asked Aug 22, 2000 at 3:08pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4P


I recently bought a Lazerjet 4P from a neighbor without the disks or manuals. It works well and the printing is very good. However, I tried to print an envelope yesterday and was surprised to find that the envelope came out looking like the surface of a washboard. Does anyone know of a fix for this problem?

The only other problem I had with it was trying to get Windows 98 to recognized the HP4P printer. It refuses to load the drivers from the Win98 installation disk and always aborts the installation. I am using it as a "Panasonic KX-P4410 Laser Printer". It doesn't seem to mind but it bothers me. Thank yoou, Jack

I'd try a different toner cartridge for the envelope problem. For the driver go to our links page and download the latest driver from the HP site.
by moe on Aug 22, 2000 at 3:26pm Add comment
Thanks for a quick reply. I tried to download the drivers from HP but I did not have much lick. My Win98 instaall disk could not find HPPCL5MS.DRV and I stopped the installation at that point. When I did a search for this driver on the HP web site I found a page full of refferences but nothing specifically for the HP4P. Everything referenced was for the 5, 5M or 5e series. I also got the same page when I searched for HP4P. Is there a specific driver or set of drivers you can recommend? I am using the printer on an IBMwith Win98. Many thanks, Jack
by Jack on Aug 23, 2000 at 4:45am Add comment
I just clicked on the link to the HP driver site.
I typed in HP 4P in the quick search window and it took me right to the drivers for the 4P.
by moe on Aug 23, 2000 at 8:18am Add comment
Thanks to everyone for all your help. My neighbor found the driver on his old computer and gave it to me. Happy days.
by Jack on Aug 24, 2000 at 6:25am Add comment
We have one of these in our office and are unable to print envelopes on it. In the regular feed tray there is no way to adjust it down for that size and in the bypass tray, it will adjust itself to printing correctly on the second try but then on the third try it reverts back to printing incorrectly. There doesn't seem to be any little pictures on it either to show you how to feed an envelope. Is it possible there are printers not meant to print envelopes?
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I have an HP 2210 all in one printer.

I need to download a driver for it, the disk I have doesnot work.

If anyone out there can help, I would appreciate it.

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