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Epson Epson Stylus CX6400

Epson CX6400 problem

I have this Epson Cx6400 All in one printer and recently its not priniting at all....I changed the inks, I did head cleaning too....totally clueless whats happening??
Can anyone help??
Will the Epson head cleaning solution resolve this problem?
by gbanks on Mar 25, 2006 at 10:08am Add comment
I'm experiencing the same problem and my printer is out of warranty. Reading several forum, including this one it seems that this printer has a history (2004 to present)of this problem. I'm wondering is Epson should do a "recall" like the auto industry does when they find a common promblem.

If any one has any suggestions as to what's really wrong I'd appreciate the advice.
by dee cog on Mar 14, 2006 at 9:44am Add comment
US customer? Call epson tech support for a free repair.
by soupy on Mar 23, 2006 at 7:03pm Add comment
Ok I can give you the full rundown of what's wrong...

The ink used in the 6400 dries pretty quickly and the 6400 has a problem with it's cap/pump assembly and the lower housing of the printer where ink will not say liquid long enough to go into the pads. Well Epson has went through I believe 4-5 engineer change notices, right now the ECN requires us to put in some different waste ink pads and some other stuff to keep that from happening. I'm not on the customer service side of stuff here but they should be able to do what's called an R&R for you, or at least that's what we call them. It may cost something like $25 but it's well worth it. You should see the ink I scrape out of the bottom of these printers, and every CX6400 that comes in to the depot gets this done to them. Or they might send you a new one which will have the same problem and send your old one to us, I don't know at all. I don't know any way to fix this at home but someone else around here might.

I forgot to add that the reason for no print is that the pump can not pull ink and prime the print head which means no ink for it to shoot.
by EpsonAmericaTech on Mar 24, 2006 at 12:10pm Add comment
I just encountered the same "blank page" problem and tried "head cleaning" cycle, "nozzle check" and replaced all cartridges with fresh OEM Epson cartridges with no success. When I contacted Epson support by phone they could not help. They said they would not charge me the $9.99 fee, but referred me to a local service shop. No mention was made of any factory "R&R" or official Epson depot repair. Although my printer is out-of-warranty, if this is an ongoing problem with known factory upgrades or "fixes", I would have appreciated if such service had been offered. I'd appreciate your feedback. Thank you. - Anonymous
Can you tell me where the pump is? and how to get at it, especialy the tubing to it. Thanks - domaldd
Is there a place near Atlanta GA where I can take my printer for a R&R? - Anonymous
My CX6400 just did the same thing everyone is describing!. I replaced the Black cartridge and it stopped printing black, and then the colors went out 1 by 1. Now it only prints red. I went and got a CX5800F for 119 bucks, but I would still like the 6400 to use also if it was cheap enough to fix. It's only 2 years old!
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I can not promise that this will work, nor assume responsibility if you damage your printer.

However this worked for me and I did this as a last resort because if I failed I was going let my printer eloupe with my 10# sledge Hammer.

Same story, prints perfectly, asks for one color, replace it with a new one, and it ceases to print that color, ask for another color, and the same thing happens, etc., etc.

The problem ink has dried up in the heads, head cleaning proves to waste a lot of ink and not fix anything.

Solution as a last ditch effort I took a syringe, one big enough to fit over the post that puctures the cartridge. Ensure a tight fit. I streched my syringe out with a food themometer. Remove all ink cartridges. Placed syringe on the post filled with distilled water. With light pressure depress syringe and you should hear it spray through. Repeat process on all affected colors. I used no more than 10ml of distilled water to accomplish this. I was afraid more than that would saturate the pad underneath. Distilled water is important because does not have minerals in it which may clog you nozzels.

This is what worked for me, so if your at the point where you want to chuck your printer of a five story building. take two deep breaths and try this first.

Murphys Law: If it jams force it, if it breaks it wa ime for a new one anyway.

One other thing Check out E-bay for a chip reseter, no more throwing out cartridges that are half full but the printer says its empty. It cost me seven dollars and is saving me BOKU $.

Good Luck!
And Thank God for internet forums - Anonymous
All 6400s will go out at one point unless they are sent in for the fix, and even then they might crap out, nobody knows yet. And as far as the head cleaning solution...I don't know what kind of solution they are selling but it still won't work. The problem lies in the cap and pump assembley which moves the ink into the waste pads. The tube clogs which means the pump can't operate and pull ink out of the cartridges and into the printhead. It's a little more complicated than that but that's the general idea.
by EpsonAmericaTech on Mar 26, 2006 at 8:14am Add comment
I actually did the ink jet head cleaning solution and it worked!!! It prints now, not perfectly, but it prints, so I will do the solution again and see what happens
by Anonymous on Mar 30, 2006 at 2:03pm Add comment
Update. It works like new now. It wouldn't print at all. I let the soultion work all night and now It works great! Perfect Printing
by Anonymous on Mar 31, 2006 at 2:45pm Add comment
where do i buy this solution. - Anonymous
I stand corrected then. I've never seen this cleaning solution that they sell because we use a totally different method when we clean printheads...which we don't do anymore because it takes too much time. We just throw the old away and put a new one in, at least the Reapir Depot in Indianapolis that I work at.
by EpsonAmericaTech on Mar 31, 2006 at 3:32pm Add comment
This soulution you force through with a syringe. So it must clean out whatever clogs the pump. I really have no idea how the print heads and pump work, but I know that my printer would not print at all, exept magenta. And it seemed to happen all at once. but I did use the cleaning solution as a last resort before taking it in to have someone look at it, and low and behold it worked. So I don't know if I had the same problem everyone else is having, but it sure seemed similar. But as of now it is still working. The Cleaning Solution is only 10 buck and comes with the tools you need, so it's worth a shot.
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I'm having the same issue with my Epson CX6400. Did you buy the cleaning solution in a store or did you get it online?
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Well, I am having the same issue with my CX6400 too. It started when I replaced the ink cartridges. I replaced the black, and the black is gone, and so on. I thought the problem to be something wrong with the ink pack I got. I bought another black cartridge and the problem is still there nothing prints. I ran the head cleaning routine till the ink is almost finished. I ordered a solution called Unblock it from the net. I tried it then placed back the same set of cartridges. I started seeing some life but after one day the printer went to the same state. I ordered something else calling cleaning cartridges and ran the cleaning routine multiple times with it with no luck, I used a combination between the solution and the cleaning cartridges with no luck as well. I didn't want to waste money with Original Epson cartridges so I ordered another cheap brand just to go with the cleaning problem. after all of this I get one line of print and I miss another. It is so stupid from Epson to design such thing without designing a handy solution. If the head is destined to clog, just make the head replaceable.

The final thing I am going to do is to take out the head assembly and clean it with warm water as suggested by some.

This is my second Epson printer and I think I will not buy Epson any more.
by Anonymous on Apr 10, 2006 at 7:51am Add comment

were you able to get the dead assembly back into the printer after removing it? how do your plug the two circuit strips/wiring back into the head?

Drew - Anonymous
I, too, ran into this problem when the black ink ran low and I replaced the black printing after that. Bought and installed a new black cartridge [all of these Epson brand]. My question now, since Epson seems to have blown off updating drivers, etc., for Mac users, and I'm using 10.4.5, how do I get the cartidge tray to move over to the "replacement position?" The instructions and how-to's don't cover it for later version OS X. I did it once by turning on the printer and catching the tray as it moved, with my finger, but don't want to do that if I can help it. The buttons, controls, etc. on the CX6400 do not include those mentioned in the Epson how-to guides. Geeeez. Of course, I am still not certain what to do once I manage to move the tray...I can do it all if the ink cartridge is low or empty, cannot find a method if the cartridge is still full or adequately so. Any help appreciated. I can't afford a printer right now!!
by SteveH1 on Apr 11, 2006 at 12:41pm Add comment
Do not move the print head by hand. Doing so may damage it.

When the ink is low:
1. Press SETUP button to enter SETUP MODE, then press green button next to LCD screen until REPLACE INK is displayed. Then press COLOR button.
2. Lift up SCANNER.

- v77
I had the same problem -- changed the black cartridge & it stopped printing black. Went through all the gyrations trying to fix this, including ordering the hypo cleaning solution, which didn't work. I also bought the cartridge reset gizmo, which does work, resetting the ink cart. to zero, which is a good thing to have, in case one color goes out & then the black won't print anymore because they want to gouge you for money on a new cart. (this should be illegal, by the way...) Then the colors went out & it wouldn't print anything. I saw here in this forum (somewhere)about others having the same problem & calling Epson & getting new printers in exchange for their old one's, all on Epson. So, I called them, & they tried to act like they hadn't heard of this problem, then offered to give me a discount on a new printer. I said I didn't want to do this, then the guy said that my printer was out of warranty, but they would send me a shipping label (FedEx) & would fix it & send it back, all at their expense. If it was out of warranty, why are they doing this, unless it really is a big problem? So I was cool & I didn't say anything about getting a new one. I figured that it's cheaper for them to just send out a new one, than to fix & return my old old. So, I'm now anxiously awaiting my new printer to arrive. We'll see what actually happens. I'm hoping it turns out like the others on this forum! I told the guy that this was apparently a big problem, & he told me that it really wasn't, considering that they sold hundreds of thousands of them & only a "few" went bad. I wish I had some hard figures on how many of these CX6400's are actually going "belly-up" on the printing, like mine & the others written about here. Wish me luck, please -- I don't want to see the old one coming back...I'm sick of looking at it. In the meantime, I'm using my old Color Stylus 600, which is printing like a champ, except for a fine line through the letters near the bottom, which you don't notice unless you look really hard. How come it's still printing after ten years & the 6400 went bad after two? This doesn't seem like an advance in reliability, design-wise.
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Same BS, I told them of the forums and things I had read about the problems and even that an Epson tech had spoke of the problem and they acted like they had no knowledge of any specific problem with this model. Told me about a discount on a new printer, or could refer me to a service center but it would probably cost about $40 for them to look at it. They did waive the $9.99 fee for the call at the begining. I told them both options were not satisfactory and that I was upset that I had paid over $150 dollars for a printer I've only had a few years and now it's useless. They then....finally offered the FedEx label to ship the printer back to them for repair or replacement. You have to be a very squeaky wheel and persistent to get them to do this!!! Hopefully it will pay off. Oh yeah, the repeatedly ask if you are using genuine epson ink and even made me read off the cartridge number. I had actually just replaced with compatible but still had the old cartridges laying here. I think it is actually illegal to void a warranty or to require only brand name ink.

- Anonymous
I'm glad I found this site, now I realize it isn't anything that I did to the printer. I'll try the distilled water fix -- and learn NEVER BUY EPSON AGAIN.
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I E-mailed Epson tech support and asked what the problem was since my printer was doing the no print thing after I put in a new cartridge. I got a silly stock E-mail that just said your printer needs repair. I guess you have to call them up and fight with them before they will admit that it's their problem.

I then found this thread. I tried the syringe trick but it didn't work. Chalk one up for shitty design work. I think I'll just go out and buy a cheap HP. Maybe then I won't have to use up $25 worth of ink just to clean the heads each time I fire up the printer :-(
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Since it's important for others to we forewarned, I thought I would post, for the record, that I'm having the exact same problem. Went from replacing an empty (black) cartridge on a machine that was working perfectly to having a piece of crap that won't print!

I have emailed tech support, with little hope of getting satistaction, but at least I can say that I tried.

Will update if I receive a positive response or anything that sounds like a solution.

I had to work my tail off having a yard sale in the heat to earn the $300 to buy this POS! I'm not a happy camper.
by unknown on Aug 17, 2006 at 9:31am Add comment
Tech support through the email said that I would need to call tech support, tell them that I had been dealing with troubleshooting via email and they would waive the fee. They did. Of course, they also kept me on long-distance forever going through every single thing that I had already done. They then asked if I turned off the machine at night or if I left it on. Told them that I left it on. Well, of course THAT was the problem! The ink dried out. Yeah, whatever.

Anyway, they offered me the option of upgrade discounts or a one-time free repair. I chose the repair because I have all new print cartridges in the thing!

I have a question, though - should I take out my ink b/f shipping if for repair? I don't want them to 'forget' to send me my ink back in case they happen to 'loose' my printer and send me a replacement - then I'm stuck buying all new ink. - Anonymous
changed ink on all of them it a nozzle check still not printing
and did everything , and it still not printing. please help me.
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ya good thing i didnt buy this POS, i was just searching for one to buy online when i came acroos this page deffinately put my search for this POS to a hault

but i mean this issue is huge, look how many people on this forum alone is having the same problem, i cant even imagine how many not here

sounds to me like a court case, this product shouldnt even be on the shelf
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I have had my CX6400 since 2004. Never had an issue. As everyone else the black ink ran out and I went and bought all new ink. When I put them in everything stopped working. I tried everything but nothing helped. I even got the same form letter from Epson telling me to get it services. The only good thing is the Epson Service shop told me they wouild fix anything wrong with the printer for $43.30. If they couldn't fix it there was no charge. I haave found several other sites that state a vacuume tube comes loose under the print head when you install new ink. I have not looked yet but I an going to look. If not I will take it to the service center. $43.30 isn't to bad compaired to buying a new printer
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Put another 50 bucks with that and you can buy an hp that hopefully isn't going to break down two weeks after you have it fixed. I just bought a HP C5180, so far, so good - poilisa
I was told once that you can't remove an ink cartridge without having to replace with a new one. From reading these posts, it looks like this isn't true.

Does anyone know if you can remove and replace. If so, is there anything special you have to do to the ink while it is out?

BTW, having the same problem as everyone else.
by poilisa on Mar 28, 2007 at 4:37pm Add comment
I sent my 6400 in to Epson for a free fix, hoping to get a new printer back in return, like others had gotten, but they sent the old printer back fairly quick. I don't know exactly what they did to it. The damn thing worked for a while, then crapped out once again, not printing black. I stopped refilling the cartridges & put in new after-market cartridges from Pacific Ink & ran a few cleaning cycles & it finally started printing good, with no lines. Just to make sure I wouldn't have any further problems, I bought a Brother DCP7080 laser all-in-one monochrome, which is GREAT! I advise all Epson owners to have a Brother laser back-up printer. I figured I would try to use up the rest of my ink jet cartridges while the thing was running OK, then switch to the Brother full-time & use the ink jet for the occasional color jobs that I do, if it was working. For color work, I could always go to kinkos with my computer file in hand, which is cheaper than buying a color laser, if you don't do hardly any color work. Most of my printing is B&W, & the Brother laser is FAR SUPERIOR to the Epson for B&W printing, & also a lot cheaper & faster. This is my Brother solution to the Epson problem...and I would advise you not to refill the Epson if you're having trouble with it.
by unknown on Mar 28, 2007 at 6:27pm Add comment
nobody will fix it they just told us to throw it away
- Anonymous
we replace all the ink cartidges and it still does not work
and they told us that the ink was dry so it wont work and more
and they told us just to trash it. we only used it for 2 years and we payed a lot of money. maybe you can help me
by unknown on Mar 29, 2007 at 10:13am Add comment

I too have the dead cx6400. Is it that hard to tear down this unit and clean it out? If it is the pump get some cleaning solution, ie acitone,alcohol,409,ect. if it dont work well buy a new one right? Its only 100 bucks for the inks for this printer. i was looking at the hp allin one c3180 and the cartriges are really cheap. I will do the t/d and post my findings.
by Big_B1971 on Apr 9, 2007 at 8:14am Add comment
THIS IS REDICULOUS! I am tired of reading complints about the EPSON CX6400. My wife and I have tried everyting that we can learn on this pile of JUNK. I have served as the president of our state Purchasing Management Association and as director of national affairs as a member of the National Purchasing Management Association. I can tell you first hand that this product is sub par for the claims made in the sales literature. It is a "baited product" that will lead you down the path to poverty in purchasing ink and repairs.

If there is anyone out there that would care to start a CLASS ACTION SUIT against EPSON I would be happy to be a supporter.

We are shopping for an new printer and I do not want another EPSON piece of garbage.

I have just read 35 sad complaints against this one EPSON printer. If my EPSON printer would work I would print all these complaints and first class them to the president of EPSON.
by unknown on Apr 14, 2007 at 2:38pm Add comment
I have been messing with my printer for sometime now and nothings working ,i dont want to send mine in to get it back so it doesnt work again after a short time ,i have not heard one good thing about this printer ,i am so upset ,after spending 60.00 on ink for it to not work so if theres anything i can do let me know. - Anonymous
Well I was really close to the t/d and i said no! It is so messy and it is such a crappy deal to have this printer. I cleaned it off and made it look nice for the next higest bidder! I ordered a HP Photosmart 4130 love it already. all the cartriges are 19.95 VS the epson $32 black and the 3 colors $38. I do believe their is a class action for the amount of ink left in the cartrige when the monitoring says its empty. Tons of ink left in them when the program says they are empty. SO IT HP for me for now. Later Big B
by Big_B1971 on Apr 14, 2007 at 11:17pm Add comment
I have to CX6400 and like all of you, I now know that it is a piece of sh--. I called support who said that since I am out of warranty, they could do nothing for me. I even offered to pay. I am going to try the solution cleaning of the heads, to be continued. I will NEVER BUY ANOTHER EPSON PRODUCT.
by grip06 on Apr 20, 2007 at 11:06am Add comment
I just took one of these apart. There was about 1/2" thick of ink in the bottom! Cleaned it all out, checked tubing, and put back together. Still doesn't work, but will try the windex idea next. Anyway, I found this very helpful:

CX6400 Disassembly Instructions
by Anonymous on Apr 20, 2007 at 12:34pm Add comment
Just a follow-up to my post on 4-20-07:

Removed cartridges and dripped windex down on the "spikes" where the cartridges plug in. Used a fair amount (nothing to lose, right?) Then let it sit overnight. The next day, I reinserted the ink and after 3-4 cleanings, it prints great again. Has been working ever since. Not sure who originally posted the windex idea, but thanks! - Anonymous
Im haveing problems with my epsoncx6400 thae scaner still works but I cant get the printer to print anything..I took my printer to a computer shop that works on printer and computers..They said it was the printer head that was not working on it..Epson sure should have a call back on these scaners..They are the one who sell these scaners..So I feel like they should help us fix them..Thank you all..Hope you can get your printer fixed soon..
by Anonymous on Apr 22, 2007 at 12:37pm Add comment
Im haveing problems with my epsoncx6400 thae scaner still works but I cant get the printer to print anything..I took my printer to a computer shop that works on printer and computers..They said it was the printer head that was not working on it..Epson sure should have a call back on these scaners..They are the one who sell these scaners..So I feel like they should help us fix them..Thank you all..Hope you can get your printer fixed soon..
by Anonymous on Apr 22, 2007 at 12:40pm Add comment
Hey guys,
Call this number in the US Phone Number: (562)276-4382 Hours: Mon.- Fri. 6AM-6PM (PT)

Tell them you have replaced the cart's, shaked them, cleaned the nozzels from both the Windows client (and Mac ;-) ) as well as the front panel and you are frustrated that it failed out of warranty and you have a sizable investment in new cart's.

The technical support person will transfer you to a US based 'sales person'.

Restate your position that you are frustrated and ready to buy HP products.

You'll get a free , transit paid repair or replacement.
by Anonymous on May 1, 2007 at 5:04pm Add comment
Software Utility for the CX6400; includes chip resetting software. Try it. Can also individually clean the heads rather than all at once.
by unknown on May 17, 2007 at 8:23pm Add comment
Software Utility for the CX6400; includes chip resetting software. Try it. Can also individually clean the heads rather than all at once.
by unknown on May 17, 2007 at 9:11pm Add comment
Following advice in this news thread, I called Epson customer service and demanded a replacement or new printer. After receving the shipping label and returning the CX6400 printer to Epson, two weeks later I received a new CX6000.
by Anonymous on May 23, 2007 at 2:36pm Add comment
I have just read all of the posts for the CX6400. We are having the same problem after replacing the black cartridge. No printing. We have only had a problem with the black. But after reading these posts, I'm confident that the colored cartridges will do the same thing. My husband and I have to agree that it appears that we bought a big POS. I am soooo frustrated with Epson. I too called and was informed that they wouldn't talk to me unless I paid them $9.95. Well that is one foreign speaking lady that will need a cushion to sit on for a while because I definitely chewed on her back side. She finally 'waived' the fee only to tell me I had a hardware problem and transferred me. The next joker listened and as soon as I told him I had done all the recommended trouble shooting he informs me that it needed to be repaired, only to say in the next breath that he wouldn't advise sending it to a service center. But he could offer me a 'discount' on a new one
if I purchased it within 7 days. As if!!!

I'm wondering if I had agreed to the 9.95, if I would have got the same text book response.

It sounds to me that Epson has a real problem with this pump/tube assembly and the fast drying ink. I came real close to running over the thing and mailing the pieces back to Epson's CEO. One has to wonder what he or she uses to print on. We paid over $150 for this thing and it's less than 3 years old.

We'll probably try the windex/alcohol solution, what do we have to lose. Just running the checks today used up 30\% of a brand new cartridge. If that is really an accurate percentage. The first time this happened, I thought it was something that I had hosed up in the printer software. It took my husband about 90 minutes of jacking with everything, and finally it started printing again. Now the same with the replacement of another black cartridge.

This is a very costly problem. I have only used true Epson
ink and played by their rules. I'm not sure I would want another one unless they could convince me the design had changed.
Because who wants to repeat what we're all going through.

We would definitely add our names to a class action suit. These people are only replacing printers to the squeaking wheels. The rest of us need to be heard from also. It sounds to me that they are trained to give us text book responses and if we accept those responses then they're off the hook. This is just plain old American horse manure!

Frustrated Epson owners
by css on May 29, 2007 at 5:57pm Add comment
I assume you are going to drink the alcohol, as all forum readers know it has absolutely no effect on ink whatsoever.
by moe on May 29, 2007 at 8:46pm Add comment
My CX6400 just did the same thing everyone is describing. I replaced all cartages without any success, I bought the new set of cartilages fir $55, now I’m stuck with none working Epson printer and cartages that is useless.

by unknown on Jun 4, 2007 at 7:37pm Add comment
same business as the others. I miss the scanner, card reader (takes up too much desk space for a card reader--), but frankly this CX6400 is not worth my time. A peice of garbage. Yes, I also was stuck with an extra set of new cartridges, which didn't work. I did rec. the $25.00 refund chk for the class action settlement on the cartridges the other day. Guess this is what you get when you buy from a company that specialized in dot matrix printers. That chk is the last time I will do business with anything with the Epson label! This should have been an outright recall. Spread the word!
by Anonymous on Jun 9, 2007 at 10:31pm Add comment
Damn CX6400!!
I am experiencing the NO PRINT problem as everyone else. Epson WILL NOT replace my printer because Im in Canada and will only offer me a 60 dollar discount on an overpriced printer on their site.
Never buy EPSON!
by unknown on Jun 15, 2007 at 11:48am Add comment
HAHA, wow its so sad that all these people are experiencing the exact same problem.

My parents bought this printer about three or four years ago and it worked great for a long time; I thought it was the best printer ever because it functioned great.

Apparently not because I too am experiencing the exact same problem as everyone here. Only prints magneta even after replacing all the cartridges.

I ordered my parents a bunch of aftermarket ink, and after replacing all the cartridges because the black was running low, the printer stopped printing altogether. Only random lines here and there, but pretty much useless.

I just noticed the disassembly information a few posts above, but that is far too complicated. Anyway, Epson isnt all that bad. I have an Epson at school and it works great. This 6400 however is a POS apparently; I was looking at Amazon for new printers and the 6400 has probably one of the worst user reviews of any printer.

Anyhow, I'll try to call Epson and see what they say, otherwise I'm just gonna get one of the top rated Cannons or an HP.
by unknown on Jun 19, 2007 at 11:33am Add comment
Thank You, Anonymous, for your extremely helpful post!!!!!

I spent 3 hours following every direction imaginable from Epson and many others from message boards simply trying to get my black ink to print (with the 2nd new cartridge of the day added) to no avail, until I found your post!!!!

The syringe with distilled water worked like a charm!!!

I am doing the HaPpY, HaPpy Whooooo Hoooo Dance here!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to post your intelligent, inexpensive fix for our problem!!!

Whooo Hooooo!!!!!! Whooooooo Hooooooo!!!!!!
by Anonymous on Jun 25, 2007 at 11:18am Add comment
I have a problem not related to ink. I'm just getting a "general print" error, even though someone printed on this last night and it was fine. I was trying to download something from the internet to print and got this message. (It says," Turn off printer. Remove foreign matter from printer, wait a few minutes, and turn printer back on". )That didn't work, as I couldn't find any "foreign matter", but the printer is set up so that you can't see all of the print bed.

Unlike the rest of you,- I actually LIKE my Epson printer. I have a small business, and print labels for my products. I have worked this thing hard during the time I've owned it, and up until today, have not had one problem with it, although the rollers are getting old and sometimes "stick". Other wise it has been awesome.

I emailed and then called customer service. Customer service told me that I had tried everything in the manual (which I did), didn't charge me the $9.95, and of course sent me to the rip off "loyalty" site - I really just want my printer to work- I have customers waiting for product. So, of course, they were of no help whatsoever. My nearest repair center is in MA, which means mailing it off. I know I got my money's worth out of it, but hate to throw it away, so if anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate them.
by Anonymous on Jul 3, 2007 at 10:21am Add comment

This syringe flushing procedure worked great! Had the same problems as described by others. Printer was only printing black and one other color. Fresh ink cartridges did not help. I selected the "change ink" option from the "setup" options. This moved the cartridges into place so they could be removed. Then I removed all ink cartridges and set them on their sides on some paper so they didn't leak out on anything important (only black leaked a bit). Then I used a 3cc syringe with a few ml of distilled water(I work in a biology lab.). I applied the syringe tip (no needle!) gently but firmly to the posts that stick up into each cartridge and pushed a couple of ml of water through each one. Then I mopped up the excess liquid with some tissues and some cotton swabs and re-installed the same ink cartridges. I ran the head cleaning utility a couple of times and tried printing. The magenta was not showing up, so I repeated the whole procedure with some extra attention to the magenta post. Mopped the excess liquid, put the cartridges back in and ran the head cleaning. The first prints that I made right after this were full color, but had some extra horizontal lines--but in later prints even this cleared up and now the printer is working great--which is good, because I've got lots of the print cartridges that fit in it! So thanks very much to Anonymous!!
by unknown on Jul 3, 2007 at 1:41pm Add comment
I have read all of these complaints about the espon cx6400 and I am having the same problems. that all of you are having with the espon printer.When i had my HP I never had a problem with it .I wanted one that had the slots for the memory card so i could print pictures in stead of going and standing in line at walmart waiting to make pictures.For the money you spend on printers these days you would think that they would last awhile.if anyone knows how to fix the problem. Please let me know can t afford to buy another one right now.the problem is it won t print out the ink at all. thank you. boopmobile61
by Anonymous on Sep 15, 2007 at 5:21pm Add comment
I went on line looking for the Epson service hotline and came across this website. It's nice to know I'm not alone as a frustrated owner of this printer. I must admit that I liked the quality of the print/copies while it worked. But like everyoe else, the problem started when I replaced the black ink cartridge.

I'm hopeful that Epson will repair this unit with a replacement that eliminates this problem.

Thankful and Hopeful

by Anonymous on Sep 18, 2007 at 11:13am Add comment
I was wondering if anyone out there who does not want there cx6400 anymore would be willing to send me the original or a copy of the original install disk that came with this printer.

My problem is I bought a used one and it did not have the cd with it and when I got home it asked me for a "pin number",someone obviously used the security lock feature and now this is what I get.On the original install cd there is a program that would allow me to unlock the printer thru the "SecurityLock Tool" folder, it is called. would really appreciate it if someone could help me out with this,

thanks in advance,Bob M.
by unknown on Sep 19, 2007 at 9:15pm Add comment
why is my priniter isn,t priniting cuz it installed to the visita computer.
by unknown on Sep 28, 2007 at 5:46pm Add comment
If you have a black ink not printing, that I can help
by willy501 on Oct 27, 2007 at 9:38am Add comment
I can't tell you how happy I am to be removing, deleting, uninstalling and erasing every file, program, document or folder with the word EPSON on it.

I sent my CX6400 in for the repair that the company promised. Haven't seen or heard anything about the printer since. It's been over 3 months. I think it's safe to say this company is not reputable.

Enjoying my new HP C4250 as of today.

by unknown on Oct 27, 2007 at 11:57am Add comment
by Anonymous on Oct 31, 2007 at 11:32am Add comment
What do you mean if it's not too late? First of all, Epson is suppose to make the repair at no charge. Second, Epson has apparently lost the printer I sent in, as well as any information of my existence. Too late?

by unknown on Oct 31, 2007 at 1:43pm Add comment
Perhaps you're out of luck... No, someone in the forum asked why everything works on the printer, but no ink discharge. Mine had the same problem and later I was told the pump assembly needed replacement.
by Anonymous on Nov 4, 2007 at 5:27am Add comment
Same boat as everyone else....magenta wont print.

what a piece of junk.
by unknown on Nov 19, 2007 at 5:50pm Add comment

I found this thread after I had picked up a non-working CX6400 off ebay for pennies.

Despite repeated head cleaning using SSC, a paper towel soaked in cleaning solution and pouring more solution down the spikes under the carts, nothing was being printed.

I noticed that if you move the carts to the right, you can see the pipe from the head cleaner going to the waste ink pads. I have two other Epsons and have converted these to external waste bottles so I thought, while I'm here I'll do the same to this one.

The waste pipe is held my a metal clip which when removed allows the pipe to be pulled off the plastic spigot that feeds the ink to the pads. I drilled a 4mm hole in the side of the printer next to the head cleaning station and poked the pipe through. It was completely clogged up with dried ink and I assumed the pump was unable to suck fresh ink through the heads and so clean them. Clogged heads, no print.

I flushed the station from the top and from the pipe now poking out of the side of the printer with cleaning solution through a syringe until the it flowed freely both ways.

Result! a bit of head cleaning and the printer is up and running. The waste pipe is feeds into a plastic bottle next to the printer.

I intend to refill the carts with slower drying inks than Durabrite to prevent the problem reoccurring.

I hope this is of help to some of you

by tricky1962 on Dec 24, 2007 at 11:26am Add comment
The other day, after the my yellow cartridge ran out, I replaced both it and the magenta with new catridges at the same time. Suddenly I discovered that the print would only print in cyan and black. I repeatedly tried the utilies for nozzle cleaning, head cleaning and head alignment...all to no avail. I then removed the new catridges and went out and purchased two more thinking that the ones I had installed had bad circuit boards on them. The second set of cartridges would not print. This morning the black ink catridge ran out, so I replaced the printer will only print in cyan. That catridge is getting low, and I know that when I replace it, the printer will no longer print at all! I've had the printer since January 2004 and really liked it until now. It always worked great and gave me beautiful printouts - that is, up until now. Now it's on it's way to becoming a $200 POS doorstop! If anyone starts a class action suit, I'm interested in having my name added to the list! In the meantime, I'm planning to bypass the useless staff at at their so called "Customer Support Center" and take my complaint up the ladder...I hope all of you will follow suite - here the the contact information for the CEO of Epson America:

John Lang, President/CEO
Epson America, Inc.
3840 Kilroy Airport Way
Long Beach, CA 90806
Phone: 562-981-3840
Fax: 562-290-5220

Also at the same address is: Mr. Minoru Usui, Managing Director
His responsibilities include
General Administrative Manager, Corporate Research & Development Division, and General Administrative Manager, PRODUCT ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT DIVISION

Both will be hearing directly from me. I hope all of you will do the same and contact those who are at the top of this poor excuse for a company....
by cybertekkno on Dec 30, 2007 at 3:39pm Add comment
I hear you and certainly want my name added to the list if a class action develops. But based on the experience I've had with their customer support, you'll just get more of the same from the top. That's where this crap comes from to begin with. It's easy to see that a bad product and bad customer service are direct results of bad leadership. Don't waste a stamp on these guys.
by unknown on Dec 30, 2007 at 4:12pm Add comment
My intent is to let them know that if they don't replace my printer or reimburse me for the 6 new, useless ink cartridges then I will take this matter to the state attorney general and will push for a class action suite. This might light a bit of a fire under them.
by cybertekkno on Dec 30, 2007 at 4:45pm Add comment
I just sent an email to the U.S. Attorney General at [email protected] letting them know of the Seiko Epson printer problem. Below is the actual message I sent, and in the message I asked how to go about starting a class action suit against Epson. I'll keep everyone posted on the response I receive back from them:

Dear U.S. Attorney General,
My name is (name withheld ) and I am the owner of an Epson CX6400 printer that has a major design flaw that causes the printer to clog up and quit printing permanently without any forewarning. Yesterday, this exact problem occurred with my $200 printer. After spending $130 in replacement ink cartridges, which did not fix the problem, I found this thread on the internet of many, many other people who were complaining about the same problem. I have posted the entire thread from below so that you can see first hand the many complaints about this Seiko Epson product that go back as far as March 2006. Epson is fully aware of the problem, and there is also a post in the thread from an Epson repair person in Indianapolis who acknowleged that they were fully aware of the problem; however, when a customer contacts Epson customer service, the customer service people act as if they have never heard of this problem. How does one get a Class Action Suit started? This is definitely a lemon product that should have been recalled by the manufacturer years ago, or at least Epson should have ceased in producing it once they discovered a problem.

Please advise.

Thank you for your assistance with this matter.

by cybertekkno on Dec 30, 2007 at 5:08pm Add comment
This afternoon I tried something that a couple of other CX6400 owners haved done and found to be successful. I went to a local prescription counter and was able to get a couple of medicine syringes for drawing liquid oral prescriptions out of a bottle, and also purchased a bottle of distilled water. I checked all of the cartridges and saw that 3 were 90\% full and 1 was 30\% full. I took all of the cartridges out of the printer and sprayed 3 mil. and using the syringe I sprayed 3 mil. of water into each of the 4 nozzles. I then ran the headcleaner. I placed a photo on the scanner and chose 'color copy'. Nothing printed on the paper. I pulled all the cartridges out of the printer and again spray 3 mil. of water into each nozzle, ran the headcleaner, and then did the color copy again. It printed only in yellow. I pulled three cartridges out and sprayed more water into the nozzles, ran the headcleaner, and did the color copy again. This time I had the yellow and cyan printing. I pulled out the 2 non-working cartridges and sprayed more water into the nozzles, ran the headcleaner, and did the color print again. This time I only had the magenta working. I pulled out all of the catridges and again sprayed more distilled water into each nozzle, tried to run the head cleaner and received an error message saying "one or more colors is too low to run the headcleaner", so I skipped this step and did the color print. It again only printed in magenta. I checked the levels on the cartridges and found that 3 were at 25\% full and 1 was 10\% full. I was fed up and I gave up on this POS. I packed it up in a garbage bag and dumped it into my trash can. I will never, ever, ever purchase another Epson as long as I live. I've gone out and purchased a Hewlett Packard all-in-one C5280 on sale for $134 at Target and it does great print jobs. I suggest that all of you do the same. If Epson loses customers to HP, then maybe they will get a much needed "heads-up".
by cybertekkno on Jan 5, 2008 at 1:54pm Add comment
Cybertekkno -- you were close to getting it to work. I need to do the same thing, but just don't have the energy anymore to mess with it, having been through it many times, trying to get my 6400 to print all the colors. The trouble is, I just bought several new cartridges on sale, & then the machine went out on me again. Anybody looking for a deal on several unopened cartridges at a great price? Let me know & I'll figure out exactly how much, & I'll pay the postage. [email protected] - Anonymous
If anyone got their printer to actually work, I have some brand new never opened ink cartridges I'll sell pretty cheap.
by poilisa on Jan 5, 2008 at 4:25pm Add comment
no more epson for me have a cx6400 cx3220 rx500 paper weights all junk have a hp someone threw out in the trash ran the cleanin g utility three times and it been printing with no issues for 3 years no more epson crap here my dad has a hp 660 don't laugh its 10 years plus old and still prints thats quality in my book.yes I went for the cheaper epson thought oh what a great deal once you start printing its out of ink so into the wallet again for more ink. i wish i could have printed money for the amount this things waste lol
by Anonymous on Jan 22, 2008 at 2:54pm Add comment
Feb 13, 2008 1300

Epson CX6400 problem

Sounds like a broken record. I changed a black cartridge and it stopped printing. Ran the head cleaning utility 5 times waited overnight and tried again. Still no printing. I'm all for a class action suit. Probably won't work. I'm still waiting for the print cartridge settlement.

Does anything really work or should I put the pos in the can where it rightfully belongs.
by unknown on Feb 13, 2008 at 10:04am Add comment
Check out my post and see if this helps, if not revert to plan B also, explained in the post. search
Re: Re: Epson CX6400 problem by Anonymous (7/28/06 3:17 PM) reply
- Anonymous
My CX6400 screen says Printer error - See your documentation & call service if necessary. There is a red exclamation point that is lite up to the right of the copy button.

I have also had the cartridge problem that everyone else has had. I am constantly replacing the cartridges. I will never buy an Epson product again either.

Called Epson they said to take it to a repair shop or send it to them. Also offered me a discount to purchase a new printer.

Has anyone had this problem???
by unknown on Mar 21, 2008 at 5:21pm Add comment
My CX6400 screen says Printer error - See your documentation & call service if necessary. There is a red exclamation point that is lit up to the right of the copy button.

I have also had the cartridge problem that everyone else has had. I am constantly replacing the cartridges. I will never buy an Epson product again either.

Called Epson they said to take it to a repair shop or send it to them. Also offered me a discount to purchase a new printer.

Has anyone had this problem??? If so is there a solution??? I have a chip resetter but printer will not do anything with the error message on the screen. I open the lid to try to use the chip resetter and the cartridges don't move over so I can use it.

by unknown on Mar 21, 2008 at 5:23pm Add comment
I am currently waiting to see what the result is with
this head cleaning solution that I had actually bought
from, what do you know? This very handy website.

It seems that most people would rather spend 50+
on many new ink cartridges instead of notice that
no printout, as well as a significant drop in your
ink levels, would probably mean something else, such
as an extremely delicate print head, is to blame.

Oh, and I just got this printer for free from a man
down the street about a week ago.

by Anonymous on Mar 28, 2008 at 11:09pm Add comment
I have a cx6400 if anyone wants to sell their ink let me know and I will buy them. This is a bad situation but since I have mine running I might as well use it until it quits. Thank you,
by unknown on Apr 27, 2008 at 5:05pm Add comment
To all of you with Espon clogged printhead, here is a suggestion that seems to work on Epson printer. Many people try and force water or some other solution, like cleaning solution, through the clogged printhead. Sometimes it works, most of the time it does not.

Here is a clean step that some one taught me and it works. I wish I could remember who and give them credit. It is very simple but has worked every time.

Take a paper towel and fold it over and over such that you end up with a strip that is about 3/4" wide and the length of a paper towel. Now, depending on whatever type of Epson printer you have, force the machine to go into the mode where it expects you to replace the ink carts. This is different for just about most machine. Anyway, once the printhead moves to the "Replace location", pull the power cord out of the back of the printer. This will disable the drive mechanism and allow you to freely move the pringhead carriage left or right. Move it to the left but be carefull not to move it so far that you can't get your hands on it to move it back. Now lay the paper towel down in the trough underneath the printhead. Tuck it in place such that you will be able to move the printhead over it. Now heat up some water in a cup to as hot as you drink tea or coffee. With a syringe or eye dropper, wet the paper towel just to the right of the printhead, then move the printhead over the wet section.

Let it set here for a minute or so, then add some more water to the right and move the head again. Keep this up until you have used all of the paper towel. Now move the printhead back to the center and pickup both ends of the paper towel and pull it back and forth under the printhead as if you were "Drying the bottom".

What this process does is dissolve and remove the dried ink from the bottom of the printhead. Most of the time when a printhead is clogged, it is the dried up ink that will not let any ink drops exit from the nozzles. By cleaning off the dried up ink you give the printer a chance to print something. You now should be able to run a "Cleaning cycle" on the printhead that may actually do some good now that the gunk is removed.

This is the only way to remove all the old excess dried up ink on the bottom of the printhead. This is because the Epson printhead are not designed to be removed and cleaned manually.

Hope this works for you.
by unknown on Apr 27, 2008 at 9:51pm Add comment

That page has been up for years now.
by unknown on Apr 27, 2008 at 10:13pm Add comment
Re: Epson CX6400 problem by GAW (3/21/08 5:21 PM)

I have the same Printer Error message as GAW: "See your documentation and call service if necessary." Under the cover there is a gold ribbon that travels right to left like a conveyor belt. As it moves (and it does move), it creates a clicking noise but the cartridges do not move. Is there a do it yourself fix? Thanks ...
by edeye on Sep 23, 2008 at 11:23am Add comment
If the carriage belt moves, but the carriage doesn't, then the part of the carriage that holds it is probably broken off. You may have seen a small chunk of black plastic in the printer. If so, that's what broke. The only fix that will work for this is to replace the carriage. I suppose you could try epoxying it back together (if you find the piece), but i've never had any luck with that.
by MMurray on Sep 24, 2008 at 3:25pm Add comment
I just spent hours trying all of these ideas and nothing worked. Still no print. EPSON SUCKS!!
by cornbread on Dec 5, 2008 at 3:01am Add comment
Hi there,
my printer has a problem with the pipe that is supposed to suck the ink from the head, for example after a cardridge replacement. there is a pump on the main motor axis that feed the paper. the pump activates when the motor is running backwards.
To find this pipe, you have to:
- chose the option on the printer to change the cardriges
- pull the power plug (don't use the power button)
- now the printer head is free, displace it 20cm (7 inch) to the left
- you will see a white carriage. if you displace it to the right, you will see a small transparent or black tube attached to it or no more attached :-)
If the tube isn't attached, the printer is no more able to clean the head and is not able tu suck the ink from a new cardridge.

it's quite difficult to replace it and to make that it stays assembled. someone in an older post sayd that on the other side of the pump, the tube is clogged. i'll try to extract it from the pad (there is a small metal clip which when removed allows the pipe to be pulled off the plastic spigot that feeds the ink to the pads)
by atarico on Jun 25, 2013 at 6:07am Add comment


Damn mine has lasted me a while.

But I the problem I have encountered is that it don't recognise that I have changed the ink.

My yellow ink was out so I changed it, but it still gives error to replace yellow ink..

Any thoughts

by Massiah on Jun 6, 2017 at 7:33am Add comment