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Canon Canon Color Bubblejet (BJC) 6000

Canon Pixma MP500

I have Pixma MP500 at the "boot" on LCD screen error 6000.
Guess could be something else wrong with it. Before I got this error it was printing few pages & jamming. Thanks
I have an error message that is U071 More than one ink tank of the following color is installed. How do you reset this?
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Hi Stevevo,

I setup a message earlier and fixyourownprinter told me you replied but would not let me log in. Still have not figured out why and could not get around it sooo, I setup a new account and here I am.

I bought a used MP500. Using generic ink for a little while now. From the get-go the printer had jamming problems when using the lower paper tray and using the duplex option. Used the upper feed and it worked great for quite a while.

Recently it started something new. After a few pages (High quality - single side), the pages start jumping forward during the print, leaving 1/2" wide white stripes on the pages. If I let it rest or if I print normal pages with less color fill, it does OK. Afte a while, I get that error code 6000 and I have to re-boot.

I think I have a dirty printer.
How do I clean?
I have no instruction manual and no idea how to disassemble or what to use to clean it.
Can you sell me a service manual that tells me what I need to know?

If you reply to this and do not hear from me soon after, please send me an e-mail direct to my hotmail acct. "[email protected]". I also have a g-mail account which could be used to send the manual, IF, you have it in a digital form and if its too big for hotmail.

Thanks AGAIN,
In advance..
- unknown
I get the same message with my MP500. Sometimes opening the lid until the cartridges stop moving and re-closing the lid gets rid of the problem temporarily [until the next time the printer is turned on]. - Anonymous
I have Pixma MP500 at the "boot" on LCD screen error 6000. Does anyone know what his error code is for and how I can fix the printer to erase the code. Thanks
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That is a line feed error (6000) It also should be flashing 3 times for this error on the on/off button.
This could be
1. Timing sensor unit QM2-2683
2. Timing slit disk film QC1-6229
3. Feed roller ass'y QL2-0925
4. Platten unit QM2-2923
5. Logic board ass'y QM2-3078
6. Paper feed motor QK1-1502

If this doesn't help send me your personal email address and I will send you the service manual.
by Stevevo on Jun 4, 2007 at 5:55am Add comment
Thanks in advance Steve.

Bought a used MP500 and I've been pretty pleased until now.
Soon after replacing the ink (generic) the paper feed started surging forward (roller problems?) and I got this error code 6000. Been using generic ink for a little while now, even though you hear different stories about potential problems. Just can not afford the HIGH cost of OEM ink.
Anyway, do you think my ink is to blame?
It is a used printer so perhaps it simply needs attention.
Can I clean it?
Can you send me info on how to disassemble? - Anonymous
Steveo,... I could really use the SM for the MP500 - unknown
You have a service manual for the MP500? I would be grateful if you'd email it to me. I bought a new sheet feed unit to fix an error 5700 but can't get the printer apart to install without some instruction. Thanks in advance.
- Anonymous
I've purchased a new paper feed mechanism to fix an error 5700 on my MP500. I can't figure out how to install; would you please send me a copy of the service manual you referred to? Thanx... - donragan
Sure don't.
Wish I did.
Had some problems with feed on mine recently and was looking to give it a good cleaning.
Like you, I didn't know how to get it apart.
Asked around but no one would even respond to my request.
Figured I'd not do that to you and at least tell you I could not help.
If you find one, PLEASE let me know.
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I can't seem to get logged in but have the manuals and just waiting on email from fixyourownprinter to send me the right password.
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First good news I've heard in a while.
If at all possible, could you send me a copy of that manual?
If not, can you tell me where I might look for one?

Thanks a bunch,,
mark anderson
[email protected]
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When I print from the internet, the print is good. When I copy a page the print is bad, light and no color.
Can I get a service manual for the MP500.
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hai my friend,
have problem with my printer canon mp258. am forgot to instal the slit disc film, and P02 error code.
How instal the film and can you give me services manual?

thanks so much

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My Printer will not Print no color tried the Cleaning and deep cleaning a number of times but nothing!!! Can someone help
by TerriHann on Oct 4, 2011 at 7:16pm Add comment