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Hp HP DeskJet 500

HP DesignJet 500 - Error 86.01

After several test prints,this error will show up. I've tried oiling the carriage bar, service station gears and softly wipping the carriage belt, but still the error.

Anyone come accross this problem?
I found this guide on HP's website that may be useful to you.

The 86.01 is a carriage movement failure. This could be due to a restriction in the scan axis (carriage axis), a bad encoder strip, or a bad sensor on the carriage. Clean and lubricate the rail first. Turn the printer on, see if the error goes away. Enter service mode. Turn the printer on while holding down the UP ARROW and ENTER keys simultaniously while turning on the printer. Keep holding the buttons tilll you hear a beep. Enter SERVICE UTILITIES, then choose UNLOCK CARRIAGE. Turn the printer off, open the top cover, and move the carriage to the middle of the printer. Turn the printer on. If the error comes back, you may have a bad carriage sensor. If this is the case, the carriage would need to be replaced. If the 21:10 error comes up, you may have a bad service station. If the carriage moves but stops at one particular place, clean the encoder strip and inspect for damage. Parts and diagrams can be obtained at
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I've carried out most of that as mentioned, but unfort. the carriage will stop at ramdon places during printing.Normally,just by oiling as mentioned will resolved this common fault,but not this time.....
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I do not usually work on 500 series, but with most plotters when there is a y axis issue it is ususaly related to the belt. Unlock the carriage, turn the plotter off and move the carriage assembly back and forth by hand and see if it moves smoothly or has any "bumps." I have seen many where a small portion of the belt comes loose and wraps itself around the motor shaft causing a bumping action and occasional path sutdowns. I believe somewhere in my the menu you can perform a carriage movement test. If that is ok, I would lean towrds the serivce station.
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Hmm, come to think of it, pushing/pulling the carriage does feel a bit stiff...I overlooked that, cause I thought if it was the carriage being stiff,the it would have throw that error at the very start, but it kept on printing till the end.
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When the belt is starting to go you usually get shutdowns every once in the while but not always. Remember the path does not shutdown until is has to exert more pressue then normal. Another thing is what you want to do is move the carriage assembly by using the belt itself and not pushing and pulling on the acutal carriage. It is easier to feel any binding and also prevents pressue from you hands to cause a false feeling of binding.
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please help me, hp plotter designjet 500 error WINDOWS OPEN.
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Well the sensor for the window is on the top right side of the machine just to the left of the control panel. Open the window and you can manually depress it by inserting a tip of a screw driver on the black sensor actuator. If that works then check on the window. I havent really ever looked at one but there should be a tab sticking out that meshes with the sensor actuator.
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thx in advance,problem has been solved by nevek help.
thanks again.
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OK so i just got this Designjet printer will the 800 model, im getting the same error but im priming the tubes; OK so this is what is going on... It runs it almost but when it ask if all the setup printheads have ink or not and i say yes... then the carriage goes back to the service station then the error pops up... I called hp and to get them to help its gonna coast over 600.00 bucks LOL Please if anyone can help that would be great THANKS :)
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System Error: 86:01
Carriage-Axis shutdown.
Corrective Action: If this error code appeared but was NOT caused by a paper jam, then
try the following:
� Too much friction in the Slider Rod. Enter the Printer Information
utility (⇒ Page 4-26) and check the Scan-Axis usage. If the
percentage is close to 100\%, then lubricate the Slider Rod.
� The Carriage is bumping into the Service Station. If the carriage
is stuck at the right hand side of the Printer and cannot be moved
out to the center of the Print Platen it is because the Service
Station cannot uncap the Printheads. In this case replace the
Service Station/Aerosol Fan Assembly ⇒ Page 8-52.
� Perform the Carriage Movement test ⇒ Page 4-8.
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Thank you Dmzcompute for the response, but i got it lastnight... Let me tell you what i did; A few days ago i replaced the belt, well it looks like i had the data strip or whatever you call that part on waaaaaaaaay to tight. so when the carriage came into the service station it would feel the pressure and would give the error. So i think i got start up print heads for nothing LOL oh well. But i did put tape over some old print heads i thought the error 86.01 was cuz of the tape i put over the old heads. So last night i took the whole thing apart again and moved the carriage and saw the data strip pushing up on the carriage, even after i put the setup heads it still gave me that error. But thanks to everyone, this site has helped me sooooooo much. Just got this designjet 800 from a guy that lost the lid cover of the carriage (blue part LOL) and didn't want to by the whole carriage just for that part so he had it sitting there for a few years, so he told me if i could fix it its mine. So i got it home and took off the side covers and there it was the blue carriage lid cover... LOL lucky me i hope... the next mistake is i got that remanufactured ink cuz i didn't know if was gonna work so i didn't buy the good ink... so now that i have the carriage working LOL the black ink even tho its in there is saying missing ink... LOL THE BATTLE CONTINUES but i think if i get the HP ink it should fix that problem... im learning a lot :)
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I have replaced the belt and now have a scan axis shut down error. Any suggestions
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error 86:01
possibly paper jam
1. open window
2. switch power off
3. clear paper path
4. switch power on
5. align printhead
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error 86:01
possibly paper jam
1. open window
2. switch power off
3. clear paper path
4. switch power on
5. align printhead

also , jetdirect 620n not detecting. any help please
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Check the condition of the belt. Most times a worn belt is the issue.
by dmzcompute on Jan 29, 2013 at 5:06am Add comment
Also receiving this message. For me, I believe it is due to two little 3/4 circle clips that fit into the carriage assembly and onto the sliding rod. However, one of those clips in particular will not stay in, and once out the movement of the carriage is impeded. Anyone know how to make these stay? I have pics of clips and where they fit if requested.
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There should be a screw on each side of the carriage assembly that tightens those bushings. Just tighten the screws.
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plotter startup time (service station proper moment)carraige moment time display showing 86:01 error. I have checked the servive mode, carraige moment time display showing scan axis shatdown. kindly help me .my plotter not coming on radey mode.
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Did you bother to read the posts above yours. There is a wealth of information for you to be able to solve your issue. Most common is a worn belt. Just read.
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I have HP designjet 500 that has the message "check printhead door" I turn it off and the message appears again
please help
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This is the blue or green cover on the carriage assembly. Make sure it is secure.
by dmzcompute on Feb 17, 2014 at 5:25am Add comment
I have tried that and other things like disconnect the power cord and nothing seems to help and one more thing when I try to turn off with the switch in the front it does not turn off I can turn on but not off with the switch.

- unknown
Disconnecting power or turning on will not solve this issue. You have a problem with the cover that secures the printheads in the carriage assembly. Now the cover could be broken and is hitting the side as the carriage moves over the service station. Did you recently change the belt or do other maintenance? If so something was not done right and the plotter is sensing that door not being shut properly. Cut a thin piece of carboard the same size as the 4 ink printheads and place on top of the heads and then close the door and see if that makes a difference.
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I am getting this same error - now. I started off with the 21:10 error. I ordered and replaced the Service Station. When the plotter was restarted - the 86:01 error came up. I unlocked the carriage and tried moving it from side to side. it was really bumpy and stiff. I lubed the carriage rail with the only lubricant that I had - WD40. I moved the carriage back and forth many times for the lube to work into the bushings. The carriage now moves freely. I still get the 86:01 error. I uninstalled and then reinstalled the Service Station. What am I overlooking? Is the WD40 an OK lube?
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