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Canon Canon Pixma IP1500

Canon IP1500 appropriate print head not installed

Hello there....

I just washed my print head with alcohol and put it back to the print head holder, when I try to print , the printer status monitor popup and telling me that "The appropriate print head not installed" and stop printing...

How do I fix that problem...?

All your ideas are very much appreciated...


Hi, I used iP1500, my problem is the printer status monitor popup and telling me that "The appropriate print head not installed" and stop printing...

How do I fix that problem...?

All your ideas are very much appreciated...

by honeyboo on Jan 25, 2007 at 11:16am Add comment
I have the same message on my IP3000, with a new wrinkle: Even if I were willing to install a new print head, I couldn't. When I open the top cover, the carriage does not slide over to the middle to the position where it should go to allow changing cartridges.

First the printer sounded like it was printing but didn't print anything. After I went through the deep cleaning and bottom plate cleaning procedures, it still didn't print. I thought I'd see if it had a built-in test, which many printers used to have. I held down the reset button at the top of the front panel while turning the printer on, hoping to get a test. Instead, the printer started having a flashing amber light on the power button and a status message saying it doesn't have the appropriate print head. When it went into that state, it also stopped allowing the carriage to move to the center. That function worked normally earlier tonight, allowing me to look at the cartridges.

Is there some way to reset it so that at least it's willing to move the carriage to the center again? I tried unplugging it for 30 minutes.
by bhucker on Nov 17, 2008 at 9:24pm Add comment
I print on my IP3000 few minutes ago and now,i have problem with printhead....error that Print head is not installed
by unknown on Sep 23, 2009 at 6:41am Add comment
I also have the same problem on my ip3000
anyone the answer to this yet?
If not, Does anyone know what print head the ip3000 takes and where I can get one from?

Thanks in advance
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The IP 1500 will require a NEW printhead (QY6-0054-000. $37.65)
The IP 3000 Printhead is QY6-0042-000: $41.77
In the US call Canon Accessories at 800-385-2155
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I would like to order the printhead shown above for my Canon Pixma ip1500 printer if the shipping is not too expensive - Peteurb
Hi, I used iP2200 for about 5 months, maybe the cartridges are equal to iP1500's. After I refil the cartridge, I don't put it back to the printer. I turn off my printer, and for about 5 minutes, I turn it on again and put the cartridge to its place, and the printer recognize the cartridge. Maybe you will get a message that the ink cartridges just replaced/removed (I don't remember the message). If your cartridge still not recognized, repeat that step above again.
But, the problem is the ink level didn't reset. I'm still trying to get the way out.
OK, I hope it will help you.
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I too get the message "The appropriate print head is not installed" The leading edge of my A4 pages were always ink stained so I cleaned the ink stained head in warm water, now the head is clean but wont print 'due' to this message which keeps comng back at me.

Any work arounds ??? I almost certain that any moisture around the electrical contacts plate has had time to dry out. I used an air blower at room temp.

Was printing perfectly on glossy before I washed the head.

by ianacarter on Apr 1, 2007 at 6:23am Add comment
i am getting the idea that this "appropriate print head is not installed" error on IP1000 is an epidemic of some sort, or a time- triggered event somewhere in the printer's chips for all of us to go out and dole out hard earned dollars for a new printer, when our existing printer is in otherwise excellent condition.

i also have the same problem, and we here in the thread would appreciate it if anybody out there would have any word arounds, diagnostic programs or such to help. please please do not answer with offers to sell new print heads that cost more than buying a new printer.

thanks in advance!
by unknown on Apr 24, 2007 at 7:10am Add comment
It's sad, but printheads are more expensive than printers themselves (i never really understood the way these idiots set prices) and i just trashed my printer by only cleaning the printhead with alcohol... i tried everything, reinstalled the printer etc. I now know why it doesn't work. When i cleaned the printhead i messed up those very sensitive mechanics and that resulted in the short-circuit of one part of the printhead... i kind of smashed the printhead and placed it in there so only the good part of the circuit would make contact. It worked... barely. It only printed in color and it kept giving me the "waste ink tank full" warning... Conclusion, there is nothing you can do, things brake, just go out there and buy a new printer and respect the "do not touch" sign on the back of the printhead the next time your printer gets nasty.
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Hi, I used iP1000, my problem is the printer status monitor popup and telling me that "The appropriate print head not installed" and stop printing...

How do I fix that problem...?

All your ideas are very much appreciated...


by arniel on Aug 1, 2008 at 1:14am Add comment
Buy a new printhead.
by moe on Aug 1, 2008 at 9:29am Add comment
The printhead cannot be repair? - arniel
Well... Cannon sent me a new printhead, and I get the same error, so it is not the printhead...

My printer is less than 3 months old and the brand new print head still doesn't work, this is bull! - unknown
No, that's why I told you to buy a new one.
by moe on Aug 1, 2008 at 5:00pm Add comment

i have the same problem that you are experiencing now. my printer is now ok and ready to print any documents. when the message
"appropriate print head not installed", i just cleaned my printer heads including my waste ink absorber... then restarted my printer...
by unknown on Sep 7, 2008 at 7:04pm Add comment
Hi! I already cleaned my printer head with water. But i still experienced the same problem. How do you clean your print head? What is the proper way of cleaning it? Where is waste ink absorber located? I used generic ink cartridges which are more cheaper than original canon ink. Please reply asap.Thanks. - Anonymous
Hi, I used iP1000, my problem is the printer status monitor popup and telling me that "The appropriate print head not installed" and stop printing...

How do I fix that problem...?

All your ideas are very much appreciated...

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I gave up on the iP3000 and bought a used iP5000 from an ad on craigslist. The 5000 has the same cartridges as the 3000, except that it has one extra black "photo" cartridge, so I can use the same ink and refill kit. I might buy some ink for the extra black cartridge.
by bhucker on Jan 2, 2009 at 11:10pm Add comment
my ip1500 function but when i try to just blank + empty

pls help me
by Anonymous on Jun 1, 2009 at 1:17am Add comment
im also feel dissapointed with canon
by unknown on Jul 7, 2009 at 11:00am Add comment
I have canon IP 1500 but when I install head of the printer. the green light change to orange.. i whash the head . and i had reseted my printer by Turnung off the printer. And disconnect the printer cable and Pressing and holding buttons. but the light steel orange.. some one tell me how to fix this problem.
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Sorry I don't have a solution. Actually, I'm having the same problem and I'm wondering if anyone ever got back to you. I can't get rid of the waste ink absorber error. Any suggestions?

[email protected]
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Canon PIXMA iP1000 (the appropriate print head is not installed.)

what can i do? please help me.
by unknown on Dec 29, 2009 at 10:45am Add comment
My IP1000 shows printhead not installed.
Pls help me.
by Anonymous on Jan 3, 2010 at 3:04am Add comment
i was getting the message
Canon PIXMA iP 1500 "the appropriate print head is not installed"

i don't know what fixed the problem but i tell you what i have done, so maybe it can help!

i took the printer head out, i took off both ink cartridges i cleaned the bottom part of print-head with toilet paper dumped slightly in hot water,(speeds up evaporations and keep it dry) no pressure applied, i used ear cotton buds for corners

i have only put the black ink cartridge back, i left the color out

i have reset the printer! by unpluging the usb cable and power cable, then open the door and hold the power botton, plug again the power cable while holding the power botton ( i am not sure if this did something for the printer but anyway)

the messages is always there, nothing happened, what i did next is reboot the computer

et voila...the printer started working fine again!!!!

so, you have to reboot your computer after cleaning the print-head

it worked for me!!! :-)

by unknown on Mar 5, 2010 at 9:34am Add comment
if "printhead not installed" message problem is not the problem with the printhead actually then what else may be??? if i will be benifited if i install a new print head???.....plz guide me
by mainu on Mar 10, 2010 at 8:25am Add comment
My printer (ip1500) worked fine for 3 years.Great printer. :Last week i did print more than 450 pages(though i use occasionally,and it printed after gaps of 5-6 months even).
From today i an having the error "print head not installed":
removing the head and re installing is not working.Please help
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The way I solved this error was by pulling out and putting back in the 2 print cartridges and answering NO when it asks you if you replaced the ink.

When it asks,"Did you replace your ink", you say no. Then you try to print out a page. If it is messy,etc. use cleaning. If it still is a messy print chose deep cleaning.

I did deep cleaning, print check pattern,etc. and it eventually worked okay.

Keep in mind I also only print in black and white. I have a color ink cartridge that is near empty or dry and the printer still prints okay for any black and white print job you might need. This was on an ip2000. I noticed it started working better when I printed out adobe and internet pages rather than word and wordpad pages.

I guess the thing to try is lieing on any questions your printer asks you.

by unknown on Nov 22, 2010 at 9:05pm Add comment
To be more specific I think you have to ignore the message sometimes. Just wait it out for 20 minutes. Then you hear the printer making the standard preparation noise. At that point you might want to try some of the maintenance items.
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Wow, all I had to type into google was "printing error: print head not installed" and the first link that came up was the Canon IP1500.
I'm having the exact same problem. Yesterday, I went to print something out, after not having touched it at all since the last time I printed a few days ago, and what am I greeted with 'Print head not installed'. Well, it was installed the last time I printed on it!
I'm a university student, I NEED to be able to print everything I need, and I most certainly can't afford to buy a new one or a new printing head, when the possiblity of it malfunctioning without even been touched, is pretty unlikely. Though, it seems it is likely with Canon.
I am a loyal supporter of Canon, all the camera's i've ever brought are canon, including my current compact and my dslr, with no problems, and I invest my money and reccommend them. Until now.
I feel utterly let down by this very stupid error. And the fact a new printer head costs £30-40 is beyond me. If this problem can not be fixed for free/cheaply, then I will try and buy a NEW NON CANON PRINTER, i'll just have to live on rice for the next month.
Cheers Canon.
by unknown on Dec 1, 2010 at 8:50am Add comment
Here's how I fixed the print head on my Canon i475D inkjet. Using an ordinary pink pencil eraser, just aggressively "erase" all the copper pads on the back side of the print head. Over time, the pads will oxidize causing a barrier which interferes with the electrical connection. Basically by erasing the pads you’re removing the oxidation and restoring the connection. Works for me.
by unknown on Feb 19, 2011 at 2:13pm Add comment
Here is the fix that worked for me - I cleaned the contacts on the print head with alcohol - Then when the message came up I pressed and held to STOP/CANCEL button for 10 seconds and that fixed it I am only printing in black ink - make sure you have grayscale printing checked in printing preferences
by unknown on Sep 11, 2011 at 1:26pm Add comment
Change battery and reset the printer.
by Pairotej on Jan 15, 2012 at 1:00pm Add comment
i've got a same problem: "The appropriate print head is not installed." Is there anybody who can help me??
by unknown on Sep 8, 2013 at 5:56am Add comment

I had the same problem with Canon MP1100
For all I use alco(bottle for cleaning monitors).

1. I cleaned the contacts on bouth sides(printer nad head),
2. I cleaned botton of head without cartage in,
3. waited till head is dry,
4. Cleaned the head box in printer (don't forget this),
4. put head in printer,
5. Cleaned botton of cartage and wait to dry it,
6. put cartage in head,
7. Cable for USB and energy unpluged
8. Waited 10sec
9. Pluged USB and energy cable in printer
10. Power ON


11. Cleaned head (maintenance)
12. DeepCleaned head (maintenance)
13. align head (maintenance)

14. Printed my document

Good Luck to all!

Spended 5hours to searched solution on internet and sovled it.
by unknown on Sep 11, 2013 at 5:31am Add comment
.. and 1 more :-)

When printer askst about replaicment cartage, just choose NO.
by unknown on Sep 11, 2013 at 6:18am Add comment
You need to go to and download a piece of software to use. Solved problem for Me
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I know this is an old thread but I just have to respond. I've had a long history of printing with Canon printers but I think I'm done. The next time I buy a printer I'm going to do some research and move away from Canon. It's all related to these print head problems.

1) I had a Pixma MX??? a few years back. It was expensive but only lasted about 2 years. I don't remember what went wrong with it but about 28 months ago I bought a Pixma MX882. Another nice but expensive printer. About two weeks ago I got error B200 telling me to change the print head. I ordered a new head but it didn't work. The cost to have the printer repaired was more than it cost new. Admittedly I used after market ink which may have had something to do with the print head failure. But why didn't the new one work? I researched and found many people have had this problem.

One thing that bothered me is I couldn't scan with the printer while it was complaining about the print head. Scanning doesn't involve the print head. I do wish I could still scan with it and use our other printer for printing.

2) So I just ordered a Pixma MX922, not quite as good as the MX882 but I just couldn't spend that much on a printer again.

3) While I'm waiting for the new MX922 to arrive I pulled the old Canon Pixma ip3000 out of the closet. It printed one page just fine but the next several pages were clear white blank. I took the ink cartridges out (all Canon - this printer never had after market ink) and reseated them. Nothing. Then I took the print head out and cleaned the contacts. When I put the print head back in I got the "appropriate print head not installed" error and nothing I can do will fix it.

Now I have two otherwise perfectly good printers that have print head problems. The print heads are way too costly. These two printers will now end up in a trash dump. What a shame, and an expensive shame too.
by jdonalds on Aug 21, 2014 at 12:35am Add comment
i have the same problem with my canon ip1000.i also observed on this printer, sometimes, the error disappears and can print again few pages. later, the"printer head error reappears.after i press cancel and push the power botton off and on again,10 blinks follows.what does it mean?. how about u guys? did you have the same experienced with this model?.today as of this date, i can no longer print even a single letter. is there anyone out there who have figured out what canon have been doing with their software driver?. a lot of these printers are still available in the market here in the philipines.even their service centers are charging very dear for the repairs and replacement of the print heads. better to just buy a new one.
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