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Designjet 5000

Hey all,

I'm new to posting here so I thought I would say hello and ask a question, so hello :) anyway now for my question, I have replaced a trailing cable in a designjet 5000 and on screen I get the message 'check printhead path (1)' I'm not quite sure on what this means as I'm new the the whole plotter scene.

Cheers Freak.
What that message is telling you is that the carriage assembly is encountering some friction or something else which prevents it from moving smoothly or even moving at all. What you need to do is turn off the power and by hand move the carriage assembly back and forth to see if there is an obstruction or something else which prevents it from moving correctly. Pay close attention to the belt, encoder strip (sometimes comes out of its sensor in the back), the trailing cable you replaced and the ink tube assembly. You may also want to lub the slider rod as the number 1 message usually applies to a dry slider rod.
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Thanks for the reply dmzcompute, now that I have removed the obstruction I have a new error code. It is 'System Error 010092 0310050c' again I don't know what this means so any help would be great.

Cheers Freak.
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That is a indication that the mark encoder position was not detected on the drive roller. First thing to try is to replace the lens cover on the right side of the carriage assembly. If that does not work, then you have to enter the service menu and run the drive roller utility to clean the roller and mark encoder.
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Ok cool, this is probably a really stupid question but how do you enter the service menu..? is it up and enter or something different..?

Cheers Freak
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Hey all,

I need to know how to access the service menu on the designjet 5000. If anyone can help me that would be great.

Cheers Freak
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It appears one question after another will be coming, so to save time here is a link to the service manual for the dj5000. It is large (30 meg) and will be up for only 7 days at Good Luck.
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You can get free advice on all designjet plotter problems from - I had a similar problem with a HP Designjet 5500 the newer version of the 5000 and the guys there were really helpful
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System Error 0c0040 0000013d
System Error 0c0040 00000125

Designjet 5000, pls what do i do.
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