit and going thru this process again and bet it solves the problem. Ps. if your machine is a couple years old, make sure you download the updated software patch.

Ps. I have read that power supply problems can effect this as well...IE to many appliance on the same circut causing voltage fluctuations.

Good luck
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I have experience this many times in different occasions and different models of HP laser jet all in one . The solution is very simple no screwdriver required (though as an IT guy I don't tell my client its simple).
All you need is update the firmware and its done.
How to update the firmware? Go to HP site download the firmware of your printer and follow the instruction. One word of warning if you interrupt the update during the firmware update process you basically damage your printer beyond repair. So follow the instruction carefully and you will do good.
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hp.laserjet 3020 scanner bulb error
continusly comming
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Of course you didn't try any suggestions in this thread and want us to repeat ourselves. - moe
i have hp 3320 cant find the software to use the scaner and photocopy i only use the printer it says scanner bulb error,with constant warming up

any one knows what to do
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I have read this thread with great interest as I too have the problem of my printer bulb warming up and not printing. The way out seems to be to download new firmware -- but which source can be safely used?
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In my experience, it's always dusty mirrors. New firmware seems to be the easy way out, but is a waste of time.
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when start the printer the scanner will stat his home position its warming up but its not proper go to home position its wet to home position to stack to give noice some time finley its give scanner warming error but the printer will work only the scaner is not working,

1)i replace the scaner unit ,and chek same problem
2)than i replace logic borad its give same problem
3)i can chaged the scanner cable also its gives same problem

in my idio i thing the scanner moter is proble , pls give some idea
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The mirror under the scan bar is the culprit. Mine wasn't dusty but it did have a lot of film. Here is what to do.

If your scanner will still move, load something into the ADF and tell it to copy. The scan head will move to the far left, under a separate piece of glass. Unplug the power and raise the lid. Remove the screw holding the bezel in place and remove the bezel and glass.

If your scan head won't move on it's own then once the bezel and glass are out of the way you can move the drive belt at the back of the window a little at a time to bring the scan head under the window. Use needle nose pliers but be careful not to damage the drive belt.

Using a cotton swab and alcohol or similar solvent clean the mirror under the scanner bulb with a light touch so as not to scratch it. Be sure not to leave any lint behind. Once the mirror is really clean put the glass, bezel and screw back in place. No need to park the scan head. It will seak home on it's own.

Plug the printer back in and chances are very high that it will be fixed.

This only take about 15 minutes, it's easy and there is little chance of breaking anything. Just be careful not to scratch the mirror.
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