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Hp HP OfficeJet 7110

PROBLEM: HP OfficeJet 7110 Series

Hey all,

I seem to have a problem with my comp @ work, it was working fine 5 minutes before, and all of a sudden a get an CARRIAGE ERROR:" Open door, latch carriage, close door, and then press enter" I dont know what latch they are talking about and I dont really know what is up with it, but I know that when the CARRIAGE rolls to the right side of the printer, there is a white piece (seems its on a spring) that is blocking the carriage from going all the way inside, and it stops, comes back to the center and I have the error again.

Anyone know anything about this Error or have anything similar, I really need to get this printer working, My work is completly put on HOLD.

Please Help!

hi, i need help really bad. I am getting the error open door close carriage access door and than press enter. I have already replaced the service station and i am still getting the error.
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I am gettingan error message , Printhead error cyan (triangle) replace printhead...Has anyone else encounyered this problem? If so, did replacing the printhead solve the problem?
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i'm from Holland and my Englisch is not as good as i like. I had the same problem with an 7140xi. When i opened up the whole printer the problem seems te bee the service unit. There is an slyding system in it. In my case a piece of plastic of the slyding-case was broken. The result was that the slyding unit get stuck and the raderblade make the noise.

I repaired it with super glue and a piece of aluminium.

The cause of this problem is too much dried ink. Clean the whole service unit with lots of water (use rubber gloves).

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Hey Dudie your english is pretty good- These machines are usually not worth fixing if a gear breaks in the machine- Hard to get parts and time consuming to repair. Just my opinion-

Once you get the covers off- check for broken gear under the ink station.
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Thanks rbcopytech (spelling control in Word ;-)

I like to repair as much as I can for my customers. It is indeed a lot of work tot clean al the components and make them working again. But if you know how to open up the machines it will make the whole operations a lot easier. And every year the machine is running it’s cheaper.

Preventive cleaning once a year will make the lifecycle of the machine a lot longer.

Kind regards,


PS: This is a real nice site and a gap in the marked, referring to the enormous account of questions and answers.

- Anonymous
I am getting "carriage error open door and replace cartridge" message and the printer is faily new. What is the cause of this?
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Be forewarned, I also got the same error message for a while...and now I'm getting a new one, Printhead error cyan (triangle) replace printhead...I am now unable to print anything legibly it all comes out blurred and cut in half. Fragmented I guess would be the word for it...good luck - Anonymous
Printer will not print, display reads "Printing" and the print light is blinking but that's it. When powering on printer I receive a loud clicking for 10 to 15 seconds then nothing. Plenty of ink in cartridges. When printer stopped, I was copying five copies of five pages. Four pages copied great but when I went to copy the fifth page, nothing happened, display read printing and print light was blinking and that's where I stand now. Going into the Hp 7110 series Director, I cannot even print a test page. Would sure appreciate someone casting a little light on this subject!!!!!
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We hear the clicking everytime we send anything to the printer. We press the Cancel button then cancel the job on the PC & reprint. The printer then prints the page. Seems to be a problem with the gears involved in feedign a page as once when sending a second print right behind a prior one, the second one came out without having to hit cancel.
Have no other info for you, sorry. - unknown
known common fault. no parts available from hp. cannot fix. new machine.

all new hp inkjet machine do not have sparepart support. only change-over at about same price as new machines at bargain shops.
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I have used the fax function on my printer in the past. Just now needed to start using again. It calls the number but never picks up and then fails and gives me a busy message. When I try to fax something to myself, it never picks up on the sending or receiving end either. Is there something someone knows about that I can fix to make this thing work?
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If the phone line coming into your printer is working, the problem is probably a failed Fax Module, P/N C7296-60408. A new part is not available from HP. The only source is used part sellers.

Unplug the phone line from the printer and plug it into a known good phone. If there is a dial tone, press one number on the phone keypad, then listen to the line. There should ideally be silence not crackling or humming. If there is noise on the line contact your phone company before declaring the problem to be with your printer.

The Fax Module is held in place by one T10 Torx head screw. Remove the plastic cover and then unplug the module. It may resist a bit but will slide out.
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How do I know what the fax module looks like.....to uplug? - Anonymous
The plastic cover mentioned is where the phone line plugs into the back of the printer. The cover is held in place by one T10 Torx head screw (get the driver at a tool store). It snaps in place so some prying is required to remove it once the screw is removed. When the cover is removed the fax module is visible. Grip the fax module by the three phone line connectors and pull straight back. As I mentioned, there may be some resistance but it will unplug.
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My HP7110 does fine at printing but if I leave it on, pretty soon it will show a Scanner error message and I have actually never used the scanner. I wouldn't care except then the fax doesn't work and I have to turn the machine off to get rid of the error. This means the fax can only be used when I turn it on and can't receive faxes if I am not there to turn off and on. Help???
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The scanner hardware is used every time a fax is sent.

Although its not a guaranteed fix, try cleaning the underside of the scanner glass giving particular attention to the white strip on the right. If that fails the scanner module is probably the problem.

The Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) will need to be removed before the glass can be removed. You will also need a T10 Torx head driver approximately 6" long. Driver handles that accept removable bits may be too large in diameter for this particular job.

Removing the ADF
1. Hinge the ADF upward as if you are going to manually scan a document.
2. In the hinge area there is two black pull latches. Pull them up and lift the ADF straight up to remove it. It may take some side to side rocking before it will disengage.

Removing the Scanner Glass
1. Remove the four T10 Torx head screws around the perimeter of glass, i.e. two in the ADF hinge area and one on the right and left.
2. Remove the Control Panel overlay. It pries off.
3. Open the printer as if you are going to access the cartridges and disengage the support legs. Two latches at the base of each leg must be pried outward with a slot style screwdriver to disconnect them. The scanner assembly will now "flop" freely, so steady it while removing the four screws on the underside.

Note: The screw in the front is hidden under the piece that you grasp to gain cartridge access. Two latches must be released to remove it. The screw can now be seen using a flashlight but may be obscured by some wires.
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Hi there,

My Officejet 7110 does not seem to scan. Nothing happens after I press "start scan" and after about a minute a Scanning Error message shows up that says "Cannot connect to PC". Everything is in order and I've even tried a new printer cable with the same effect.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You didn't say whether or not you could print. Regardless, uninstall and reinstall the driver. There should be a uninstall option in the program group created when the printer was initially installed. If you are a Windows user, click on Start and then Programs to find it.
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Is it normal for the print heads to stop working after 2 year? its not used a lot as its used at home. Is it worth replacing 3 print heads or should I bin it.
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Some people have had success cleaning them if dried ink is plugging the print nozzles. Do a search. There is at least one forum thread discussing the procedure.

The print heads cost approximately $35US each.
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After taking my 7140xi to the shop I ended up boiling the print heads to free up the ink in them.
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If you can dial out using a phone on your fax line the fax module in your 7110 has probably failed, HP P/N C7296-60408. The odds of finding a replacement is low since HP has never released the part as a spare. The only hope is finding a used part. The module unplugs after removing one T10 Torx head screw.
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About a year ago the magenta printhead went out. The printing became lousy and I replaced the printhead. No problem after; until now. The cyan printhead is out and the printing is lousy again. I will replace it because it worked previously and this has been the best printer.
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At this point, you have nothing much to lose. Take the printhead and soak it in really hot water, almost boiling. Just stick the bottom part in a shallow dish for about a minute. This cleans out the ink nozzles. I've rescued almost every print head that had "lousy" printing this way.
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My HP Officejet is giving me a problem printing. When I try to print something I usually get an error message to open and close the door and to then press ENTER. Sometimes the printer will then start but only after a grinding sound as the printheads line up. Other times I have to try all sorts of things like briefly unpluging the printer and/or rebooting the computer to get the printer to work. This problem applies to incoming faxes as well. My problem started the same time that the grinding sound did. Does anyone know what the problem is? I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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Hello Marty,
This can stem from several events, such as the carriage being out of sync due to an impact or a dirty encoder strip, but also often may be due to the service station entry/exit "gate" being stuck in place by dry ink.

This "gate" is a narrow wedge-shaped sled, usually white plastic, that sits on the inboard lip of the service station, between the paper feed path and the area on the far right where the carriage is stored when idle or shut down. The sled has a spring on the back end, and is supposed to retract and allow the carriage to exit the service station, but it can become stuck down with ink overspray/drips and not be able to slide over the small gold-plated conductor surface it shields. The conductor surface interacts with a sensor on the carriage as it passes over, in and out, to send a carriage position verification signal to the printers control, telling it when the carriage has left or entered the service station.

If this sled is not retracting, the carriage will bump it and reverse, never actually leaving the service station area. Cleaning the sled and contact surface underneath it with a paper towel or q-tip dampened in warm water or isopropyl alcohol will free the sled and allow it to once again do it's job.

If you need some step-by-step directions or photos to help you with work in this area, you are welcome to use the DIY guide pages I've put together for 7130 owners at http://www.fatrcat.com/7130.html - FatrCat
We have a HP OfficeJet 7110 and are get a reading on the screen BAD PRINTHEAD under that hading is a scrolling message REPLACE BLACK (Pentagon) print head is that it just needs a new print cartridge or is there another problem
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The printheads and ink cartridges are separate on the 7100 series. Change the black printhead. From my experience replacements are not stocked by stores like Staples but must be special ordered, about $34 each.
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When I try to make a copy on my 7110, it says "warming up" and then never does anything. It then says "scanner failure." Does anyone know why this would happen and how to get this thing to simply make a copy ??? Thanks!!
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Have you found an answer to the scanner failure message. Please let me know - Anonymous
There are hundreds and hundreds of posts detailing how to clean the scanner. Suggest a forum search.
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The printheads are located under the ink cartridges. Pull up on the gray handle and you will see the black print head.
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The fax function in my officejet 7310 just stopped working for now apparent reason. As soon as the 'start fax' button is pressed it tells me "fax send failed." Checked the phone line, replaced phone cord, plugged into different phone jack, unplugged and waited, turned on again, nothing helps. Anything else I can do to bring the fax function back?
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Does it receive faxes OK?
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If you need to replace a failed fax module in your 7110 (HP P/N C7296-60408) check out this listing on eBay:

FAX MODULE c7296-60408 -- fits OfficeJet 7110 7130 7140 Item number: 110294148542 $4.95 + $15.05 S&H.

(I have priced this part elsewhere from $75.00 to $214.00).
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I have been getting an error reading on my HP7110 printer Bad PrintHeads (pentagon) Replace black head. Can someone explain the procedure for removing them, cleaning them and then replacing them?
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Identifying parts of the printheads
Use the table below to identify the parts:

1. Printhead handle
2. Printhead tower
3. Copper contacts
4. Plastic tape
5. Ink nozzles

Do not touch:

* Copper contacts
* Ink nozzles
* Printhead tower

Replacing the printheads
Follow the instructions below to replace the printheads:
CAUTION: To avoid damaging the printer, remove a printhead only when a replacement is available.

Turn on the unit, and open the print-carriage access door by lifting the handle until the door locks into place.
Figure 5: Opening the access door
The print carriage will move to the center of the unit. After the print carriage stops, release the gray print carriage latch and lift upward to access the printheads.
Figure 6: Releasing the latch
Remove the old printhead by lifting the printhead handle and pulling upward.
Figure 7: Removing the printhead
Being careful to touch only the black plastic remove the new printhead from the packaging and gently remove the plastic tape.
Figure 8: Removing the tape
Using the printhead handle, push the new printhead firmly down into the appropriate slot; matching the color on the top of the printhead to the color on the printhead carriage.
CAUTION: Do not touch the printhead tower, and do not remove the printhead handle.
Figure 9: Inserting the printhead
Move the print carriage latch down, and make sure the loops catch the hooks. Snap the latch into place, and close the print carriage access door.
Figure 10: Closing the print carriage latch
After the message to align the printheads appears in the front panel display, press Enter . A page prints to confirm alignment.

Aligning the printheads
Aligning the printheads ensures high-quality output.
The HP Officejet front panel display will prompt for a printhead alignment every time a new printhead is installed.
Align the printheads when prompted by pressing Enter .
To align the printheads at any other time:

Press Menu .
Press 7 , then 3 . (For the HP Officejet D 125xi press 3 , then 3 again)
A page prints to confirm printhead alignment.

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This is the link to the information I just posted. Also if you need printheads they are available for $89.99 for a set of 3 at [email protected]
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Thank you for your swift and detailed message. Can I clean them myself and then re-install them? If not, should I have a professional do the work since you mention that I could damage my machine? My printer is 5 years old and the prices have gone down considerably, should I buy a new one?
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Printheads are very very easy to change. If you want to take a lens cloth with some alcohol and try to clean the printhead that is fine, but I do not think it will work.
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I keep getting an error message that the ink cartridge is expired I just put new ones in and printed that day the next day it expired again what can I do
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Removing the backup battery from the system will kill the ink expiration issue, however you also lose the day/date machine memory as well, if this is important to you.

The battery is a flat disc, i.e. watch battery, and is vertical on the left side and fairly readily visible. You can see a picture of the battery area here- http://fatrcat.com/ecode.html Use care in removal- the tab which holds it in seems to break on many people. The battery needs to be just barely tipped outward, then slid up and out of the slot.

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When I want to make a copy on my 7110, it says "warming up" and then it says "scanner failure turn off then on again." but nothing happens. I can print from it. Anyone know why this happens and how to get this thing to make a copy ? really desperate HELP.
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I just helped someone with this very thing, wrote up the instructions for her, and she repaired her own printer within a few hours time. The fix? Swap out your scan head; the bulbs are likely no longer burning bright enough to register correctly. Not sure? Wait a while; before long your printouts will start to be mostly green, before it quits printing altogether.

It's an easy process to do; don't mess with trying to find bulbs- just switch out the whole scan head.

Good Luck-
- FatrCat
I have the same problem, it's like grinding gears...It's much worse when I have it set on "fast Draft"..

Did you find the problem..

Thanks and great site!


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Michael- Can you give a little further details, please; I think the post you are referring to is one way up this page and about a year old. Also, the 'grinding gears' noise can be related to many things, in some circumstances is actually normal, but shouldn't happen all the time.

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Thanx FatrCat,
May I request for the instructions on how to do it.
by Anonymous on Apr 23, 2009 at 11:15pm Add comment
Thanx FatrCat,

May I request for the instructions on how to do it.

by Anonymous on Apr 23, 2009 at 11:44pm Add comment

Thanx. Went thru the instructions cleaning the scanhead etc. still could not copy. Where can I get a replacement of scanhead? is it worth replacing (too expensive)? Macha
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I've none left to give away myself, but you can often find them pretty reasonably on eBay. - unknown
My HP 7110 will not receive faxes - makes a terrible clicking noise. I have to unplug the system in order for it to cancel receiving fax message. Is this repairable or do I need a new machine?
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My Hp 7110 doesn't print . It goes through the whole print process but nothing prints on the paper. Tried changing the cartridges. what is the problem.
Thanks in advance
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Bought a new printer. Thanks.
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The answer to your question is up the page, posted on 4/22/09; replace the scan head.

The cause behind the warming up/ scanner failure error is that the machine fails in one or both of the following:

A. To pass a white balance test in preparation to scan. The reason it fails is because the bulbs no longer produce the intensity of light needed for it to register a proper white balance.

B. Failing to reach temperature. There are also temperature sensors on the scan head, and if the bulbs are weakening, so too the temperature it can reach within a preset period of time will be decreased.

This is not something that you're likely to recognize visually; it's very doubtful that the bulbs will "look" like they are burning dimmer than before, but that is the primary reason that you will get the scanner failure message with this model machine.

If you decide to replace your scan head, you can find full instructions on doing so here- http://fatrcat.com/hp7100/scan_head.html
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Hello All:

My printer message was to replace Printhead for Magenta. After doing so the message is still indicating to change. The Color Ink Level is not showing any Magenta color at all.

What else can I try - I've replace all the ink cartirdges and replaced the printhead?

Thank you
by rconway on Feb 26, 2010 at 6:34am Add comment

The first thing I would try would be to remove the magenta printhead and using the eraser end of a pencil rub down the contact surfaces of the printhead and in the printhead bay, then very carefully re-insert the printhead.

Repeat this step for the color cartridge and see if the machine now recognizes a new cartridge. (do not do both at the same time; you risk air bubbles in the line removing printheads and cartridges at the same time.)

FatrCat David - unknown
Hi All,

I bought a new HP officejet 7110 and doesnt print at all, after configuring it and installing cartridges it flashes the second light from the left of a missing cartridge, but when i take out cartridge 3 from the left it flashes the third light and so on. Is this a coding problem maybe? how can i sort it out.

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I Have a HP office jet 7110 and doesn't print at all, suddenly my printer not working well .when i am print out some documents yellow,black, and dark green color only coming . how can i fix it problem ?

by sidhiku on Oct 5, 2015 at 7:03am Add comment